Droid 2 pricing

Droid 2 pricing

The Droid 2 has been no secret agent, with leaked pictures and information coming out every day. One of the most recent leaks has been the release date, which is still rumored to be Aug. 12 -- this Thursday. Pricing for the phone has been spotted in a Best Buy, leaving us with little information to wonder about when it actually is released. 

It appears from the pictures that the Droid 2 will be $199 with a 2-year contract and $599 without one. On a related note, Verizon's website is now saying the original Droid is "Out of Stock." Is this a coincidence or timed perfectly with the impending Droid 2 launch?

Now that you know pretty much everything there is to know about the new member of the Droid family, is it enough to entice you? [Engadget]

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Maxlowry123 says:

I wonder what they are going to announce that hasn't been leaked.

davidnc says:

I wonder if we get froyo released this week then :/

gwtiff54 says:

No I would rather stick with the BiG bAD "X".

Who cares, evo is better.

not spec wise my friend (cpu and gpu).

KQCrackberry says:

I think it's pretty much safe to say it's better in no way except 4G capabilities. the x even looks cooler. the circular buttons on the 4g = tacky.

DaveU2 says:

Thats a mighty coincidence that the original droid is "out of stock" just as a new one is about to be launched.

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Evo2DroidX says:


weasle543 says:

Huh...just checked VZW web site only to find I could buy an original droid and get one free. Pretty good deal for something that is supposed to be "out of stock"?

DInc were showing ship by 8/10
X's were showing ship by 8/25

thejke says:

I can't wait to get one of these. I started coming to this web site this summer and you have sold me on getting an android phone, and now it is finally almost time to get rid of my dumb phone and to get one of the best phones out there.

Swavek says:

i wouldn't mind getting a droid 2, but beyond being a faster phone it doesn't offer more than the original droid. It's not enough to warrant spending the extra $$.

bkrodgers says:

In my experience (at least when comparison shopping Sprint phones), Best Buy's "full" price is often higher than what the carrier charges for the unsubsidized version. Sometimes by a lot, like a hundred bucks or more. BB is great if you want a subsidized phone (as most people do), since you don't have to do rebates, but if you want to buy without signing a contract, the carrier is often a better bet. At least that's what I've seen with Sprint.