The Seidio Innocase Active for the HTC Droid Incredible is a unique case. Seidio has built a case that combines rubber polymer and hard skeleton, to create a protective but elegant case -- all while accommodating the "active" lifestyle. Its unique build is what differentiates it from other cases out there.

When I first received this case to review, I was a bit confused. I said to myself, "Did they package this case wrong? Why is there two cases?" After realizing what was going on, I immediately began to appreciate the design. Let me start off with the under part of the overall case -- the rubber polymer. The rubber is very bendable and squishy, but hugs the DInc's form factor well. It almost could serve as a case in and of itself. The rubber under layer, is designed to collect the shock and soften the blow from drops -- or for some people, throws. But why would you throw your Android?

The outer layer is its shell -- kind of like a turtle. This outside skeleton has the same soft rubber feel as the Droid Incredible's stock battery door, but is cut to highlight and secure the edges of the Incredible. Once the rubber polymer is on, the shell can snap into place. The hard shell fits securely by inserting the left side of the Incredible first, by lining up the volume buttons. Though, when I first snapped it into place, I was a bit concerned that I would be crushing the corners. But once you see how it lines up, it makes sense.

The Seidio Innocase Active is designed for those who want a strong case that will protect the Droid Incredible from breaking from hard blows and high drops. If you happen to fall into this category, I highly suggest you head on over the Android Central Store and pick this one up. For you "active" folks out there, the case will cost you $29.95.


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Droid Incredible Case Review: Seidio Innocase Active


While I'm sure it's a great case, it's hardly a unique design. You can pick up an Otterbox Commuter series case for roughly the same price which also combines an inner rubber case with a hard outer case. It's good to have another option in the market from Seidio, though.

Nice case, but the texture coating began peeling on the back within a few days! Now a month later it looks like crap! I think this only happens to the black ones.

Check out the speck case sold at Verizon wireless. It has the two parts but all in one design, and its a Sharp look for the dinc.

That's one handsome case right there! Looking forward to picking one up once they have one available for the Fascinate. I do however like the style and quality of the Otterbox as well. I just wish one of these two cases had a built in kick stand. I bought a hard case from the Verizon store and I'm surprised at how often I actually use the kick stand on this thing! It's a great option to have imo.

Corona10 have you had any peeling on yours? I had the black case and the peeling also. They are replacing it, but I'm thinking it's going to happen again.
It is a good case tho. I have kids so my phone needs the closest thing to armor that I can find.

It is a lot thinner than the otterbox commuter series because the front is barely there. I have had mine for two months and it's peeling. I have a black one.

All the reviews I have read for this say that after a few weeks, the finish starts peeling off like it is a dog with a case of the mange. Does it fit my Incredible with the factory extended battery? If not, it won't work for me anyway.