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It's a little early for spring cleaning, but that doesn't mean we can't find a few gems laying around. And that brings us to today's contest, which is only for owners of the Motorola Droid Bionic. We've got a bevy of accessories with someone's name on them, just waiting to be packaged up and sent out. Check the video above for instructions. Good luck!


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Droid Bionic accessories contest!



Ok Phil! Yes, I still own my Bionic even after all the crap it went through, but it looks like everything is working out! I would love to win this bag of crap! haha

Nice prize package. Would love the HD dock and car dock for my Bionic. I have had a good experience with my Bionic, and would enjoy showing it some love with these prizes. Thanks for the contest!

Yeah, not as bad as it was since the last update but still lose it a couple times a day. Hoping when the .901 gets pushed I'll be set, whenever that is.

I have been leaving mine on 3g (saving battery) and it seems to have fewer problems. Hopefully .901 will fix it.

I refuse to give up on this phone, like it too much. When its a workin its perfect for me. More perfect if I win the free stuff! lol

Wow, this is pretty awesome. I "still" have my Bionic (this phone is, what, only 4 months old?) and I love it.

I'd gladly take those great accessories, and would actually *use* them!

Thanks for the contest!

I really like my Bionic, even if I do have to charge it almost constantly. Best phone I've owned to date. Of course my last phone was around 2.5 years old when I finally upgraded.

I am in need of this Bionic swag. Please pick me. I would even pay the freight. :) Loving My Bionic.

I have a Droid Bionic and would love to win this bag of accessories. Would be a great addition to the phone. Thanks.

For the love of all that is Android in the universe please let me win this or my wife will make fun of me for once again failing to win a contest

Dude....ya gotta hook me up with the swag....I have a naked Droid holster, no cradle, no car, zilch, nada...So, I'm beggin' ya here...Don't let my Droid Bionic keep running around naked....I mean, it hides in my give it a break...

Love me some HD Dock goodness. Seriously, I must be one of the last people left who loves their Bionic. Bought mine used and contract free and was really surprised at how much I'm lovin it.

I would really love to have this, especially since i just upgraded to this phone and its coming in the mail today :)


I'll take it! I just got mine as a Christmas present and had to lay down my OG to rest. Not really, laid to rest. Just re-purposed as a distraction for my boys.

Wow...I was ready to go and BUY a Multi Media Dock for my Bionic, as an early Birthday gift to myself....but Maybe I'll wait to see If I will be fortunate enough to win a dock...then I can actually have a real stand to set it on for my night stand, and listen to Pandora as I fall asleep. I had one for my Photon and loved it..I'll keep my fingers crossed !!!
Thanks guys !!!
Sacramento, California

i really need these accessories and let me tell you why. first my work health insurance went up 100% this year for my monthly premium as opposed to last year and then i had to cancel my percentage that i contribute to my retirement account at work due to increase on my health insurance. so basically i start 2012 off making less than last year and could use the free product!
increase of health insurance at work this year-100%
amount contributing to my retirement account now-0%
winning this stuff-priceless!

Listen, I have never tried to win anything here. Even I would vote for this to win!!!

If for some reason I do get chosen please give it to this person!!!!

I would love anything for the bionic. I've had the bionic since day 1. Not leaving until my contract runs out. So anything for the phone I would Gladys take off your hands.

I just got a new truck for christmas and would really be great to get the car mount for my truck. But im all up for getting any prizes, ive never won anything from here before.

Sweet contest! I was once to get an opening day Bionic, and for it being my first smartphone, I still love it! Does mainly everything that I need it to do, but it isn't complete without the docks! It would be a great addition to my Bionic!

PS....Yeah Yeah Yeah....many new phones out since the Bionic....but who can afford to keep paying the $$ every 2 months for a newer phone !! It works great...never a, easy to use...tons of features....reliable phone !!

Winning this stuff would be the best way for me to enjoy the new year with my bionic!

How timely! I received my Bionic yesterday and I couldn't be happier--it's brilliant! Thanks to the reviews, forums, and tips I found here and a couple of other Android-centric sites, I felt confident in choosing the Bionic and the great free apps I've tried so far.

