Droid 2 Global - Coming November 29th

Sadly, all you timezone-jumping Android users out there will have to wait just a bit longer for your Droid 2 Global.  Contrary to what we previously heard, the Droid 2 Global now has been given a launch date of November 29th.  Device launches frequently fall victim to the dreaded one- or two-week delay, and our deepest condolences go out to any of you that are waiting for Motorola's premiere quad band GSM Android phone.

To make the sting a bit less painful, you can go into any Verizon Wireless store tomorrow and preorder yours, though you can't get it in stores until November 29.


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Droid 2 Global -- ready to travel planet Earth on November 29th

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Can't wait to try this phone out. I'll definitely have a tough decision between this and the Merge. HTC is notorious for bad processors and camera optics. We'll have to see what they're putting in these new devices. I hear the processors are much, much better. I am in desperate need of an update from the Eris.