Motorola Droid BionicMotorola Droid Bionic

Here we go again, folks. Yet another Motorola Droid Bionic review (of the pre-release nature) is under way in our Droid Bionic forums. And along with some great info, Joe the Insider's given a few of the clearest hands-on pics we've seen thus far.

As for Joe's thoughts on the DB? In his own words:

Initial thoughts. The phone is extremely light and is actually pretty thin. The battery is 1730 mah and is pretty big. The screen is contoured on the edges, and it comes with a 16GB microSD card. Power button is in a awkward spot though. It's on the left shoulder of the phone. It's a pretty big phone as well, its along the lines of the charge.

Start up is ridiculously fast, sound is surprisingly good. The back is plastic like the D3. The camera problem that was widely talked about this the D3 is a NON factor. It boots up right away with no lag. The Pentile screen looks a little different, but to be honest I love the Pentile screen.

The glass on the screen is very nice. It's hard to explain, but it compliments the actually screen. I want to stress that there is NO redraw. If you're not familiar with what that is, the D3 has an issue where after closing a app that's pretty heavy on RAM or it would have to load all apps and widgets on the screen and it would take about 5 secs before it finished and was extremely annoying.

And that's just the beginning. Hit the link below for more.

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Motorola Droid Bionic

Motorola Droid Bionic



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The quality of Android phones are getting better every month. This is a fun time to be a tech Geek (Android Geek).

I could not be less interested in this device. I have a plethora of reasons, but Moto playing with peoples minds for 9~ months regarding this device is the main reason.

Why is that a factor of wanting to buy a device? As long as it's what they promised from the beginning or better, what's the big deal? It certainly is better that what they promised in the beginning.

I just wish the mopho (photon) wasn't the beta device for the bionic. As A moPho owner, I'm not impressed whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice phone with the best call clarity of any phone I've owned but it's lagginess is unforgiven. I bet this...this bionic thingy blows the moPho out of the water.

I DO think this phone will be worth it. Android has been good to moto. Ive enjoyed my OG Droid X and received updates within a reasonable timeframe. They even sent a timely update for the recent gingerbread issues that resolved a few quirks for me. I am a moto fan and they make solid well built phones. They arent pretty looking but they work great.

this phone has me excited, not necessarily for the 4g LTE, as i still think 3g is fast enough. Afterall, wifi is my choice connection when i can get it. But i think it will be a performer no doubt. verizon isnt going to loose its moto fanbase by any means and i think they knew to go all out on this phone as they have this moto fan locked in for that next big moto release.

The phone itself looks pretty cool. But as for Joe's thoughts...

If Motorola wants to ever sell anything - ever, they should ban Joe from writing any reviews. I hate to be a grammar snob, but damn... If you're going to post something on the internet, you should at least have some mastery of the English language. Or at least proof read.