Droid Eris Android 2.1 update

We don't want to be getting anyone's hopes up too much here, but it's possible that the Verizon Droid Eris could be getting its long-awaited Android 2.1 update ... tomorrow! That said, we've seen far too many of these "official internal" memos announce dates that have come and gone (Canary Traps, anybody?), so we'll believe it when we have the update in our fat little fingers. But in the meantime, we'll keep said sausages crossed that there's good news tomorrow. [MobileCrunch]


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Droid Eris rumored to get its Android 2.1 update tomorrow


I would like to know if I would still get the OTA if I'm running the v3 leak? The rollout seems logical because the skype app and other apps are available again.

OTA pushes don't work if you rooted the device but within a few hours of it being available someone will have sent in the URL and you will be able to do it manually, just like we did with the Moto Droid and the Incredible upgrade last week.

ok since im only running version 1 of the eris 2.1 leak i should still get the official 2.1 update sent to my phone whenever it comes out right?

It matches 2.1v3 - they will be posting it on their website so you will be able to remove the leak file and put the new official file on after downloading it from the Verizon Website. So due to the versions matching though, you will most likely not receive it OTA.

Verizon as far as my knowledge goes has always posted, and usually Android Central has an article with the link to download it, I believe (:

I can safely say that this article is 100% accurate. It was approved internally on 5/7/10, and will start rollout tomorrow. Here's the change log. Enjoy guys! The Eris just became my preferred device over the Droid which I own. Anyone want to trade?

Model: ADR6200 (Droid Eris)
New Software Version: Software Version ROM: 2.36.605.1/Radio:
Approval Date: 05/07/10
Available in Stores: TBD (Rolled out in stages via OTA starting 05/11/10)

Symptoms Resolved:

Upgrade to Android 2.1 E'clair
Improvements in battery life
YouTube video play errors
HTC Weather widget lags, displays the incorrect weather or does not update automatically, time is not in sync with Home screen
Support for Exchange Active Sync security policies
Support for Bluetooth contact transfer
POP3 settings for verizon.net not automatically set
Support for stand alone Wi-Fi if device is in airplane mode
Correct Sense UI crashes
Field Test mode will properly display EVDO revision in use
In progress OTA needs to be terminated if an emergency call is attempted
Deleting 50 or more contacts from Gmail will result in a recurring error display
Plugging in a wired headset during music playback does not turn off device's speaker
Sporadic "Bluetooth headset disconnected" message displayed when Bluetooth accessory is turned off
Emergency Mode backlight is not following duration setting
Stereo wired headset has static when keys are pressed
SMS new message indicator is correctly removed from Notification Panel, but not the Message widget
Reduced power up time
+ not handled properly in dialing strings (international dialing)
Device locks up with new email notifications
Incoming call screen not displayed when in the Phone application
Lockups during swipe unlock
Google Voice not working after MR1 update
Contact birthdates with years in the range of 1918-1944 are not displayed correctly
Messaging composition: message count covers a portion of the user's text
Device is too easy to unlock
Support added for Microsoft Office 2007 documents (e.g. docx)
People application crashes
Support for Yahoo IMAP email
Corrected force close errors (process.com.google.android partnersetup)
Corrected inability to access VVM, browser or Market after an update
Corrected Gmail password prompt after a power cycle
Akron, OH is not automatically added when the clock application is started

Running v3 leak, there are a lot of changes, like the 3D photo gallery, and the battery fix. I'm excited, and I'm gonna download it as soon as Big Red posts it.

3D photo gallery? My Incredible doesn't even have that? Finally maybe now I don't have to hear the wife complain about not having 2.1 and I can quit hearing how I suck because I have it ;)

Hopefully this will be the last time we'll have to wait for a software upgrade. The fragmentation of Android OS is clearly annoying to Google's most hardcore fans. Their line of phones will be so much better when that is eliminated.

Only hardcore users even know it's fragmented. General users, for the most part, have no clue.

And yes as long as you run a device that has this many enhancements to the stock OS (motoblur, sense, touchwiz) you will always have to wait for upgrades, just hoping they can decrease the amount of time you wait.

It is currently 8:47am on May 11th, 2010......Im waiting Verizon. Lets go already!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me my 2.1 NOW

HTC noted, in a Facebook post, that the OTA update will roll out over a two week period, beginning today. They also noted, as this screen shot did, that phones need to be backed up as much as possible. I'm looking forward to it!

It's currently 10:12am on Tuesday morning and I'm patiently waiting for someone to post that they got the 2.1 eclair... I've gone through root, oc... Just to keep my panties from bunching up.. I know I'm going to have to run the manual but I'm more then excited to see what the true 2.1 is going to be!!! I know everybody claimed the 2.1v3 is the real deal, but in fact this will be better I'm quite sure of it! It's amazing I went from the Apple iGarbage to the Eris, in anticipation that we would receive at least 2.0 in short notice, and then it went to 2.1, me holding off on the Moto cuz the Eris and the iGarbage where similiar in a lot of ways as far as appearance and working with, and I didn't really care for the Moto slide out keyboard. The buttons were to small and the only difference was a bit of a better processor and the 1.5 vs. the 2.0.. Again thinking we were getting this supposed update how long ago... Really.... I love the fact that also you can work with the Eris in a lot of ways which I did not know about.. I knew very little about Android, and then I found you guys on here and all the other sites strictly about Android which is sick... I learned so much about Android and what you can do with the phones it's crazy, I'm even working on turning my iPhone into an iDroid.. Except I would really prefer to have my phone just boot Android instead of dual boot..... Anyways my point is we are finally getting the real deal shit, fuck Apple and Jobs, Android is the shit, user friendly, open source, quarter 1 we took it, long run will be the death of the iPhone.. All good things come to an end, Apple shouldn't have kept their devices to 1 carrier, it the left the market open for something greater to come from every direction and put an end to the bullshit.. Thank you Apple for paving the way, but it's over. The Droidolites bid you a fair well!!!!