Droid Bionic on Twitter

We're not exactly fans of companies announcing news on Twitter -- it's just too easy to screw up messages in 140 characters. That said, the @DroidBionic Twitter feed has let it drop that Sept. 8 indeed is the day for the most recently overhyped Android smartphone (which earned its crown after surpassing the previously overhyped smartphone) Motorola Droid Bionic to "be in your hands."

No response yet from the fake @mdb228 twitter account, which has nearly 400 more followers than the "official" @droidbionic. Go figure.

Source: @DroidBionic; thanks to everyone who sent this in.


Reader comments

Droid Bionic apparently makes its Sept. 8 launch official on Twitter


Damn! I was gonna be first but I had to log in. Anyway, hope this phone is as good as everyone hopes it is. I'm sticking with my thunderbolt for now.

I was gonna pick on it probably having poor battery life but realized I have no room to talk with my 6 pound battery pack hanging off my thunderbolt.

You were going to pick on a phone about how awful its battery life is when no one in the public has any idea about how it performs... thunderbolt or not you should wait until you know all the information before you even THINK about scrutinizing it

I don't think Verizon will ever let a nexus into there subsidized group of phones. Maybe if they could name it the " nexus Bing" :-)

With holiday season right around the corner how will the bionic hold up is my question. all carriers will be releasing high end phones in the final quarter to close the year strong. Only way bionic can compete with a newer phone w/better specs is to have a lower price

HTC Vigor is due one month after Bionic and will have 50% more CPU power. Sorry, but I think Moto missed their window on this phone with all the delays.

I would agree with you....but I can't. there's not much out there that takes advantage of dual core technology yet and 1.5GHz doesn't mean anything. It's how well the cpu utilizes instructions and how efficient it is. Case in point? AMD's Phenom 3.2Ghz quad vs. Intel's Q6600 2.8GHz procs. While AMD's proc is faster and cheaper (at the time)the Q6600 trumps it. Besides HTC's batt life sucks and quality has gone down hill like a bowling ball.

3-4 months again, I would have been the first one at the VZW store to buy this phone. Unfortunately now I am aware of too many other phones and have decided to wait for now.

I may end up getting it later, but it is no longer a day 1 purchase for me.

Technology has a shelf-life and this should be discounted like day-old bread. $299 is too much at this point.

All right I just gotta say...been sitting on my ne2 for almost a year...waiting...for something.

My S1 died, my 9650 is boring and the hybrids don't thrill me anymore. OS7? Zzzzzz ... RIM just can't save this formerly loyal customer.

VZW LTE is everywhere here. The Moto Bionic specs will be an enormous upgrade for me. By the time I have figured out Android, somebody will have rooted Bionic or ICS will drop.


Meh too little to late for me .I will be waiting for the next wave of upcoming phones to be released

So, they use some ridiculous excuse for an official communication channel to announce something that most interested parties already know. Way to go, Moto.

As mentioned above, I think this is a little to little, not late. If this came out around the Thunderbolt/Charge, I would have been all over it.

i did want this phone but I don't think I want to use an upgrade on it. Maybe I will wait a couple months and pick it up used of full price when the price comes down on it. Or at least wait until some concrete news about the prime surfaces to decide.

Has anyone noticed that all the new phones have pretty much the same specs?
Made a choice and switched to Sprint because of the plans and 3D gimmick.
In a world of copied specs, I use gimmicks and plan pricing to choose my next device.

Not gonna do it! With even a rumor that Verizon might get the next Nexus im gonna have to hold tight for a while. But here is the deal if the next Nexus drops and its not on Verizon, I wont be either

HoHum !!! Old news who cares anymore ??? I will wait for something far better, this phone is outdated before it arrives , Bionic ?? Give me a break LOL

I kinda like moto but I hope they burn to the fucking ground for this one......and then build themselves back up into something better. Moto <3

Hilarious how people call a phone that wasn't even supposed to be out until later this year and was accelerated in its development old news/outdated. This isn't even the original bionic (Etna) that got cancelled back in april, its a completely different phone (Targa). They just slapped the same name of the old phone onto a new one. Not to mention it will have a new LTE chip in it made by moto (hence why it took a little longer because they didn't use the crappy battery sucking LTE ones Charge, Tbolt, and Revo use). Besides, until they come out with the quads and 2nd gen LTE, everything coming out anytime soon is a marginal bump in comparison (and just you wait until bionic gets ICS and/or rooted and rom'd and that statement goes out the window).

What's more hilarious is everyone keeps using the "moto had to build there own LTE chip and its soOoOo much better, hence the delay" excuse, except htc built their own LTE RIL as well and thunderbolt came out over 5 months ago. Second, everyone is claiming moto RIL for LTE is better, when no one has any evidence of this, just spouting fanboy garbage in defense of a still unreleased device. Third, the phone was shown off in January as more than just a prototype, it was more than halfway finished at that point with a Q2 release stated. They then realized their RIL build and choice of hardware was so bad, THEY SCRAPPED THE ENTIRE PHONE AND STARTED OVER. Now its not releasing til end of Q3 with the only differences being aesthetics and processor manufacturer. I'll just wait a couple months to buy the end of the year superphone and laugh at those that bought the bionic-hype.