Seriously, the Droid 2 might just be the worst-kept secret in the mobile industry at this point. Add this onto the pile of leaks we have already seen, but now Droid-Life seems to have gotten their hands on a full copy of the phone's user guide. They have gone ahead and posted the entire thing for your viewing pleasure as a PDF.

Some notable finds:

  • Will launch with Froyo (which of course everybody's known for a while).
  • Is running the same its-not-blur-but-kinda-is skin that is on the Droid X (PhilBlur!)
  • Comes with Swype pre-loaded.

Click on the link to get the full scoop and lots of pretty pictures. [Droid-Life]

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yankees368 says:


Leif says:

"Is running the same its-not-blur-but-kinda-is skin that is on the Droid X (PhilBlur!)"

Everyone calls it not-blur, or motoblur without blur, etc. etc. I think if any part of motoblur should stay's blur, seeing as a bunch of default apps have blur in their names.

cr3amy says:

That whole thing is pissing me off. Dude... it's not "Blur" it's just "Blur 2.0". Christ all-mighty.

In much the same way... just because Samsung removed that stupid rotating cube, doesn't make it any less TouchWiz. Same thing.

Can we *please* just call it Blur 2.0?

MowDownJoe says:

I prefer to call it Blur Lite. All the tools of Blur, but less fattening.
And does anyone else feel that it's off that the sequel to the Droid, which rain stock 2.0, is not running stock 2.2?

cr3amy says:

To people like us, yes. To 99% of the lay-people using these products, no.

arundc says:

Sweet the footnote, Congratulations... :-)

-Happy Moto X owner

hotkoko says:

how bout 2.2 for droid 1

McNooberson says:

much nicer keyboard it seems. Looks ally-esque in the depth.

and i don't know if it's possible, but it looks like it weighs less. much more sleek.

Laalipop says:

Kind of a drag for me, I just want the same Droid phone I have now with a better processor and the 720p Camera just because I know they can do it.

JohnnyACE562 says:

Is the Vanilla Android experience officially dead on Motorola?


How big do you think the screen is???

StuRoid says:

The phones physical attributes are almost identical to the original droid, there was a video somewhere a little while ago with droid 1 and 2 together and just some cosmetic changes on the top. So screen is still 3.7"

StuRoid says:

Have there been any leaks or rumours of an international or European version of this like the Milestone?

ceriem says:

Since this runs almost the same blur as the X, I'm guessing there are good chances we'll see Froyo for the X launch around the same time this guy goes live?

bladerunn3r says:

Why didn't moto just give it an official name? Like ninja blur? that was a cool name.

Wow ... nice phone but ahh NOT so0 Epic ;)... cute [hone for u girly men out there...

Kodros says:

Oh, so that's where the touchscreen is at!

Davest says:

Looks like I'm probably going to have my Droid 1.0 for a long time. The only compelling (to me) feature that's missing is a front-facing camera, and there's no hardware-keyboard phone yet that has one. I'm definitely not going to change to a phone (like the X) that won't accept modified ROMs. Is there any official word on whether the 2 will be locked down as tightly?

graymulligan says:

You do know your droid didn't accept modified Roms when it launched too, right? Sorry, I'm just so sick of this whole "OMG, the phone suxors because it can't be haxored" thing. It'll happen, it will just take longer than it does with some other phones.

That being said, I like the incredible better than the X, the X is too big to pocket/holster comfortably.

ShaneOryan says:

maybe to big to look cool holstering but it is unnoticeable and comfortable in my pocket

evomyhero says:

Looking at this the Droid 2 and gotta ask... Why?