Droid 2

By now we all have heard about the Motorola Droid 2 that "exploded" while a man was talking and injured his ear.

New details from a Motorola employee suggest that the phone didn't really explode at all, but was dropped. Once it was cracked, the man held it to his ear, where it cut him due to the shattered glass.

If this is true, that's quite a publicity stunt from the guy claiming his phone simply exploded. The Droid 2 and Android in general was receiving a bad rap for this and it may turn out to be completely unfounded. [via Gearlog]


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The Droid that exploded in man's ear? Not so much


That was obvious from the moment the article was published. Either that kid is an idiot, or he thought he could scam Motorola out of some money in a lawsuit--which would also make him an idiot.

Scumbag! There should be consequences for these types of lies..... Im sure the loser has nothing to go after, so how about 100 hours of community service... That would probably teach him a lesson.

I saw this on CNN. I thought it was pretty obvious it was BS. I guess exploding phone sounds better than dumba$$ cuts ear on phone.

I bet he was on Apple's payroll and Steve Jobs had him make up that story to try to generate negative press for the holiday shopping season since Android is very quickly taking over the market! :-)

Haha, that made me think of the movie Happy Gilmore, when Shooter McGavin hires that crazy guy to run over Happy. Same premise here.

These comments are far too nice for this douchebag of the lowest order. The damage pattern doesn't seem to fit that of a drop, I bet he hit it with a hammer first, and then either pushed it to his ear really hard, or he just dribbled some blood on it. I do think this needs to go on some police record because this is the sort of social hacking conman that goes on to steal thousands of dollars of retirement money from gullible seniors in Florida.

SAN JOSE, California, Jan. 18, 2006
Jail For Wendy's Finger Scam Couple
Anna Ayala Sentenced To 9 Years, Husband Gets More Than 12 Years

(AP) A couple who planted a severed finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili in a scheme to extort money from the fast-food chain were sentenced Wednesday to prison terms of at least nine years.

I remember that case! I'm glad they got the book thrown at them.

Anyone remember the one about the supposedly drowned mouse in the soup, but with no fluid in its lungs?

I do hope it was a hoax, as it makes me rather nervous to hold my Droid 2 to my ear.

Aren't Droid 2s made with Gorilla Glass, which is supposed to be shatter proof?

Sorry. Gorilla Glass is only "scratch resistant". It certainly is not "scratch proof", nor is it, or any glass every made, "shatter proof".

A lot of people believed this idiot. I hope he gets charged with fraud or extortion. It was obvious B.S. from the beginning.

Same thing happened with my droid incredible. Glass shatters... Glass cuts. Don't hold it to your ear dummy.

yes. it's Motorola's fault that broken glass is sharp. dude had no way of knowing not to rub it against his ear.

p.s. McDonalds coffee is hot too.

I never heard Android getting a bad rap for this. Although I never watch the news. I hope they do a follow up story.

And, yes, the dude should get jail time, no doubt.

You people are being a little harsh on this guy.

Did you read the article?

The Motorola employees just SUGGESTED that the phone was dropped and didnt actually explode. Until we have more evidence you are being a little harsh. It looks like more then a drop because of the way the glass looks around the ear piece.

Look at the speaker grill closely, it's still intact, and the he lost credibility when his girlfriend in the video said that it's still working and that it's been ringing all day, wouldn't an explosion damage the circuit board?

Go back in the archives and watch the video, his girlfriend said at the conference that it still works and was ringing all day.

I agree. An explosion would cause more than the spider cracks in that glass shown. What a friggin loser. For that much attention at the cost of so many people's wages to debunk this BS, he should have to pay some kind of public penance. Community service, jail, or an ordered financial punishment as a lesson in ethics.

I hope Motorola sues this tool for trade libel. From the sound of it it looks like they would have a strong case.

Duh....Of course. All you have to do is look at the phone. Moto should sue the a hat into the ground for damages and slander.

The only problem I have with the dropped phone theory is that the spider cracks on the glass seem to spread outward from the speaker. If the phone was dropped wouldn't the cracks be spreading outward from the point of impact? Also, where are the nicks and dings on the phone where it hit the ground?

I am in no way defending this douche if he really did fake it, but the phone could still conceivably RING if the ear piece was blown.

If the phone did "explode", that would likely be the last place it would happen?

With the speaker port being right there and providing a sizable open air port to release pressure?

That would have to be one hell of a explosion to have enough pressure to shatter the glass with a point of release for pressure. It certainly would have caused hearing damage and significant internal damage (to the phone). Which (as reported) neither happened.

Gee, what a surprise...not. Of course it was a lie/scam. Everyone and their brother is trying to get something for free or trying to scam someone these days.