Thanks and good luck, everyone.

Phil, possession of such power has to be intoxicating. Sadly my life has a huge hole in it and ironically enough the contents of your bag will complete me!

Winning this prize pack might help me forget about the Droid RAZR coming out a month after my Bionic... ;)

I just received the droid bionic from VZW as a replacement for my droid charge and I could really use these accessories. Thanks.

My Bionic is a lot less exciting than I had hoped, so you could help make it way awesomer if you gave me these accessories!! kthx.

Hey phill the Droid bonic is my 1st andriod phone I actually found your website and started following it due to the fact I was looking to get a droid phone I came from an black berry storm2 and yes I was one of the few fools who went from theBB storm1 to the 2 for the most part the boinic is leaps and bounds better even with all the issue some of which Im still having after getting both Updates. Winning those prizes the car dock hd station or extended battery be awsome I was so geek when I got my bionic that I got both cases the otter box case just to make sure the phone be ok on the days I toss it out the car window from frustration

This is exactly what I need! Somebody jacked my DX2 about two months ago, and since my contractual agreement prevented me from getting an upgrade, I got a pretty decent deal for an almost new Bionic. Loving it so far, but of course many of my DX2 accessories are incompatible with it. So this would be perfect. Good luck to the other contestants!

I don't care what anyone says, the Bionic is a great phone and these accessories would only make it better. In fact, my Bionic has a stronger 4GLTE signal than my wife's new RAZR side by side. Thanks for remembering us Bionic owners.


I would love to win this Bionic accessories package. I am even willing to do something demeaning in order to obtain it, like write a really bad song about it, or to wear underwear as outerwear. Your choice. Hook a buddy up with your insane package guy!

I would love the accessories! I've been looking to connect my bionic to my tv for a while and really need that extended battery. Battery life in a low signal 4G area is murder on the battery.

Thanks for thinking of us Phil! I would LOVE that car dock because my old generic one is 'dumb' and I'd rather just jump to car dock mode.. and that HD dock would be sweet...i could just leave the HD dock plugged in and be ready to stream Google movies or Netflix at any time... thanks again!

hey Phil, would love to have that bag of goodies and my bionic would really appreciate it also. its cold out and he could use a cover to keep him warm outside and a dock to put him by the heater inside and and an extended battery to keep his insides warm longer through the day.

Phil, this is very thoughtful and generous of you and AC! All these accessories are awesome but the item that I truly need is the HD dock - I'd be perfectly happy to pay for shipping for the dock to me AND pay for the shipping of the other accessories to one or two others who would get more use out of them than I would. This way, everyone gets to feel the Christmas spirit (I'm Eastern Orthodox so our Christmas is Friday/Saturday)!

Thanks again,

would love to win. my bionic is my first android. it's not perfect but i really like it.

The extended battery would be sweet since I was out last weekend dropped my Bionic and lost the back cover, and the HD dock would be awesome, I recently got the micro hdmi cable and mirror mode is my new favorite thing.

Phil, I love my Bionic, and those goodies would be very good items to go with my phone, I have had the phone since Day 2 and I relay still like it. I have been looking at getting a hard case for it for some time. having that extended battery would rock. Docking stations are over the top. Hope I win

So what if there have been phones to come out after the Bionic...I still love it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Besides i'm a Motorola guy and i'm loyal to them. Phil...hook a brother up.

If I won this, it could potentially save my life! I currently place my phone between my gear shift and stereo... it tends to bounce around which sends me trying to catch it. It would be awesome if the phone was stationary as I drive.

Not to mention it would be awesome to win something from Android Central!

The bionic is a good phone having these accessories would be great i really need that dock and the extended battery thanks Phil and android central for this contest

I would love to win those accessories for my Bionic. If you picked me, I can assure you they will be put to good use.

I would love to win this stuff for my bionic! With our second child on the way my wife wont let me buy phone accessories right now and I could really use those docks and extended battery!

