HTC Incredible tethered to Xbox

Is there anything these phones can't do? huskermania shows us how he's running his Xbox 360, through a Macbook, running Windows 7, and tethered to an HTC Droid Incredible.  I think if he adds a wireless controller and microwaves a bowl of Ramen, he just might break the barriers of space and time.  In any case, you gotta check out his video after the break and see it all in action.  Now where's my USB cable? [Youtube via Twitter] Thanks for the heads up, huskermania!


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Droid Incredible does Xbox Live, too


Im in no way a iphone fan brothers are we were at a business convention and the hotel had a fee for using wifi, his phone is hacked and there is a app that puts out a wifi signal and we played MW2 on xbox in now way taking anything away from this guy cause I love being able to show this kind of stuff to my brother to let him know his iphone is not that great.

I LOOOVE the DROID! I am a HUGE Mac fan, but the iphone could NEVER do this! I'm running a Mac Mini on Snow Leopard, and use PDA NET like its no ones buisness! I have no direct cable line in my house, AND I just got a new XBOX, I think I have some messing around to do tonight!!! :0)

By the way I work at Verizon and 200mb isnt crap...hahah!

I'm lost. How does it do Xbox Live as well? It allows him to play online because he's using it to teether but I don't see how it "does Xbox Live, too"

That has got to lag like no ones business! Would love to see latency on his xbox and some video showing how well it really works.

I'm doing the same thing on my Evo 4g using Hotspot to play MW2 on my PS3 and barely get any lag on 3g or 4g.

That's... not impressive really. I mean, its neat he's using his phone connection, but isn't it as easy as setting up internet sharing on the computer and tethering the phone?

Yeah, I'm going to have to agree here. Not impressive at all. All he did was tether the phone, connect the xbox to the laptop then bridge the tether and xbox connection together. You can do that with any smartphone with tethering abilities, including the iPhone. The latency/lag would be horrible and not really even worth it IMO. If I don't have my wireless adapter with my xbox, I'll do this and bridge it with a wifi connection to get it online. Nothing new.

Agreed. I've done this (and no, the lag isn't THAT bad - certainly playable, although a FPS might be a little jumpy). Takes just a minute or two to set up. When I saw the headline, I thought it meant he was using the Droid Incredible as a 360 controller, because surely tethering and bridging a connection isn't worth a news article...

Because the 360 doesn't have built in WiFi, and he doesn't want to hock up the idiotic $100 Microsoft charges for a WiFi adapter.
Plus, he was using PDANet. PDANet only does Bluetooth and wired tethering.

Have you ever been on a big road trip with your buddies, and just wanted to play some Mario Bros or Halo?! What about streaming Netflix so you can watch a million movies whenever you wanted?!Connect your Xbox WHENEVER you need, without that stupid $100 Microcrap WIFI adaptor! This would allow you to use it ANYWHERE you have a monitor, and youre awesome DROID of course!

I get off to technology.

Yea I could do all that with my old Pre, any phone that can do WiFi tethering or USB tethering can do this same setup. So its not really a just Droid thing.

I even had done it before with a Samsung Instinct lol.

I know there is no limit to what Droid gets. I even know that there is no limit to what Droid does. But come on...what is the point of doing this? When you made this video everyone that responded to it was knocked the fuck out like you should have been. What is the benefit of this? Seriously what is the benefit of it?

This isn't all that special. I've tethered my Droid before to play TF2 before and my friend has taken his Droid and played XBox Live going down the Interstate in Nebraska. Albeit he skipped the whole laptop part and just hooked straight up to the XBox through wifi.

There must be a keg full of hater-ade that people on this board are drinking from. Granted, it's not reverse-engineering the phone to make the Xbox do backflips every time you press the back key on the Droid, but come on people stop hating! It's sharing knowledge along with people who may not have known how to do this before. And it shows just one more thing open-source technology allows.

I'm not big of an Xbox fan, and we all know tethering has been around for a while (except for apple). But there's nothing wrong in sharing one more thing that droid does.

If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.

That's just it - you can tether with an iPhone, bridge with a copy of Windows running on your laptop, and hook your 360 up to your laptop, and whoops - no open source software in there! A tutorial on HOW to set up a bridging connection on various OSes might have been kind of interesting, at least for those who don't know how to, but there really wasn't a point to this, other than an overly complicated and gussied up way of saying, "Did you know you can bridge connections using your computer? I won't tell you how, but it's SO COOL!"

Well, lets hope he is good for the money he might end up having to owe. A friend of mine works for Verizon, and he saw a bill recently where a kid used the PC card to connect to LIVE and racked up a 4000 dollar bill because of Overages. (Verizon's plan is good until 5GB, then its 20 cents [i think] after every MB thereafter)I guess he used a lot of netflix and other streaming things.

is there a away to tether directly with out a networking bridge of a windows and or linux running machine? thatd be interesting to use.