Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Whether you have been waiting for the Droid Incredible 4G LTE ever since we first went hands on back at CTIA, or the recent teases are what have whet your appetite, it is finally available. Today, the Droid Incredible 4G LTE goes on sale at Verizon Wireless for $149, after $50 mail-in rebate with new two year contract, or $499 off contract. Upgrading to this device will cause you to have to pick one of Verizon's new plans, and you kiss your unlimited data goodbye, but that isn't such a loss for many of us. 

Rocking Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0 on top, and featuring a beautiful 8MP camera, this device is definitely one that you will want to check out for yourself. Will you be heading to your local Verizon store to give this a once over for yourself, and see if it has the potential to be your next device? Let us know in the comments and forums if you are picking one up, and stay tuned for our full review!

Source: Verizon Wireless

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Masheen says:

No. I will not be heading to my local Verizon store for this device.

Sent from my banned Galaxy Nexus.

jrenner says:

Same price as a Nexus? Good luck.

technomom says:

They should rename it The Droid Incredible Meh.

meccariello says:

I won't renew my Verizon contract. I signed up for one product, and got another

Instore looking at it now. Screen is almost exactly as good as my Rezound. Way better than I expected.The normal menu setting used to switch from
3G to LTE is gone. But I believe that's an ICS setting because it happened on the RAZRs when they were upgraded. Speaker seems a bit tinier, I guess since its smaller. The power button/volume rocker is just as bad as the Rezound's.

mrholzapfel says:

Is the bootloader unlocked?

flashpanda says:

this phone is way overpriced. For 100 dollars more you can get the Rezound which comes with 100 dollar headphones.

ba_hamilton says:

I'm a ways out yet on my Dinc2 contract. I suspect that when it's time to reup this phone will be deeply discounted or free.

freeoscar says:

The phone fits the bill for many - the specs are close enough to leading edge, good size, and replaceable battery are nice. Only $50 cheaper than the SGS3 is too much imo. I'm willing to hold out till it ends up at $49. That seems like the right price.

Really, this is the best that they can come up with. This is their response for the One series The Droid line is dying and is currently on life support.

I Had The Original DINC, Great Phone, And Lasted Me For A Very Long Time, Got Upgraded To The DINC2 For Free From Verizon, I Liked The Much Bigger Screen And Updated Sense. I Think I Will Stick To My DINC2 For Now, I Would Have Liked If This Phone Had A Bigger Screen, Or Even The New Camera Lens That Are On The One Series. Such A Shame, LTE Does Not Make This Phone "Incredible".

Maybe its just seeing all of the big phones around it but this phone seemed super tiny when I played with it today.