Those of you out there who like to play around with custom ROMs may have already picked this tidbit of news up -- CyanogenMod releases will soon be getting a cool new lock screen gesture feature courtesy of mtwebster, with an OG Droid version being already available for download as an add on.

Gestures of course, will add the ability to "draw" out anything you wish onto your lock screen and upon doing so, be able to launch an application or activity that has been associated to that drawing. (Kind of like Google's own Gesture Search app.) A smiley face for Facebook maybe a T for Twitter; you all get the drift.  Pretty awesome! And likely something that should have been there from the get go on Android but alas, this why many of us love custom ROMs to begin with. [Twitter / CM Forums]


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DROID gets lockscreen gestures via CyanogenMOD ROM --other devices soon to follow


ive been playing with it, its pretty nice

i read an article once about google and it said that google said they didnt want to do all of the innovation and wanted to leave some of it up to the independent developers.

No it is a standard feature of the browser to make certain gestures to go to different websites or to perform a function. For instance I will draw a "B" to bookmark a site or draw a "F" to go to Facebook.

I'm just saying its the same tech.

They are working on CyanogenMod for the Euro Galaxy S. Once that's done, should be a very easy port job over to the different American versions.