Looks like you Droid Eris folks have another update being rolled out. Word in our forums is that this is a bug fix (sorry, no Android 2.0 revision yet) that corrects an issue when the phone wakes as well as a connection problem. The update is a little under 5 megs and will take you to Build 1.17.605.1 CL104882. Follow the update discussion here. (And thanks, Curtis, for the tip!)


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Droid Eris gets another update


So when I decide to get my Eris next month - I'm going to need to run how many updates?!

I got my Eris yesterday, and that update is I think the only one I got, and all you do is accept the update and let the phone do it. :0) Easy as pie!

Between the poor quality of the touchscreen, the slow cpu, and lack of polish in Android I would consider the new Pre on Verizon.

I have to disagree with you on all points with the exception of needing a faster processor but hey who doesn't want more speed? The polish and sense from HTC is incredible to work with. IMHO

I hate my Droid Eris, I've never throw my phone until this one. I'm going back to the Droid (by Motorola that is). I'm also compiling a list of the reasons I hate the Droid Eris, and here it is:

-YouTube app doesn't work 50% of the time
-Facebook app hasn't worked since Jan. 4 at 12:23pm (the was the last and final update I got)
-Lag in text messaging app
-Lag when I try to turn the phone on from sleep mode
-When I receive a text message, it takes 10 secs for the phone to notify me.
-The MyVerizon app doesn't work
-Predictive text throws in the most random of auto corrections.

There, I'm done for now.

Are you leaving all of your apps running while doing those tasks? If so, it's going to eat up all your resources and cause your phone to lag/slow down. Apps not working doesn't necessarily mean the phone is bad and if you dislike predictive text, how about turning it off?

I have nothing but great things to say about the Eris. I was a little skeptical at first, but when I went to the store and handled the Motorola Droid and the Eris, the Eris was much lighter. Also, the Eris performed very well for the touch screen texting. It does have a smaller processor, so it is not as speedy as the Moto Droid, but, I will say that it performs very well and is half the price. I got the Eris for 50 bucks after mail in rebate. Can't beat that. I have had this phone for a little over a month now and can't put it down. Download a Task Killer app to save some battery and help with the lag (I use Advanced Task Killer). Every app I have downloaded (around 50) have performed flawlessly including the Facebook app. Can't wait for Android 2.0 (or if we're lucky...2.1 which I have read may come)

I hear using a task killer app is NOT good for Android devices (stating that they are not "windows" OS's). So I found that u can force close apps, at least on the Eris, by going to "settings/applications/manage apps". Then u can hit the menu button and select "filter/running apps". From there it will show the apps that are running and u can force close them.
P.S. U can watch uTube videos through the browser no problem even though the app sucks.
I love my Droid Eris


-Bad Apps
-Calls random people like my uncle jake
-is ugly
-Slow Internet
-Twitter isnt workin very well

I love the Eris! I switched from AT&T as soon as it was released and have never been happier. It's never frozen, calls come through just like they are supposed to, text messages hit immediately. Anyone that wants to blame the apps on the phone are probably iPhone users pissed of at theirs. Yes, there are crap apps out there (iPhone has about 50k of them) but that's a developer issue, not the phone.

The battery was a problem at first, thought I was back on my iPhone, but with the first patch it cleared up quite a bit, and after the second update I go 3 days without charging now. Task killers are needed unless you shut the programs down manually (though the task killer does the same thing, just makes a shortcut for it).

Never dropped a call yet (though I've only had it 3 months), never butt dialed anyone (not sure how that's possible unless you are too dumb to put the phone into sleep mode), and the internet speed is very decent. AT&T may claim faster 3g, but I never saw it (still don't, when my buddy and I run speed tests I'm faster to the same IPs) and I like the fact that I have 3g when I travel and not just when I'm in a bigger market area. (Try getting AT&T 3g in a town with 10k people out in Kansas, not going to happen)

Unfortunately I think most people's issues are with the 3rd party apps and not the phone, but humans like they are, are too willing to blame the easiest thing, and not the actual problem.

My complaints:

My alarm did not work for the first month; I needed a hard reset and three wasted hours of my life in the store to fix it

Many times when I get an incoming call, it drops immediately without giving me the chance to pick up the call and says that I missed a call.

Unresponsive and laggy touch screen at times (and yes I do have a task killer)

Other than that, everything else is fine. I cannot wait till 2.0

I have the Droid Eris and I too hate it. Why? It's just too hard to understand. I get some of it but even the Verizon techs don't know that much about it. They couldn't figure out how to add an email but I finally figured it out. I just think it's way too complicated to learn. I did a trial with the iPhone and it was a much easier learning curve. I tried the MDroid and I thought that was a little easier and worked better. I agree that it needs 2.0 but now it's delayed until March. I went to a Verizon store and was talked out of the Palm Pre and was told how the Eris is way better. I just hate the phone. My icons disappear all the time and the verizon guy said that shouldn't happen but it happens to me all the time. I think it's slow and sluggish. I am ready to go back to my blackberry pearl. Anyone out there liking the Pre despite what the Verizon guy said? It seems to be getting good reviews. I have an upgrade because I bought my Eris from eBay but I don't want to waste it. Any thoughts out there?

I have had my Eris for 2 months and the only problems I have run into are the youtube app does not work (youtube works just fine throught the browser) the iheartradio app froze my phone (just once). Other than those two issues i am happy with it. It could be a little faster but hopefully that is coming with 2.0. The battery issue subsided after conditioning the battery every day for a week. Now i can go about 8 hours before I need to recharge, that is with moderate text, e-mail and internet usage.

I have a droid eris and it's running on 1.5.. Is the 2.0 version out yet? If so how can I get my phone updated?