Droid Eris update

By now everyone knows the Verizon has started slowly rolling out the Android 2.1 update for the HTC Droid Eris.  Just like the Motorola Droid 2.1 update, you can wait for the OTA notification or dive in and grab the file yourself if you're like me and have no patience (and don't mind wiping your phone).  It's not all good news though.  There seems to be some discrepancy between the proposed Verizon change log and what users are seeing after they have updated.  Follow through the break for the skinny.

The Good

Always nice to start with the good news.  Those of you who have installed the leak and were having issues with paid and protected apps in your market should now be good to go, as the build's unique ID will have been "approved" by Google on their servers.  If you're not seeing paid and protected apps now, you will soon.

The Bad

A number of enhancements we've been waiting for and were initially promised by Verizon don't seem to be happening.  My travels across the intertubes have found several reports:

  • Pinch to zoom in Google Maps is not included
  • Voice input keyboard is not included
  • The 3D gallery was not included
  • Friendstream was not included
  • The 50 percent time with no signal bug was not fixed
  • The signal bars bug was not fixed

The Ugly

The URL for the file from Google's servers gives us the file name, which is the same version that was leaked a little more than a week ago. There were some questions about whether the OTA would be the same as the leaked version or not.  Those are now answered.  They are the same.

Have you received the OTA or manually installed it?  Seeing any of these issues?  Holler in the comments.


Reader comments

Droid Eris Android 2.1 update -- the good, the bad, and the ugly


Manually updated 2 phones with the OTA download this morning, I notice the signal bars bug, no pinch to zoom in Google maps, no voice input on the keyboard, no friendstream, no 3D gallery,and i haven't noticed the 50% no signal bug.

i got the 2.1 update and updated. i also didn't get the pinch to zoom, i'm not sure what you guys mean about the signal bars bug but i would love to be informed, voice input keyboard....i'm able to speak quick replies but nothing else, friendstream not sure what that is so I'm sure i didn't get that and NO 3D GALLERY, i was very excited for this update and am a little disappointed however it is still much better than 1.5 OS, it is faster smoother and just better all around. however i would have been much happier receiving these other updates and features

i got the 2.1 update and updated. i also didn't get the pinch to zoom, i'm not sure what you guys mean about the signal bars bug but i would love to be informed, voice input keyboard....i'm able to speak quick replies but nothing else, friendstream not sure what that is so I'm sure i didn't get that and NO 3D GALLERY, i was very excited for this update and am a little disappointed however it is still much better than 1.5 OS, it is faster smoother and just better all around. however i would have been much happier receiving these other updates and features, i also would have loved to have the live wallpapers


Ah boy, so is this update considered still better than the 1.5 O/S? How is performance? I have one phone here, the wifes, and she wants 2.1 bad but if it's going to be worse than 1.5 she has now I'm not swapping her over.

think about it....its in the enhancements page on verizon (pinch and zoom)this must means its not the official ota from verizon....f it i'm waiting for the stork to drop it on the phone.

Actually it's more likely that some dodo from Verizon's advertising department just took the list from the Droid 2.1 update and added a few things specific to the Eris and put it out there without talking to HTC's developers.

The sad thing is that I saw this coming :-(

Think about it, the update link to people's phone OTA from Verizon gives the same download link that he has in the other article. He is also talking about people who have received the OTA update not installing from the download.

Verizon borked it again....

Am I reading this right? If you wait for VZW to push the update OTA, all my apps and personal data will be preserved?

I downloaded and installed the update manually. All my apps were still installed (although I had to re-do my screen layouts) and all my personal data was still there. There was an option in the restore menu to reformat the phone, but you don't have to choose that option. Just be careful with the manual update and you should be fine.

Are you guys sure you don't have to just download the updated google maps? We had to do that for nexus one and motorola droid.

Please, will some one post whether this update is worth the hassle if so many features are left out?

