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The Droid Incredible 2 has been on plenty of developers' hit lists since its release. But until now, the full potential of the device has never been unleashed. Now, thanks to the AlphaRev Team, it can be unlocked, perma-rooted and is now ready for custom ROM's as soon as ROM cookers can get some together. The device isn't officially on the supported device list as of yet but, it will be soon now that this testing phase has been completed.

Source: AlphaRev
More: Droid Incredible 2 forums; Thanks, xgunther!


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Droid Incredible 2 gets S-OFF treatment


Did they achieve this thru some sort of engineering/testing bootloader leak? That's how they did it in the Thunderbolt, and even on the EVO 4G originally (other root methods later superseded it tho) I only ask out of curiosity, because there was a similar leak for the EVO 3D but I haven't seen much posted after that on XDA.

This is great news! Just yesterday I got my DincII. Goodbye Verizon bloatware. All I want is a plain Gingerbread build please.