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Thanks to some resourceful users over at XDA, the HTC Droid DNA now has full a full S-OFF exploit tool. Having S-OFF (basically) means that the NAND storage of the device is opened up and able to be freely written to. With full S-OFF access, users can write custom ROMs, recoveries and other firmware hacks to the device, as well as obtain permanent root access. The exploit requires both root and superCID, and won't work on the latest update according to the poster (they're aware and working on it). You'll need to be somewhat handy with a command prompt or terminal, ADB and Fastboot to get it done.

If you're interested in going through with obtaining S-OFF on your own Droid DNA, hit up the source links below. Remember that while the process seems to be working, no tool is perfect and there are risks associated with any hack of this level (above and beyond the warranty issues).

Source: XDA; More: Droid DNA ForumsThanks, Shamrock!


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Droid DNA finally gets the S-Off treatment


Took legit 5 minutes and I'm now S-OFF :D Anyone who uses this really should consider donating to the devs! (I used to only tinker/hack on Nexus devices...let's just say with the DNA, I've found out just how much harder HTC makes it to hack around)

Not sure what you're expecting, but it's substantially better than the Galaxy Nexus. Probably on par with the S3. Don't judge it by the battery size.

S-off now also thanks to this good news. Great work from the development community! Less than 10 minutes and it was done. Longest wait was downloading the files for this process.