Could really use this stuff. Got one on launch day...returned it...and got another one this past weekend -- other than the camera and occasional camera drops this is a great phone. The GPS and Bluetooth work way better than on the Samsung and HTC phones I tried out.

Still loving my Bionic and could really use the accessories at this point since I never got around to picking them up!

I bought my Bionic on the day it came out, replacing my two and a half years old Blackberry Storm. I love my Bionic and show it off whenever I can. Thanks for all you guys do!

I would love to have the HD dock and otterbox case for my Bionic!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Still really like my bionic (maybe not LOVE, but definitely really like) and wouldn't mind winning a little swag for it.

Just got a new case for xmas that will fit the extended battery which I was planning to buy but I'd rather get bad boy for free.

Wow this stuff was all on my Christmas list and I didn't get any of it... that's a pretty awesome bag they sent you... Win our lose it was nice of you to think of giving it to one of us, so thanks!

Wow this stuff was all on my Christmas list and I didn't get any of it... that's a pretty awesome bag they sent you... Win our lose it was nice of you to think of giving it to one of us, so thanks!

I would love to win this to give my Bionic to my son for his birthday!! He would total pass out when I give him not only the phone but all that stuff as well. Pick me for my boy it would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Egh, not big on saying why i should win a bag full of Bionic goodies. All i knkw is this will make my lady friends day if i did get it.

Hey, I have that phone! The otter box would be especially nice to keep baby drool off of it. I've managed so far, but it's only a matter of time before one of my two angels gets to it...

Thank you Android Central for the giving us the great opportunity to be safe in our cars, homes, and everyday life with these truly wonderful gifts. Though I can say this is my first post, I have been a long time reader and die hard bionic owner from day one. I hope I can win these truly wonderful gifts however if I do not, I know the Android Gods will see fit of someone deserving. I just wanted to say thanks and that I look forward to reading you for years to come.

My wife took my Bionic in exchange for her upgrade so I could get a GNex. Please reward her kindness with this gift bag!

Waited for my bionic since ladt years ces... got it the day it came out... lets just say... free stuff may help my disappointment ...

Hey! Thanks for the bionic love! Lee and Lindsay would be proud! And, in case it's unclear, I want the stuff!! :D

Please pick me! I could use some cheering up after being stuck with this phone for almost 2 more years... Love how they hyped for this phone for a month when it came out and then nothing... Pick me pick me!!!

I would love these accessories. I got suckered into getting my bionic on day one at Verizon and couldnt justify spending more than I already have for this phone!

PICK ME (please)
I have a Bionic and Love It!!! In fact, I just bought my sister and mother both Bionic's! Would be nice to give some goodies with them as well!!

Android Central Rules!!

I actually want this so bad I went through the trouble of resetting my password. I put the HD Dock on my Christmas list but didn't get it so winning this would be the most awesome thing in the world

I actually got the Bionic just last month (from a friend). I like it a lot thus far. I've been reading Android Central as I join "Android Nation" and I'd actually use these accessories. Thanks for your consideration!


Dear Lord,
Please let me win this goody bag of dreams for my Droid Bionic. Please please please, I promise to be a good boy for the entire year if I win...or, most of the year, well, some of the year...maybe just a week or two.
Thank you, Amen!

I would love to win some accessories for my bionic. As much as people don't like this phone I love mine and would love to hook it up with some accessories.

I've been sticking with my Bionic since day one...I've got the extended battery but I know the rest of this stuff would be a welcome addition to my phone as well, and I'd love to take it off your hands since it happens to be just sitting around :D

Me, Me, Pick Me!
I love my droid bionic, no regrets with my purchase. I got the phone the day it came out. The accessories would be a nice addition to the phone. Thanks for the chance!

What a great day for Bionic owners. I have loved mine since I got it, even with the occasional data drops. Would like to be a recipient of some of those accessories. Really anxious to try out that HD Dock.

Thanks for a great site!

My Bionic looks horrible already, last night dropped and slid under a car. Damn rain in Seattle!

Hook it up pppllleeeaaassseeee!