Is the older hardware unable to run it smoothly?

ok... all i see here is wine, wine , wine , wine.. right now those of you running 1.5 dont have leap, good maps with turn by turn nav, cooler more colorful icons or new setting options or the ability to save your contacts as a vcf file to your sd card. ive been running 2.1 since the leak and all these ENHANCEMENTS!!! work great.. ok so some of the things promised arent there big woop.. really?... keep 1.5 if you dont want the enhancements i mentioned and are really that concerned with what wasnt put into the update....OOOORRR..just do it.. its better than what you now have...and i for one and glad that the official release at least does fix a bug or 2 from the leak...just my 2 cents..wether you want it or not..

Thanks for listing the benefits that will still come with this update. That's the kind of feedback I was looking for. We (my son and I have chosen Android devices as a hobby together) will likely install this update. I was worried that this would end up being too memory and processor hungry for the device. You have proven this not to be the case, thankfully. I did not mean to sound appreciative, but if VZW published these features would be on 2.1, it is a let down to put it mildly. This is a very cool community and I am glad to have AC as a resource.

I agree, i am fully appreciative of the features it came with however if you are going to publish that something will be available for a phone with an update then it should be there. I completely agree, the updates that were done are wonderful and work great, it just sucks that the ones posted that i was really looking forward to such as the gallery are not there, i'm not whining and i did download the update, i mean heck it doesn't cost anything and takes about 10 minutes of your day for great features, i just feel that by publishing that they would have something and not having it is false advertisement, in fact htc who i just spoke with stated that those features should be there as well, so they should take charge and fix the issue, both verizon and htc together.

It's only whining if people ask for things that aren't officially supposed to be there. It's a legitimate complaint if a stated feature is missing completely, ie pinch to zoom or 3d albums.

On plus side though at least the active wallpapers are working!

Oh and with the manual install I backed everything up, but apparently didn't need to because all it lost was custom settings, all apps, pics and music are still there.

Watch the forums. The 3d gallery is not in the Incredible either but someone made a version that was compatible with it and released it on the xds developers site. Also watch the market for an upgrade for Google maps that gives you the features you want.

OK, so I updated this morning through the link, and I kinda agree with this article...theres good, theres bad and theres ugly.

The Good...seems to run much smoother and faster. Call quality seems to be improved as well. Much clearer. The icon update is also a nice feature. The new market look is so much better, and its much more organized now. Also the turn by turn navigation is defenitely a plus! And YOUTUBE WORKS!!!!

The Bad: No 3d gallery...this is my biggest issue...I'm a photographer, and have over 600 pictures on my phone, and the 3d gallery organizes things more efficiently. So that really bugs me! But other than that, no live wallpapers, no pinch to zoom maps, and all that junk...

The ugly...Well when typing, the sound on the keyboard is really loud. I used to like typing with the little typing sound, but now its so loud it would drive anyone around me nuts.

Other than that, it seems to be a pretty good update. I'm overall happy with it...now if they would give me the 3d gallery and turn down the keyboard volume I would be a happy camper! :)

As for those of you who are wondering whether its worth updating or not...I would defenitely say to update...if only to get the turn by turn navigation...thats worth it in itself.

Hopefully they will come out with a patch to fix some of the issues to make us all happy! :)

Agreed. The 3D albums/gallery feature is one of the things I was most looking forward to. I'll have to look it up on YouTube or something to see how it actually works. Maybe they just needed more time to get the absent features to work properly? I hope they plan on patching it in a few months or at least let us know it doesn't have enough horse power to do them (I'm not really sure how memory intensive those features are, but yeah).

Well, 3D Gallery unfortunately renders images in 16-bit, so you will definitely notice the quality loss...

I think you can still install it from apk leaked some time ago (I installed that apk on my Droid and worked fine when I was using 2.0.1)

I did the update and it worked great but the weather app crashes every time I try to open it. Any ideas?

So for the record, is the manual way to update (as described by android central) giving everyone the same results as the ota by verizon??

When you get the OTA warning, you download a file from the web and when your phone reboots it installs it.

The link is that same file, and you force the update manually through your system recovery. They are one and the same.

What someone did was not reboot their phone after the OTA was downloaded. Instead they hooked the phone up to the computer and ran a debugging tool to see where it downloaded the file from.

