Droid Incredible Froyo update

Look, we've told you guys about rumors before. Especially unsourced rumors. They're a dime a dozen. And Mashable's rumor that the Droid Incredible would get Android 2.2 today is just another one of those bad rumors. We want Froyo on the DInc just as badly as you do (and probably almost as badly as Verizon at this point). It'll come when it comes. In the meantime, you can direct your anger toward the forums. [Twitter] Thanks, Chris!


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Droid Incredible Froyo update not coming today, Verizon says on Twitter


Not to be a nitpicker, but isn't that fact that it is not coming out today, technically "information [about] the Incredible update?"

Is anybody really surprised? I talked to a patient of mine who works at Verizon who says it's coming out tomorrow. Really, I swear. ;)

Yeah, I'm guessing Late Sept./Early Oct. at the EARLIEST.

Verizon just does not care about this phone or its owners anymore. Once they ran into supply issues, I guess they just stopped giving a crap and moved onto their butt buddy Motorola. Motorola phone owners get updates first, get free gifts in the mail, enormous ad campaigns, and preferential treatment in general. The Incredible might as well not even exist.

Man they have only received one update. The Droids aren't even all on 2.2 yet are they? Its not like its been update after update and nothing for the Incredible. Fact is that the phone has launched and theres nothing more to talk about. I don't think it means they have forgotten it. But I DO understand what you are saying. I'm just saying we really don't have a way to tell. But they very well could be saying screw it...we missed the boat on the Inc and moving on.

I find it hard to believe that HTC would get the update out for the EVO and not the incredible. The phones are so similar the update wouldn't be that different. I think Verizon is just taking their damn sweet time to test the update to make sure it works well on the network. It sucks to wait but I guess I'd rather wait for an update that works 100% than have the update make my D'Inc suck.

Right...which is why the phone is back on their website and being sold. I love people always blame the carrier rather than the manufacturer. All the carrier does is give the damn signal to make and receive calls. The manufacturer is in charge of everything else related to the phone.

Do you own an Incredible? What 'junk' are you referring to? I don't have a single VZW application on my phone other than the 'My Verizon Mobile' that I manually installed myself from the market.

yea i do have an incredible. here are a few apps you cannot remove without root access

city id, which has a monthly fee, it pops up after ending calls and wants you to subscribe

backup assistant, if you have an android phone all your contacts should be on gmail. it should be optional for those that want it. even though i dont use it it constantly runs in the background and when you close it with a task manager it reopens automatically. using resources and draining battery

footprints app. this is an htc app which i never used. again should be optional and uninstallable.

without root access you are stuck with these and many other unwanted apps.

i am currently running a froyo aosp rom and couldnt be happier with performance, having the latest and greatest sw, and many benefits root users have

City ID. I got three pop ups, the first week I had my phone. I have not seen a City ID message since, and no, I didn't not sign up to use it. I've had my DInc since launch.

You would think the phones were a piece of junk without the update. Things could be worse, you could have a blackberry.

No, just a flat out Marxist... Oh, C'mon Verizon! We may be bastard Droid family members, but we are still family..

I'll preface this with the fact that I'm happily running Froyo on my Evo...but honestly, if I were to switch to Verizon RIGHT NOW, I would want an Incredible. The Moto phones are ugly compared to HTC's sexiness (I'm talking both hardware AND software). I don't understand why Verizon is treating Incredible owners with such nonchalance.

But...but...the DiNC is SOOOO TINY!

*And yes, I'm sure that's what she said. To YOU. =p

*goes for anyone thinking of saying that LOL

I wonder if it iS also a rumor for moto Droid. still haven't gotten my update. i heard of people getting it for two weeks now. im still waiting for mine

You guys are a bunch of baby's! Verizon never said this update was coming, and if you believe everything you read on the internet your a idiot! The Incredible is the most rock solid phone ever. If you want a buggy phone that gets updates all the time go get a Motorola or a Blackberry, freekin cry baby's.

A phone without hands free bluetooth voice dialing is not a complete phone. Had I known I would probably have stayed with Windows Mobile awhile longer. I have had this feature on every phone I've owned in the five or more years. 2.2 fixes that. Give it to me.

Wow, a windows mobile reference??? Really? You even used it in comparison to the DInc and technically the Android operating system. Please tell me a WinMo phone that is a "complete phone" or better than the DInc for that matter.

