Legos? Check. Droid? Check. Puzzle problem solver? Check. What you see above is being used to trumpet the ARM processor inside the Motorola Droid (as well as any number of other smartphones). The phone's camera is used to identify the colors on the Rubik's Cube and instruct the Lego robot on how to solve it. No matter how you slice it, this is one of the coolest thing's we've seen all week. [YouTube] Thanks to everybody who sent this in.


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Droid does Rubik's Cube


very cool, but it seems like it is out of the range of practicality for most of us.

first, two (at least) of the Lego robot kits, plus a droid. And left unsaid is how the droid communicates with the lego brains, which is to me the most interesting part :)

still it is pretty cool.

Yea, but that's just the software doing all the work. If you really wanted to, you could power the software with solar panels or wind mills. lol.

Uhm... Software has no power input. You can power a DEVICE with a windmill if you like, but that device has to process the software code. In this case, the device is the ARM processor, which is indeed doing all the work. As I said though, If you like, you can power the ARM with a windmill. ;>

I only have one thing to say.......
Rise of SkyNet
LOL... but that was Great should be the next Droid Commercial