Hi Phil. Awesome prize pack. I have no complaints about my Bionic. Love the phone and would be thrilled to win this prize pack. Please pick me and help me complete my Bionic accessory collection. I plan to have this phone for awhile.

Android Central is the only Android site that matters!

Yay. Some love for the Bionic. Please pick me, I would love to pimp out my phone.

Man I've been waiting for this phone since I first heard abt it. Bought it the first day it came out & I still have love for the phone. I need and want these accessories for my Bionic!

With all of these accessories, my Bionic will rule the world!!!! Or at least it will rule my car, my desk and against the concrete if it falls on the floor. And the extra batter would be great.

Please pick me and I promise that I will use all of these new powerful accessories for good, not evil.

With all of these accessories, my Bionic will rule the world!!!! Or at least it will rule my car, my desk and against the concrete if it falls on the floor. And the extra batter would be great.

Please pick me and I promise that I will use all of these new powerful accessories for good, not evil.

I love my Bionic. Bought it the day it came out and have very few complaints. This bag of accessories would be AWESOME!

117 commentare u guy really using the bionic? Want to buy i will sell mine with of the goodie i am winning from phill for $300 .

It's a great phone even if it has dropped off the radar. I toggle the 4G when I specifically need it and I get through the entire day on my standard battery. And yes I do use my phone extensively. Glad that my apps are finally staying put!

The Bionic is not bad, it was just a little late to the party and got overshadowed in a couple of months just as anticipated.

That's a spiffy battery and dock though. They'd be a great addition to my bootloader-locked device!

I was one of those that waited (for what seemed like) forever for this phone. Personally, I love it (Im talking to you, AC Reader voted biggest disappointment). Im a college kid and all the accessories I want for it are out of the question, though. So please, Phil & AC, hook me up!

That would be so sweet to get some love for my Bionic. I have never won anything on Adroid Central before but am on here everyday several times a day for all the news that is Android. Love your site. Keep up the great work. WOULD LOVE A NEW ACCESSORY!!!!

Thanks for the contest. I want to win this very badly because I didn't get anything good for Christmas. My parents gave me cologne again and my gf also got me some this year. I'm not sure if they're all trying to give me a hint or something :) A bag of Droid Bionic accessories would be a nice late Christmas gift.

I want these goodies so much I am going to hold my breath until you pick me. If that doesnt work Ill tthrow a 2 year old like temper tantrum! :)

I plan on getting a Bionic very soon (like today or tomorrow) and it would be great to not have to buy all these accessories for it (especially the Otterbox).

I sent back my Samsung Charge for the Bionic. I'm happy with it...but it does need more stuff (hint hint)!! - Scott

Would love to win the bag of goodies for my Bionic but do you think you can look in the bag again and see if there is a box with a 3G/4G Stabilizer in it. I would love to dress up my Bionic when I go out but if it doesn't put out a constant data signal it will be all show and no go.
Thanks for the chance.

I absolutely NEED to win something on this list. The battery would be best but anything would suffice. My Bionic needs help!

First post just for the greatest contest ever.. my Bionic is hurtin for some love.. would you be so kind as to help me out? :D

Love my bionic only thing that would make it better would be some awesome accessories. Thanks for thinking of giving that stuff away. I know its a long shot but I hope I win. Either way thank you

My hubby would love those accessories for his bionic AND he would make use of them, with his line of work, who doesn't need an extra otter-box for backup. We still shake our heads that we didn't get the same phone, sadly I chose the Charge and I will continue to kick myself. Next time we'll be on the same page, I found AC a bit too late for reviews on phones.

Thanks for the chance to win this for my hubby and to the rest of AC for all the info and feedback they give.

I would love to win this awesome package. As the I.T. person at my place of work I ordered 30! Droid Bionics for people on staff and I have to take care of all of them. Would be nice to get this package to try out and play with so i can recommend to others what I think about them as I only have the standard dock right now.

Love the prize giveaways. Nothing says I love the fans more than giving away some free android swag.

