Motorola Droid Bionic rooted

Good news for those of you worried about being able to root the Motorola Droid Bionic -- it's already been done. The cats at My Droid World have adapted to the Droid 3 root method to the DB, and as you can see from the image above (the # symbol is the telltale), it's a go. We'll still need some proper on-device work, but it's certainly on the way. Bottom line: Root access has been achieved.

Source: My Droid World; via Android Central Forums


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Droid Bionic already rooted


Good news. My brother was planning on getting this phone, so now he'll be able to root it and learn all about the wonders of Android development, since it's his first Android phone. Well, unless it has a locked bootloader. Anyone know whether that's the case or not?

Hey moron. you don't need this phone to do Android Dev. but since you don't know that I am willing to bet you aren't the sharpest among us.
"Hey guys I was going to start Android Dev but Random Phone X has a locked bootloader so I can't.." Does the stupid hurt?

Looks like someone needs to crawl out of Mom's basement. Don't worry, your eyes will adjust to the light.

Maybe he wasn't talking about "doing" android development. When he says "discover the wonders of android development" he may have been talking about being a user of the wonderful products that have been created by the android dev community, like custom ROMs.

Grumps like you give android enthusiasts a bad reputation and scare away mainstream users. Without mainstream acceptance, manufacturers and some developers will abandon Android, and that would hurt.

I think his name is Tkun, not moron.

Just cause you're an Android genius doesn't mean you have to be rude to the new guys. Remember at one point, a long time ago before your memory got rusty from the prodigious amounts of knowledge you possess, you too were the new guy.

Given how fast the Photon was rooted, I'm really not surprised. I expect the bootloader to be unlocked pretty quickly as well. Good news for Verizon modders.

The phone all ready has it's system dump out and it's alleeady been deox. I wouldn't be surprised if they have custom rom by Thurs and our themes.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, just may be the kicker for me to go with the Bionic as soon as I'm eligible in October. I've seriously been worried about what phone to get (it plays a major part of my professional life) to replace my OG Droid (PE 6.5).

That's good news , but im not surprised
The modders & the hackers are GOOD
We really appreciated

I don't know why people assume that because Motorola phones have a locked BootLoader , it can't be rooted!
All the Motorola phones have been rooted

Just curios since I have always hat phones with unlocked bootloaders, have the hackers been able to unlock the bootloaders for Moto Devices in the past?

Can we please not refer to this phone as the DB, lol!?!?

Friend: Hey what phone is that?
Me: It's the new Motorola DB!
Friend: Motorola Douche Bag?

The phone isn't even out yet. Isn't it possible the phone that got rooted is just some preproduction dev model?

Why people complain so much about version's bloatware? This device will have 1 g of ram ddr2 it will be super fast and responsive anyways. Get a life people stop complaining for no reason.

Why people complain so much about version's bloatware? This device will have 1 g of ram ddr2 it will be super fast and responsive anyways. Get a life people stop complaining for no reason.

Why complain? it’s simple. We sign up for a 2 year contract with fees to cancel, we also pay an absurd amount of money for the device up front to use it how WE want to. I think that most people would be find with items being pre-loaded IF they gave the option to remove it, but they don’t.

It's like this: What if you went to buy a car and they installed a GPS unit right in the middle of the windshield so its in what they think is a convenient location for you. Well you don’t like that GPS and want a different one installed but wait it’s also tied into the radio, AC/heater and speedometer! You can’t remove it and are stuck with it for as long as you own your car. Sure.. you can look around it you can even add another better GPS to your car and for-go that one, but that stock installed GPS will always be sitting there looking you in the face.. mocking you because THEY felt it was what YOU as a consumer wanted.

The point is people don’t want to be told what they want when paying that much. If providers want to include all this 'advertising' they should subsidize the phone to account for that just like every other device (i.e. the Advertising Kindle) You pay less up front for the phone/device because you are CHOOSING to take the one with the ads/preinstalled items. For $300-600 with a locked in 2year contract there should be the option to remove or not have it installed..


I do agree to a certain point. Does the bloatware affect the performance of your devices. I have droidx2 with just 516 of ram and it is working super fast with go launcher, fast reboot pro and cache cleaner:)