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Droid Charge at Walmart

We just learned that the Droid Charge could finally be released Tuesday and that Costco would begin receiving the device on Monday. And backing that up even further is this picture of Droid Charges at Walmart, making things that much more likely.

The delay comes in the wake of last week's LTE crash, leaving Verizon customers with the HTC Thunderbolt -- a 4G phone like the Droid Charge -- stuck on the relatively ancient 1xRTT network. No sense releasing a 4G phone that can't do 4G. (Oh hai Moto Xoom.)

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Droid Charge found inside a Walmart, more evidence of a Tuesday launch?


I can tell you I played with one of these yesterday at a verizon reseller store. The rep said hes not allowed to sell them for a couple weeks, but he let me play with it. Nothing special here. :P

Agreed. Best Buy has had them since last Tuesday. They are just sitting cabinet just like the one pictured. I will get excited when there is a for sale sticker on them. Even then, I probably won't get too excited.

Edit: Who buys phones from walmart?

Those who don't have a Verizon near home. I live in a small town that has a Walmart and got my dinc there. The closest Verizon is half an hr away.

Another sub par, over priced verizon phone. Ugh. What happened android showed so much promise its just a jumbled mish mash of lame phones, nerfed abilities, and no upgrades that mean anything to regular consumers. Who cares what yhw 1%geeks think

The case looks kinda cool. The fact that it's encasing a Samsung device is disheartening though. They should have saved it for an HTC one.

We've had our Droid Charge in stock since Friday with no word from Verizon as to when we can sell it. I've seen and talked to both of my VZW reps everyday this weekend and from how they explain it a Tuesday launch is not looking likely. I was told by folks from the Irivine based west coast hedquarters that the phone (as of yesterday {and yes, this is all rumor}) suffered from an inability to maintain a voice signal, which is Verizon's second biggest selling point at this time. Costco has theirs and Wal Mart has theirs and so do we, The Shack. Doesn't mean that phone drops on 5/3, though.