I've forced myself to resist the urge to buy the nexus. I really do love the Bionic, but it already feels old in this sea of new phones. I guess that's to be expected, given the rate at which new phones are released. I think this prize pack is just what I need to give my Bionic a refreshed feel. Thanks Android Central for a great contest!

you are so correct, i do need the extra batteries, the otter could be handy for restroom reading..

Free prizes are great, and I do love my bionic. But unlike people here, I'm not going to suck up to folks just to edge my way to a possible win for the Bionic prize. Anyways, good stuff and thank you for the giveaway.

Wow its nice to know I am not the only one with the Bionic considering how fast it fell from grace. Awesome prize

LG Envy. My other phone! My bionic does all the heavy lifting to run my companies, but cant last through the day with all the phone calls i make. I am literaly talking for about 4 hours on my Envy each day. Please helo me with the extended battery. Lord (& Motorola ) knows i need it.

I love my bionic! I use it as my speedo for my car, without a mount, which freaks my friends out. Would love the mount and extra juice while keeping my eyes on the road.


Never lost faith in her

:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

That's a great pack of stuff to just have laying around... I would give it a good home

Put me in the group that is still loving his Bionic! What would make me love it even more than I do now (if that's even possible) would be to win these great accessories! So come on pick me and show me that I can love this phone even more!

Would really like these accessories. I have had the bionic since launch day, replacing my droid 1 which couldn't hold on any longer. I have had some issues but have stuck with it and I find this device to be pretty solid, would love to have these accessories to make the sting of the galaxy nexus a little less. Thanks!

I don't know why all the hate, you give the Bionic some love it will love you back. Gonna be my primary phone for a while!

Sign me up!! I just got my husband and myself bionics for Christmas. We could use the hook up. :)

How do! I registered just to try and win this! Please dont let my effort go in vein! Btw love the info your site provides yall do a great job!

So believe it our not just traded my HTC Thunderbolt for a Droid Bionic last week to a girl on craigslist. (because she liked the sense weather.) Now as I await the ICS ROM to get camera I could totally use a case since she left me a pink one. I never won but would be super pumped to win!

Hi Phil! I own a Bionic and do not have any of these accessories so that makes me the perfect candidate to win. Plus I live in po-dunk-ville, Alabama so you should feel sorry for me anyway. LOL

Awww, even though you said you didn't care about us anymore, I knew it was a lie! If you didn't care you wouldn't offer this goodie bag! I already love my Bionic, but it could definitely use some geek chic accessories!

ive always used androidcentral to get my android news updates this site is beast and it would be great to win some stuff for my bionic ....good luck to everyone tho

ive always used androidcentral to get my android news updates this site is beast and it would be great to win some stuff for my bionic ....good luck to everyone tho

That's some cool stuff!!!!! I would love to be the envy of all my bionic friends.


I would do pretty much anything short of actually paying for the hd dock. I watch movies all the time from my phone on my tv... It would be nice to have a dock that would neaten up the process by not having cords strewn all across my living room.

My wife and I both own a Bionic. I would love to win it because we both travel a lot for work and we are constantly GPSing to our new locations. Secondly, we had to move, believe it or not there is a guy packing crap right in front of me while I type... Her job is paying for the move! AND, that in car unit would be EXCELLENT to GPS around our new location. I mean, really, I need that car thing! The car thing would probably be gobbled up by my wife, but I can act like I'd get it. As for the rest of the stuff, the extended batt would be awesome to swap in and out. My kids love to make videos and play them on the computer, so the HD Dock would be a huge upgrade to our house. Man oh man, I do love some good accessories and it seems like the only place you can get Bionic stuff is from VZW and they aren't carrying anything anymore out here where we live!!! Bastar.... you finish it. Anyway, Look my way Phil! I'm here buddy, you know you want to give it to me and my lovely wife!

Man i would love to win this stuff. Just got the Bionic after christmas as a gift to myself and so far its been wonderful for me in 3G & 4G areas. Verizon gets enough of my money so id love to win. Id not be able to get all this stuff otherwise. Thanks for the opportunity yall!