First thing I noticed was the signal bar issue. I was worried that the radio was messed up but my interwebz and everything seem to work just as well as before so I assumed it was just a faulty reading on the screen. I had heard about this issue with the leaks but had hoped it would've been fixed with the official release. Everything else is fine though. I'm excited about having navigation!

Just did the update on the wifes phone about an hour ago. Like said pinch to zoom inside maps doesn't work, even though the maps app told me it needed an update. Voice to text isn't on the keyboard like said, and live wallpapers seem to install on the device, but you can't select them in the wallpaper options.

I did the sdcard install and all apps and settings where still in place when the phone booted up. All these issues people seem to be having I didn't have. Just rename the zip to update.zip place it on the sdcard, run the steps someone posted above and in about 10 minutes you'll have your phone back up and working.

I think they did a good job with this release and it should have been released sooner, hopefully in no time they will push out a service update that will give everyone pinch to zoom in maps and the voice to text on the keyboard.

I'm currently trying to install a gallery.apk from androidforums.com. Its currently not working, but ive got 2 other people trying to figure out why its not working...If i get it working, ill post the link for everyone! :)

ok so live wall papers do work on this final release.. awesome.. that i didnt know as i did not get the file to work on my phone. thought maybe it was cause i was already running leaked version thanks for that bit of info gcims..and buddah thanks for the info on renaming the file.. will do that and repost when i see what happens....

If I had 1.5, I would update to 2.1 just for compatibility reasons alone to make sure future apps keep working. Also, if you updated maps, make sure there isn't another update after that. I have had to update an app more than once to get to the most current version.

Just to let you guys know the 3D gallery has been ported and I have been using it for months you can pick it up over at pda developers.

ok so i renamed the file to update.zip and still nothing working. i cant get the manual to work.. guess will have to wait for ota.. thanks anywho

I have moved recently, about six weeks after getting my eris and I dont get a very good signal strength. By not very good i mean , one bar or less signal strength. I am worried that I wont be able to get the OTA 2.1 update. am seriously thinking that I should do a manual install but I am not entirely comfortable doing a manual install. any advice/thoughts would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

I installed it on my wife's Eris, and now it won't let me install apps. It keeps saying "Insufficient Space Available", but there's nothing ON the phone other than the factory apps. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? It worked fine with 1.5, but I wiped her phone (on accident) before doing the manual update.

press the home button and the power button at the same time. them scroll down to apply update and press that. the update should start then

You would think a site devoted to Android would know that Sense doesn't include the 3D Gallery.

Then again you guys were assuring everyone that the 4G fee on the EVO was optional when every other site was saying otherwise so...

FWIW, my wife got her OTA update the other day and I was playing with her phone. Everything worked fine. I didn't think to check the Gallery to see if it was 3D like mine on the Droid, but I did notice an icon for (Google's) Navigation and something else called Navigator (maybe an HTC thing?) Leap worked awesome, she was able to download Skyfire and Dolphin HD in the upgraded Market, and overall the phone looks and acts a lot better. Too soon to comment on battery life, but I'd bet it's better. HOWEVER, FWIW whenever my wife would go to access her (now upgraded) calendar, it would force close.

But did it have:

Pinch to zoom in Google Maps, Voice input keyboard, live wallpapers, and Friendstream?

I did the manual and cannot get any live wallpapers to work i can dl them but i cant use them oit of the app store

I got the update this morning OTA (2:30am EST). It is definitely an improvement from 1.5. The transitions and load time is much faster. Would really like to have seen the 3D gallery and pinch to zoom in Google Maps but maybe they will be pushing out a different update for that to make sure this one went through okay.

I noticed that there is a button in the settings menu for Text-to-Speech but there isn't much to it. I was wondering if anyone has figured it out yet so that I can use it for texting.

In the end, I am very glad that I got the update and am not disappointed with it. Just some minor things could be changed or updated to make it just right but I am not complaining with what I have right now.

