Droid 2 specs

Update: Now we've seen these specs fall through before, but darned if it doesn't say "Global ready for use in over 40 countries." Sure sounds like a dual CDMA/GSM phone to us.

Update 2: Commenters are pointing out that the whole "ready for use in over 40 counties" is just a marketing thing for other nations that use CDMA. Might well be the case. Teases.

Let's face it, the Motorola Droid 2 has become the most leaked phone in the history of phones. Of that, we're pretty sure. So it comes as little surprise that we get Verizon's infomanager page, full of Droid 2 specs. Really nothing surprising here -- 5MP camera, 8GB of internal memory, 1GHz TI OMAP processor, Android 2.2, and so on and so forth. Oh, and look, there's that Aug. 12 launch date again. So it's pretty safe to say we'll see this guy on Thursday.


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Droid 2 specs all in one place


I'm not sure why they had to come out with a new Droid as quick as they did. They should have waited til about a month before Christmas and then they would have had record sales. I guess Droid sales were starting to drop so they needed something new to "spice" things up again.

i really don't think it's that quick at all. the thought behind it is the originally motorola droid is the highest selling phone. all the newer android devices being released on verizon has 1 think in common with the form factor, none of them have keyboards [except for the Ally, which is a lower end device]. all the phones are coming out with 1GHz proccessors, so forth and so on, but we can't neglect the customers that for some reason cannot live without a qwerty

All 3 of these processors are already out. Snapdragon is all over HTC, Hummingbird is on the Samsungs and the Droid X is running the TI OMAP.

I think it's safe to say the OMAP is king. But maybe I'm biased. :)

Seems like battery life and benchmarks agree that OMAP takes the cake at least for direct CPU. However, it won't be all about the megahertz for too much longer as full scale GPU implementations make their way into phones and promise to optimize graphics and allow for smoother UIs with less battery use.

They need to get a battery monitor co-processor already, so it will be possible to more accurately track power usage. For developers this is absolutely essential; having a guess-meter tell you "x app is using 14% of your battery for some unknown time range" is really not practical unless you just want a number to complain about...

LOL, gotta love that. "3G Mobile Hotspot Capable Yes". Because the original droid is not capable right? Not five minutes ago my friend had his laptop wirelessly tethered to my Droid OG.

What does "Global Ready for use in over 40 countries" exactly mean? Does it mean that we over here in Germany can use that smartphone, too?
Is it a GSM phone, or what? At Verizon??? O_o' Have thought they only have CDMA devices!?! That would be incredible, because otherwise we had to wait for more then 3 month to get the Droid 2 aka. Milestone 2 as GSM version here in germany, if not a few months longer...

not GSM. they are talking about other countries with CDMA capabilities where the phone will function in on verizon's network via partnerships from what i understand

That would be CDMA international roaming.$$$$$$$$$$$$$=OUCH! Verizon calling their CDMA-only phones "international" is so misleading.

it's only misleading when you keep a rigid perspective that international must be gsm. USA isn't the only country that supports CDMA. verizon assumes (especially with web sites like androidcentral) that people are more knowledgeable. you may look at it as misleading, but maybe you should look at it as maybe big red is giving people a little more credit as to how smart the average consumer is starting to get.

They use the term "Global" for a CDMA-only phone which is a huge no-no if you ask me (or anyone else who travels internationally). They need to just say "CDMA technology available in 40 countries yadda yadda" instead of saying "Global" which it certainly is NOT. That is just like saying an old tube TV with progressive scan is "HD Ready", just because you could plug a HD cable box into it. It's still not HD, it just happens to work (and look crappy). If a phone is CDMA *and* GSM (like my BB) then you can call it global. Not trying to be elitist, just trying to keep the marketing jargon legitimate.

I miss my physical keyboard so much that I am actually considering exchanging my X for this. We shall see what Thursday brings.....

whoa whoa wait, slow down. it is NOT A GSM/CDMA phone. by 40 countries, they are talking about other countries with cdma that verizon works in. if you look at the current price tags with specs in verizon stores, you will notice a lot of their phones now say the whole 40 countries thing too.

@omgtek Thank you for your (depressing) answer! As a German I can only refer to that fact with "scheisse!". :-)

lol don't worry, even though i am a vzw dealer, i still have a lot of respect for the need for GSM models. sorry for the disappointment

Well actually verizon does have a limited amount of gsm phones i believe my last phone before i went android was the winmo samsung saga which did have a vodaphone sim card

Interesting that it says "Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS with Motorola Application Platform". Could this mean little if any MotoBlur presence? The model number is A955 after all, while other Blur phones have been MBXXX

EDIT: nevermind, Devour was A555.

have you seen their device called Mifi? it has the same capabilities as that. You provide wireless internet for up to 5 different wifi enabled devices. so lets say you have like, for instance, an iPad. you can just turn on the Mobile Hotspot feature on the phone, and you can use the wifi signal that it is broadcasting for the iPad for an internet connection.

This coming from a country that has a baseball 'word series' that consists of a maximum of 2 countries lol.
Wish this really was a 'world' phone so I could get one here in the UK :)

*points at the update* great to see a forum where the people who run it actually go through comments =D i <3 android central

I think it was joebob that said it was five minutes ago his friend tethered his laptop wirelessly on the Droid og. I'm still a noob trying to figure out how to tether it wirelessly. How did you do it?