YOU NEED TO PICK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had just about every Bionic made so them. I just got the Droid Bionic and I chose it OVER the Razor. I love gadgets and I need more gadgets and the MORE stuff that goes with the Bionic the better. I even got my DAUGHTER a Droid Bionic. I TOTALLY NEED the extended battery...I text and I Email AND I play games on my Droid Bionic so you KNOW that I NEED that battery !!!I am SO not ashamed to sucking up for this stuff and I SO totally want the stuff. PS...I gave my husband my OLD Droid after I got my Bionic. we keep it for a spare phone when someone else in the family(or a friend) has a problem with their cell. I bought hubby a Droid X off Ebay for him to use all the time (he likes how slim it is). We all love the TALK to TEXT feature!!! SO...PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME....PLEASE !!!!!! how's that....does begging work?? hmmm???

BY THE WAY...........just thought you should know that I bought myself the Droid Bionic with my Christmas Bonus. (the rest of it went to purchase gifts for my kids AND the other Droid X for my husband..) just wanted to say again.......pick me. please.......

Hi. I really need these accessories badly :) My n@ked Bionic needs some sexiness attached to it...cover, docks, anything...except those awful unnecessary verizon screen protectors!

On the 10th Day after Christmas, Santa Phil offered to me, "A pimp my Bionic Accesories bag," that I would love to have Pleassse....

Hey hopefully i get randomly chosen for these amazing prizes. My bionic has been needing extra juice.

If I had a new Otterbox case, maybe people would not be able to see I have a Bionic, and I could walk through the airport without people throwing stuff at me for my poor taste in phones. I really need this..i work in an airport.

I'm a huge fan and would love to win some swag for a change. My Bionic is naked and needs a cover for winter :)

I would be more than willing to take that stuff off your hands. even posted this from my bionic.

I have the Bionic since launch. I dont complain about the Razr coming out, there is always going to be a newer phone. I do however need everything and anything you have in that magical Verizon bag. Please pick me.

Thank you.

Dear Android Central,
I know the tech sites and many others have not shown any love to the Droid Bionic. However, I never abandoned it and love my bionic. My phone could use some more love and what better way to show it love then giving it a bevy of cool accessories.
Please, please...

The Bionic had been a great phone for me even though so many great new phones have arrived so soon after I got it. I would love to win all these great toys and enjoy for my late birthday!. Thanks for all the great write ups and replies when we are stumped. :) good luck everyone.

Winning these accessories would be wonderful! It might even make up for owning the "Most Disappointing Phone of the Year". I was disappointed when 4G failed on my first Bionic in less than two weeks. My replacement has been awesome, except when Verizon has not been. I would love to pimp my phone!

Sign me up! I could really use these accessories. Pick me so my Bionic experience can get better. Its bad enough that I'm locked in for 2 years with this phone and that Motorola screwed all of us Bionic owners by releasing an unfinished watered down phone. It would be nice to have some accessories to make this nightmare better.



Hey hook me up, I'm probably one of the 1% that actually really likes my Bionic. It works great for me, and I was apparently blessed with one of the few that has little to no issues with it, especially after the latest updates.

Getting that stuff would be cool! (Although I really only want the HDMI station.... I will gladly take the other stuff or let you draw another name for the remainder of the stuff. Thanks!

Love your website Phil. Your accessories would look good on my bionic.

Two questions:
1. Origin of the green T you're wearing?
2. Because this post comes from the vineyards of Geyserville, California..
(where 4G seems to be useless.. and 3G works only in town, on Wednesdays, at the window table in Catelli's!history..
What wine was in the glass behind you, up there where the bag sat so long?
BTW, the other eatery in town is Diavolo.
BTW #2 Great coffee next door.

I ALWAYS get ripped off since my birthday is right after Xmas!!! Winning some of these goodies for my Droid Bionic would totally make up for it!!! :)

I would love to win, but dont expect too. I just want to thank AC for not forgetting us Bionic users. Really cool that you guys stay connected with every device and not just stuck on whats new today.

Awesome, thanks for the chance to have something to play with while I'm on duty at the firehouse since MW3 will not connect with tethering!