I just got my update early this morning ran the update, so far so good. It is an improvement in some ways with all the nice features but now I only get 1 bar where I live I used to get 3 before, also the 3d gallery would be nice, and the pinch to zoom on the google maps. Has anyone else who ran the update only get half of the signal strength.

I have the feeling this will be the only update, I dont think Verizon wants to deal with this phone anymore and rushed the update out just so people would stop complaining about an update. It would seem it would be a cold day in hell before Verizon puts out a service update to fix these bugs, But my friends Droid incredible also suffers from the signal strength issue as well.

We already know from a screen shot of a leaked memo that this phone is scheduled for EOL in June so yeah it is likely that this will be the only update. I think they just wanted to get 2.1 on the phone to help remove the "fragmentation" of the OS and allow people to run more recent apps.

As for the Verizon update feature list, I think they just modified the one for Moto Droid and didn't bother to talk to HTC about it.

Also does the droid eris now support live wallpapers cause I can not find them anywhere, do you have to download them first, then they will work?

I always try to avert flamefests when possible, so I left my thoughts and opinions out of the news article.

Well here they are lol.

Giant clusterf*ck by Verizon. The following will NEVER be on the Eris without hacking it:

HTC Plurk
3D launcher
3D gallery
Live wallpapers

Why they refuse to tell the users this, I have no idea.
Why pinch-to-zoom was left out, again..no idea

This whole update irks me. Vzw got lucky when it was leaked a few weeks ago, as thousands of users tested it and found that there are some serious bugs still left in the build. Yet it passed through Vzw QA. Maybe the Blackberry guys needed something to do and approved it :P

LOL The "masses" couldn't care less what version of Android they're running. Only us geeks give a damn. But the carriers will ruin this for us geeks. I'll give you that. As soon as they figure out how to stop rooting......

My carrier cellular South has already patched the OS so it cannot be rooted without major issues...alomost impossible and when you do, most things do not work..

I manually updated it this morning, and it erased all my contacts. My pictures, text messages, etc. are all in tact. But the contacts are all gone. Help!!!

I did the update myself last night and love it - particularly Google Navigation - since I drive a lot for work. The interface changes are nice as well. I didn't lose anything, thankfully, but my HTC Sense home screens.

For me, it's a huge step forward - it's like I have a new phone!

Ok, so i did a manual update on friday and needless to say my phone is more of a beast than it was before as it already was. Everything went smooth but for a minute i almost pulled out the battery when it sat on the verizon screen forever and ever, good thing i did not. Oh and as far as the pinch to zoom is that really that big of an issue, at least we have google nav for free and we dont have to pay.

As the guy a few posts above posted you can just go to the link he posted to the 3d gallery and i just scanned the barcode from the link provided and it is amazing with the Eris so we can at least get that ourselfs. I love verizon but i think they kinda slacked on the whole update thing cause if this is the exact same update then they should have just added the same file we used on the various sites and just added the file and tut onto the verizon site duh, but they tried to be slick about it i guess.

As far as the live wallpapers and text to speech thing, i mean come on is anyone really going to rely on text to speech? seems kinda silly to speak into your phone when you can just be less lazy and type right into the search box so i personally could care less about it. Also you need to check for updates on all the apps so that they are up to date and do *228 to update roaming to get rid of the 3 bar garbage, the bug will be there still but you will notice an increase in the signal you just cant see the bar move. 2.1 FTW... I love you all.

I got the update this afternoon and it got hung up at the Verizon screen as well. It just sat there for what felt like 10 minutes or so. By the time I finally gave up and went to power it off, it popped up to the unlock screen. Pretty weird.

Anyways, Google Nav is pretty sweet and I like how transitions, launching apps, etc is faster. Also, absolutely love Leap; too cool. The missing features don't bother me THAT much, as I'm sure they left them out for a reason. Either they couldn't get it working in time or the Eris doesn't have enough power. Maybe we'll get some kind of answer to that this week.

