Motorola Droid 4 Manual

If you're eyeing the Motorola Droid 4 and want to pore over every inch of the smartphone before it goes on sale eventually, Motorola's made the Droid 4 user manual available for download. Probably the most useful part of the Droid 4 manual will be the bevy of customizations and security tweaks Moto's added. For a look at what you'll be getting hardware-wise, be sure to check out our Droid 4 hands-on from CES.

Download: Droid 4 manual; More: Droid 4 forums
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Droid 4 manual gives the ins and outs of Motorola's latest


Interested... although I'm not liking the part where I can't (easily) replace my own battery again. Why do manufacturers think this is such a smart move? Do that many people lose their batteries?

I don't think it has to do with losing batteries and I'm sure the manufacturers don't like missing the opportunity to sell spare batteries and extended capacity batteries. It likely has much more to do with making the phone thinner, smaller, lighter, and cheaper to manufacture.

No evidence that a non removable battery does any of that.

Mostly its just that its not necessary to change batteries any more with modern battery technology outlasting the useful life of the phone, and user coming to the conclusion that changing batteries mid day is simply not practical. Nobody does that.

Get rid of the battery door an you have way more places to put antennas and stuff.

I was told on another blog that it's because of the battery itself. Apparently because it doesn't have a hard external casing, they make it harder to remove to avoid it being damaged...not sure i buy it though.

M1 is right. I would rather wait till the DROID 4 Maxx comes out. It will be 5 months from now. The release date for the DROID 4 is in Feb. But not a specific day though. I really like the DROID 4 and Motorola is putting a move in putting larger batteries in its DROID Line. Its to keep the DROID phones a slim profile and there's no need to replace or have a back up battery. Motorola is keeping its promise to consumers that you can go more than a whole day at full charge using data and voice. And if you still drain your battery fast cuz of constant downloading and other online stuff then its obvious that consumers like these have no life or a teenager with an addiction to gadgets. "LOL" If you tend to use your DROID 4 for more than 4 years and want another battery more than likely you will have to send the phone to the manufacturer to get it replaced.