I actually still really like my Bionic. Yes, it took some rooting, and ROM'ing, but I love it now. So, if you picked me to win one of those great items You guys will forever be my favorites (oh, wait you already are), and I'll make my wife bake you one of her awesome banana nut pies!



Please and thank you!

-Bionic Lover

oooo... I would love to have some new accessories for my Bionic. Not sure why so many don't like the phone, I've had it since launch and its been a great phone.

It's a great phone. I would really like to have some new accessories. Veizon has alteady left us out in the cold. Anytime you attempt to buy anything for this phone you have to dust off the box to see what it is.

It's hard to believe there are this many of us Bionic users left. These accessories will hopefully make the next 16 months go by much faster. Please send them my way!!!

Me, Me, Please! Love my Bionic, it's my first Android and it kicks ass. Really want the HD dock!

me me me me!!!!! PLEASE. I never win anything. I know everyone says that, but it's really true for me.

finally! now i cant stop using a blackberry holster for my bionic and use a case to its potential!

this would be awesome! That's pretty much everything I could ever want for my bionic but can't just go to the store and burn cash for. Thanks Phil!

I can clearly remember arriving at my local Verizon Store an hour before they opened just to be one of the first to get the new Bionic. Even though there have been some great devices that have come out since (RAZR and Nexus cough cough) I still very much Enjoy this phone. A little big in size and some battery issues but it its a great phone.

Sign me up! Give this long since forgotten, bootloader-locked phone owner a reason to brag about his phone again!

I want it really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd so bad I could slap my mother and and and yeah so um I actually like my bionic after I got the 5.9.901 update

Been thinking about the extended battery for a while. Winning one with all the other goodies sure sounds better. :-)

So sad, I guess I didnt really realize my bionic was that irrelevant so fast... I need new accessories to freshen this sucker up!

Oh man, I was like, "Ok. Some docks. A case. OMGWTFAN AN EXTENDED BATTERY!?" They're so expensive, and I need one for work! 12-hour shifts lately and my phone just isn't making the day. :C Plus, my car has no cup holders! It's always sliding off my lap and between my seat & center console or onto the floor. Not fun trying to fish it out while driving, that's for sure.

I tried to leave a comment earlier from my Bionic but my battery was dead, sure could use that extended battery:-)

I would love to get my hands on this stuff - especially the HD station. Thanks for the unexpected giveaway!

I love my Bionic and any of these prizes would help me love it more. Thanks for all you do.

I love my Bionic and any of these prizes would help me love it more. Thanks for all you do.

Would me making a comment here help me win Droid Bionic accessories??

Does the buck stop here? Is the pen mightier than the sword? Does it take two to tango?? I say YES!

I just want to thank all you guys (and gals) for keeping us out here informed and spiffed with Android Love. I use my Bionic hourly and have a good home for your bag of goodies!
Peace Out from Ohio!
P.S. do you have an Ice Scraper to go with it too?

I have a Bionic from Verizon. That means I have none of the cool stuff. Can't afford cool stuff and the Verizon $bill . Before this I had a Palm Centro. I used it till the buttons fell off. I'd like to be cool for once.

Wow that's a lot of comments I hope I win!!!

Do all the people commenting more than once have a better chance at winning if the winner is chosen at random among all the comments?

(posted from my Droid Bionic!)

I got my Bionic for christmas, I'm so happy is what I really wanted, now will really be stoked if I get any of the goodies ;)

Thanks in advance AndroidCentral!!!

I fell out of my kayak into the lake with my OG Droid in my pocket. I had the Droid in a plastic bag figuring that if I fell in that it would be ok... yup didnt work. I had been holding out forever for a phone and saving my upgrade for maybe the Nexus (it was just rumors at that point). Long story short, I needed a phone and went to Verizon where the Bionic had just came out so I said what the hell and got it. The phone has been ok as ive dealt with the same issues as everyone else but I wish I was able to hold out longer to get the Nexus. Now im stuck with the Bionic for the next what is it now Verizon.... 17 years till I can upgrade again? I could sure use some accessories to help ease the buyers remorse pain. Please help my Bionic not be naked anymore. Oh and a little shameless flattery, I love the podcast, it keeps occupied on my way to work in NYC. Long live Jerry's beard!