Oh and the friend stream and live wallpapers im sure will come in the app store unless they have to push that to us but by the time they do that we will all have a way to just either install these things ourselfs or they will be apps that will have bugs at first anyway so im not going to trip about that but pinch to zoom on the google maps would be nice, im sure that will be another update in the app store in the coming weeks. So just remember no matter what they do, this stuff will be buggy at first anyway so im in not hurry to obtain these things. Enjoy 2.1, i feel like my phone just went up in value lol.

I'm having the exact same problem. Earlier this afternoon after I updated to 2.1, my phone worked, but now I can receive calls or make calls but I can't hear anyone else and they can't hear me. I don't know what to do!

I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but I am having issues with incoming and outgoing calls (I am in an area where I have full service all the time FYI). A call will come in and I will accept the call and it will act like it is connected but I can't hear anyone on the other end. I will then try to call them back and the same thing happens. I then turned off the phone and all is back to normal. It has happened at least twice since I got the update OTA early Saturday morning. It is extremely frustrating and I hope there is a way to fix the problem. Otherwise I will be taking a visit to my Verizon store tomorrow to express my disappointment.

I'm having the exact same problem. Earlier this afternoon after I updated to 2.1, my phone worked, but now I can receive calls or make calls but I can't hear anyone else and they can't hear me. I don't know what to do!

I was on a chat with a Verizon support representative all afternoon yesterday and he had me go through a lot of different things to try to solve the situation. He even had me do a complete factory reset of my phone and I still had the same problem. He eventually gave up (basically saying that he didn't know what to do with my situation) and told me to call a 1-800 number for Verizon's customer care.

I'm going to take it safe and make a trip to my Verizon store to see if they can figure it out instead. Just a little disappointed with this update. I do enjoy the new features and the new icons associated with it but just would have liked Verizon to have worked all the kinks out before sending it out. Oh well...

Hope this helps.

Just went into my Verizon store and told them my issue. They explained that a lot of people are having the same problem and that the only way to fix it is to give me a new phone (for no charge). They of course didn't have any in stock and so a new one will be shipped to me in 2 days. All I have to do is send them my old phone back when I get the new one.

I can't believe they released this update to the public with the 50 percent time with no signal bug and the signal bars bug not fixed. Geeks might not care but what happens when normal people start complaining their phone went from 3 bars to 1? Verizon CS: "No ma'am your signal is just as good as it was before, you just have to hit menu->settings->about phone->network and check your signal strength!"

I am very happy with this update. Everything is working much faster. No more lagging. Very happy with the new gps. That was what I was really waiting for, and admit to have lost hope a few months ago. Only problem I've seen with the update is with some of the calendar widgets (force close). I was very unhappy with the slowness before the update, but the phone is blazing now. I'm glad they came through with some significant changes.

Well I just got the OTA version this morning, and I'm kinda frustrated. I love the new icons, and don't mind the other cool changes. Never heard of the 3d gallery, or friendstream so I don't really care about those. I'll have to try the maps thing for pinch to zoom, cause I had it before with Google maps. I can't wait to try the navigation and YouTube, since my YouTube barely worked over the mobile network.

Now Idk about everyone else but did anyone loose a TON of widgets? I did. A lot of them being the cool HTC ones, but I also lost some android ones too. I lost weather, peep, the HTC music one, and the setting switches for turning on/off the internet, Bluetooth, gps etc. Now I'm not that picky so I could adjust to that. But the one I lost that really frustrates me the most is losing the clock widget! You know the really cool one with like 12 different variations? It's not there. And all that's there now is the crazy 2x2 analog clock that's an android widget. It sucks cause I LOVED that clock. It was probably one of my favorite things about the phone. Does anyone know what happened to my phone? Cause unless this gets fixed, I might shoot myself!!

P.s. just typed this whole thing with my eris. Gotta love the internet capabilities!

Well, I miss the 2 droids that winked and waived to me during the boot up. Now theres just 30-45 seconds of looking at the verizon logo.

Just got the OTA update, so I'll hold off comments until I've had a chance to really check it out.

Updated last night, no Pinch-to-zoom, no 3D Gallery, no Friendstream, no voice input options. Was looking forward to P/Z, Friendstream and the Voice input ability...mainly to play with them....I'm a Pre+ user now. Was just testing the update to help my family, they all have the Eris.

