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We only got the Motorola Droid 4 officially a day ago, but today we see the release of a root exploit for the device, courtesy of security researcher Dan Rosenberg. 

That's good news for you guys out there that have thought about picking up a Droid 4 and have to have root access. And as our image here shows, all works, and works well. 

The method is Windows-only for now, but it's simple enough. Download a .zip file, put your Droid 4 into USB debugging mode, and run the exploit file. Takes just a couple minutes and a couple reboots.

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Droid 4 root method now available


So what? He wanted $200 for a DROID 4 and the rest was going to be donated. He posted on twitter this morning that he will be giving all donations to the red cross. I don't even own a D4 but still donated. I have no problem paying people for their time.

Don't get me wrong, I think devs should get donations. I donate to several. But this is more of a payment than a donation. It is the required $ before release that bothers me. It seems like a step in the wrong direction. What's next ROM devs requiring $ before they post the ROM?

I understand what you are saying but that was his choice. If you don't like it then don't use his method and wait for another dev to get root.

what about devs that collect donations to get a device and then disappear? cuz that seems to be a fairly common trend nowadays. thsi guy is well know it was for a good cause just dumping 5 bucks in helps everyone. or you could be broke like me and just spread the word about it

yeah seriously, what the hell is wrong with all these people. he's a security researcher helping out the community. the work he does to find these methods would probably cost companies much more than $500. i feel bad waking up today and reading his blog.. it was a really good idea. and now will he have interest in finding root methods in the future? why should he.. he has to put his own time in to do it, on a phone he doesn't even own. everybody just lost here.

The American Red Cross is one of the worst organizations to donate to. 15% of all income is donated and that is absolutely it. Their top officials make in the mid hundred thousands a year. Buncha crooks.

Held hostage? Really? I think throwing him a few bucks to pay for a handset he figured out root for and will prob continue to develop for is pretty fair. Not to mention his sizable donation to charity.

Or you can figure out how to root it yourself. Obviously you are one of those people that reaps all the rewards of the devs hard work and gives nothing in return.

I should have made the sarcasm a little more obvious. ;)That is what I get for posting as soon as I wake up.

"Held hostage? Really? I think throwing him a few bucks to pay for a handset he figured out root for and will prob continue to develop for is pretty fair. Not to mention his sizable donation to charity.

Or you can figure out how to root it yourself. Obviously you are one of those people that reaps all the rewards of the devs hard work and gives nothing in return."

^^ This.

The people who cringe at the sight of donations for a developer's time need to get a grip. You purchase things people make and create every day. Do you think that you can walk into a bakery and get food for free? No! People work hard at creating baked goods and deserve to be compensated for their time and expertise. Likewise, developers should be compensated for their time and expertise.

Don't be a cheap ass.

Don't be a dick. There's a right way and wrong way to go about asking for donations, and witholding something til a bounty is met-regardless of the good intentions-is the wrong way. I'm glad to see he changed that though.

Actually, his post on his download site is the exact reason why people are reluctant to develop for devices.

"Apparently this was considered unacceptable by the raging masses of Android fanboys, who not only believe they are entitled to exploits for free, but are also under the delusion that $200 total is a lot of money in exchange for this kind of work. I’m disappointed in the response by the community,"

The kind of response he got from his "experiment" is self-entitlement to everything, much like it is for most developers who release something they worked hard on. I've seen plenty of developers leave the scene because people get mad when something they are using FREE OF CHARGE goes haywire and start blaming the developer for the problems while, at the same time, not giving any useful information other than "dis rom sux, pass".

Time is money, and just because he decided to charge for his time for something he spent time on doesn't make him wrong in his approach to donations. If you don't like it, friend, you are welcome to develop a method yourself and release it to the masses.

You pinko commie d-bags who always want something for free make me sick. If you don't like his methods, go find someone else to work for you, for free. Until you do, feel free to stfu, you lazy welfare queens.

My issue is not really with Dan using this method, he has proven himself trustworthy over the years. My issue with the prepayment for exploits, mods, and such is how long until less trustworthy individuals claim to have exploits and demand prepayment only to deliver nothing in return. Once again this doesn't apply to Dan, I in no way question his trustworthiness. Asking people to pay for something that is not vetted by the community is what makes me nervous. I firmly believe in and practice the behavior of paying for what you use. I just prefer to have these things verified by the community at large prior to payment. At no point in any post I have made did I mention not paying for the hard work that devs do. I know first hand the time and effort it takes to do these things.

Well maybe next time he should just lie to you all and say "Help me get a phone and I'll root it" Then release the exploit a couple days later. Then you all will be happy as little clams and throw your money his way. Atleast he was honest about what he has and what he would like to get in return. The fact that over half goes to a great charity should be enough for you all to keep your mouths shut. Obviously this is not the case. The self entitlement of this community makes me ashamed to admit I am part of it.

If people complain about donations simply post a simple video in YouTube of the exploit working and tell the complaining community you won't ever release it and they should find a way themselves.

And yet when we gave pre-release access to our (Team Hydro's) projects to donators everyone cried foul. Unlike Dan, we were simply trying to give something back to those generous enough to donate. He simply said no release till bounty is met. WTF.

The way Dan went about it is wrong, but on the other hand there certainly is a serious sense of self entitlement within the community that needs addressing.

I find some irony in this article. The article preceding this was talking about Google urging people not to root their phones if they intend to use Google wallet. Funny that right below it isa guide on how to root.