Heyyyyy. Just got my bionic for christmas. Wud be great to get a buncha nice accessories for it

Oh Yes! Baby! My Bionic cries to wrap itself in some sweet Otter Box. And it would feel re-energized to be docked up.
Oh please sweet little baby Jesus, I need this!

Hey whats up Phil? I just bought my Bionic and love it. I haven't had any issues with it what so ever. Seems faster than my laptop! Would love some acc's, since I just paid 2bills for this thing and it didn't even come with the HDMI cable.

Hey! Bought my Bionic from Radioshack the day they started sellin' Verizon phones, been wanting to really try the hd dock and the corresponding app for it, and pick up a navigation mount. ^_^ Would love to have those accessories.


That Otter Box case sure would have been nice this afternoon when I was finishing my walk to lose weight as part of my New Years resolution. I pulled my phone out to stop RunKeeper and my headphones got tangled which in turn caused my phone to bounce on the concrete. Sniff, sniff. New phone on the way but I had my phone setup perfectly. C'est La Vie. Thanks Android Central for the shoulder to cry on. :-)

Wow... I remember a year ago hovering around the computer to watch the announcement of the Bionic at CES. Then checking AC daily for almost 9 months to see when it was going to come out. I saw all the warnings that the Razr was coming right afterwards...but I figured I had waited so long I would get the Bionic.

Really hasn't been that bad. Compared to the Edge BB Curve I was using this thing is amazing.

Sadly though after using my new every two and my extra loyalty discount only to have the price drop $120 (or more) since I bought the Bionic, I cannot in good conscience spend any more cash on this phone.

It would be "awesome" (in the high pitched Swedish Chef sing songy voice) to win the accessories and not have to have the phone on the car seat when the nav is on.


Would love some accessories for my Bionic..waited on it since CES last year and will be using it for a long time to come!

Here is my huge request to win some nice stuff for my Bionic.

Well there it was. Now back to playing with my naked Bionic, without a car dock or HD dock and a standard battery. Maybe I'll win some nice stuff

Hi Phil,

My wife just got a new Bionic and I'm sure she would love to win an accessory.

I'd have her write but she is at work..

Come on Phil, make a hero out of me. Select my wife, Darlene, for a Bionic gift.

Thank you.

Wow, winning the HD station would be so great. I shot lots of pics and video of my wife completing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in November. Showing her amazing accomplishments to family would be so much easier with the HD dock and remote than being stuck to the TV with the short 6ft HDMI cable!

I want some Bionic goodies! They will help me in my never-ending quest to know more about Android. Please pick me as a winner?

This is great! Both my husband and I wanted a Droid Bionic but couldn't afford to buy two, so I entered a Motorola contest on Twitter and won one! Would love to win this contest and get accessories to go with our phones! Because we can't afford to buy them ourselves. We would love to reach the potential of our phones. This is my first smartphone, I waited to get the best and we love our Droid Bionics!

I so could use that otter case! I tend to beat the @$!&+&)+ out of my phones! Hook me up please!

My partner and I just got new Bionics this week. She could really use the car mount and I could definitely use the HD mount at home. This prize would really help with our plain Bionics. And these are our first Droids so we've been checking out your site for lots of tips.

It's very generous of you to help the poor, suffering Bionic owners like myself. We appreciate your kind offer...

So.. the extended battery would allow me to use my phone more than 5 hours a day. The car dock would allow me to use navigation to find the best way to work on my 1-1/2 hour commute (one way). The otterbox case would keep my phone safe when I want to throw it at other drivers on said commute. The HD dock would be nice so instead of getting stuck watching other people's home videos of their babies on their crappy little iphones, I could huddle everyone into a room and lock the door and make them watch the 30 minute accidental video when my son got my phone and recorded the ceiling of the bathroom while he unraveled 2 entire rolls of toilet paper... ON A BIG SCREEN!Ok.. not 30 minutes, but it really felt like it. Still.. I want that stuff!!!

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