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Here's a question -- what's 18 months old, and still getting updates? The Motorola Droid 2, that's what. We just got a tip about an upcoming SOAK test for a new software release for the D2, which was launched in August of 2010. In Android-time, that makes it a dinosaur, and seeing Motorola still working on updates makes us happy inside. Let's be honest -- while the D2 is a bit shy of the current generation of amazing specs we're seeing on upcoming phones, it's still plenty capable and has a large following. And many users are still under their two-year contract. They deserve this sort of treatment. Nice work, Moto.

Granted, we have out doubts that this will be a major OS update, but bug fixes and security patches are the important issue -- a phone should work as advertised and have security holes patched as long as possible. 

Motorola makes it clear in their correspondence with potential testers that this is not for the Droid 2 Global, nor is it for the R2D2 model. Hopefully, they are next on the list. Other details are anybody's guess, we only know that there's going to be a test soon, and that Motorola is looking for members in good standing of their Feedback Network who are still sporting the Droid 2.

When more happens, we'll let you know. 

Thanks, anon!


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Droid 2 users, get ready for a new SOAK test


Moto seems to be going in order... X last week, D2 this week. 6 more weeks and we should see ICS on the RAZR :-p

This is part of that email:


Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We are inviting owners of the Motorola Droid 2 Global on Verizon to participate in an early preview of a new software release, and provide feedback. (Please note that this test is not for Droid 2 or Droid R2D2.) If you are not currently using a Droid 2 Global, please excuse and ignore this email.

Yes this is only for the global version. This is a soak test for selected members of the Motorola Feedback network and a selection of other randomly selected users. If all goes well itvwill be pushed to the masses a few days later

I can't help but think that Moto and Verizon are slowing down older phones to force customers to move to newer phones... specifically 4G phones!

Paranoid much?

Although Verizon is running a "leap day" special today, where you get an additional $100 off any 4G phone. That puts the Droid 4 at $99, which is probably cheaper than it'd be if I waited until April for my NE2 discount. Unless there's a general price drop in the next month or so. I may be upgrading my trusty old Droid 2 to a 4G phone today anyway. (The point being that LTE and a decent price will do far more to get people to upgrade than deliberately slowing down a phone that's nearly two years old anyway.)