I think it resets the notifications for the messaging app, so if your using Handcent or another 3rd Party MMS app, you get 2x the notifications. My sister complained about this, but all of her other settings and apps were saved.

Updated the maps and other apps, but still no P/Z.

The camera app is a bit better, but I thought there was going to be an on screen button as well as the ability to use the track ball. It doesn't orient for portrait mode, and if you are holding it in portrait to launch the app (like normal), the Camera logo on the splash screen is upside down. Just an odd thing I noticed with the Sense UI, since it doesn't allow for Landscape usage on the Home Screen.

It seems a bit snappier and the Leap feature is nice if your going from one end of the screens to the other. If your already at the center home screen, you can press the home button again to activate Leap. I like the updated app icons, the new look for the market, much better experience.

Hope Verizon gets another update out the door to pick up the stuff promised to us a few months ago. It's like using an original Eris with 1.5, but with access to the navigation and some of the other 2.1 features, but you know, without voice input. For a Verizon update, who's supposed to be one of the best at testing and all, this is kinda lame especially since it took this long to get it out the door.

Atleast GTalk got a facelift, no more pink chat background!

My wife's phone got the update yesterday and I got mine today. Installed hers last night and everything went basically fine. Had to remove a few apps to get the necessary 25M free for the install to run. Only apparent after effect was the loss of the home screen configuration (which I knew would happen).

Google Voice would not run - force close on every attempt. I uninstalled and reinstalled from the market and it now works fine.

Performance definitely feels better and will be nice to have the new apps and features (although disappointing about VZ announcing the many missing features that will likely never be there for the Eris since it soon to be EOL. Can't blame it totally on them though since it was HTC that did the port.

One thing I like is the ability to turn off haptics on the soft keys. Wish the keys responded as well as they do on the Incredible but can't expect the hardware to magically improve. The new power widget is nice too - particularly the brightness control. It would be nice though if when cycling through the brightness settings it went back to auto. Unfortunately looks like you have to do that through the settings screens.

Downloaded the update for my phone but haven't installed it yet. Probably will later this morning when I have more time to reconfigure everything. Definitely going to install the 3D gallery apk as the first new app. The update surely isn't perfect but it's definitely got to be way better than being stuck on 1.5

Anyone else missing widgets for clocks, weather, messages, email..? Really pissed about this. Phone looks like an iphone now since all i basically have are program shortcuts. Also don't like the new calender widget compared to the older version. Navigator is pretty cool though.

OMG! For months, all people have talked about is "will the update really happen?" "Verizon doesn't care", "HTC doesn't care", "2.1 will NEVER happend for the Eris".

Stop whining and enjoy 2.1. It is fast! It is pretty! Google Maps is awesome, even without "pinch and zoom"... btw, just put your finger on the little +/- magnifying glass!! The navigation is awesome! Syncing with Google Maps web is awesome!!

Stop complaining about truly little things that it doesn't do, and open your mind to the things it does. My ERIS was destined for the trash can using 1.5! Now with 2.1... phoning is FUN again!!

You are all mentioning "no pinch to zoom in Google map". Does this mean pinch to zoom still works in other applications (like HTC photo album, web brower, etc.) I noticed pinch to zoom doesn't work in all these apps right after the Android update. I'm wondering if I can change some settings to get pinch to zoom back in apps other than Google map? Thanks in advance!

Seems to work in the photo app, but I have confirmed that it doesn't add pinch zoom to maps. And I've NEVER been able to get pinch zoom to work in the web browser. I just finished the 2.1 update tonight and pinch zoom still doesn't work in the browser. It works fine in the Dolphin browser, but I'd like to use the faster built in Google browser and get rid of the extra clutter if possible.

The phone does feel snappier. I'll keep you posted if I discover anything else, but I'd like someone to tell me if there's a setting I'm just missing that enables pinch zoom in the web browser.

And it's too bad we didn't get live wallpapers. Verizon probably thought it slowed the phone down too much. And they're probably right.