As mentioned above. Instead of crying why it's not out yet, (when it was never even mentioned that it is or would be released by any specific date) GO ROOT. I've been running 2.2 for awhile now with no problems and if you need it bad enough there's plenty of (easy to perform) options out there for you.

For the rest of you, shut up! If it was polished and ready to go, (by Verizon's standards) you would have it already. Otherwise, you'd still be here whining about all the glitches/problems/hangups/short falls etc with the build.

Thankfully I write myself a reminder every time I hear a rumor... Usually I write it down on a block of ice and set on the middle of the road... Love my DInc, and will love to see Froyo soon....

I find this funny.....don't hinge on rumors and you won't get mad when it doesn't happen. Or root your phone and laugh with the rest of us at everyone else lol.

I own the Evo but yea Verizon treats Incredible owners second rate to Droid owners. Looks like yall ain't getting official froyo for a minute.

I have the Droid and I still haven't received the update to Froyo. I'm supposed to get it by today but no such luck. What the hell!

What is the expectation on this long awaited update re. fixing the reception/lousy call quality issue. I never squawked about this because I was expecting the Froyo update to address it.

Does rooting the phone and using 3rd party ROMs and Radios fix the issue?

Thanks in advance.

So why do you guys pay more again? verizon does that all the time to their costumers. So why again are you with verizon??

Its just hype to keep you interested... Besides, the Dinc isn't an ancient phone anyway... What's the hurry??

Maybe verizon is waiting for the droid-froyo rollout to finish as to not overload their servers??

As a sprint hero owner, be lucky that you will get froyo sometime (I'm not rooted).

Blah, I'm so glad I'm rooted with unrevoked forever and running CyanogenMod 6. My Incredible is completely mine, fffuuu Verizon. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to root was so I don't have to wait for Verizon to push out updates, and I must say I am very happy with Cyanogen's take on Froyo. So, ROOT now! Very simple, automated process on the Incredible.

My N1 was lost in a tragic accident.

I ordered a Droid X on a bet that I will be able to load custom ROMS on it before the end of September....It's my faith in hackers I guess

It kills me that I will get a new phone that I will have to wait for an update that I had on my old phone almost 2 months ago.

N1 - rest in peace at the bottom of the lake...

It looks like Big Red's taking the "better late than never" route for froyo on my Dinc. When it's released, i hope it's a finished product.

People at mashable are jack holes. That's like a doctor telling a patient they don't have cancer when they really do.

So, so sad. All this angst over a rumor! Verizon nor HTC promised or owe anyone an update to Froyo. You bought your phone "as is" with only the promise that it would work as advertised {check the fine print}. I love my Incredible, it works just fine with 2.1 and I look forward to eventually getting 2.2. For those that are so damn unhappy with their phones, sell it, get something with 2.2 and STFU about it already!

I'd wager that most people on these forums aren't the most patient when it comes to updates/new gadgets...so yeah this is painfully long.

...this comes from someone who couldn't even wait a whole 4 days for the official Evo update and loaded the leaked one instead

I interviewed with a Verizon dealer last week and when I asked about the update, the owner told me V said it was suppose to be released TODAY. So yes, in a sense, V is telling people it was suppose to be released today.

I really didn't want to root mine, but....

My concern is not froyo but the fact there is almost no accessories for this phone. I want a car dock to use the navigation, a table one so I can use it as my night clock and alarm. A choices of hard cases with designs. Go to the Accessories in the Central Store and there ain't crap for the D INC.

Someone else said it first, I think I got the wrong phone. Should have turned in my PRE for a EVO.

Evo accessories are still pretty bare too... I ended up buying an HDMI out cable from Verizon on the DroidX launch day=/ I'm still waiting on a decent desk dock...

I'm pretty much with you on this, but as the other user said, the Evo owners aren't fairing much better in the accessories category.

I'm kinda worried that this might be the future for Android users. It seems like since I made the jump from BB to Moto Droid, there as been a major flood in the vast variety of android devices across the carriers. While i too love having the large selection to choose from and ability get the perfect android device for my needs, it leaves something lacking in the accessories side of the house.

I know most don't want to acknowledge praise to the iThing, however, this (IMO) is where it really excelled. By keeping the device one standard design throughout majority of it's versions, 3rd parties could slug it in competition for market share, which ultimately benefitted the consumers with lots of good quality accessories. I think this same logic could be used to explain the quality and quantity differences between the AppStore and the Android Market..