Curious what the Droid 2 world phone (also being referred to as the Droid Pro or "Global" edition) looks like? Droid Life got their hands on the CDMA-GSM device, and it looks like it's got a new paint scheme to go with it. No word yet on any other new features, though the ability to take this kid overseas is going to sit pretty with a good number of business-types, we reckon. Couple of more pictures at the source. [Droid Life]


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Droid 2 world phone breaks cover, shows off new paint job


Not sure about the sears grey. Have to see in person. Actually its the battery door cover that looks off color. The body looks great. Still gonna keep my X until lte droids are available. Enjoy globetrotters.

Maybe it looks better closed? Or the final addition might come with a white/silver/pearl keyboard. Whatever color that is. Me thinks pearl, looks looks kinda metallic.

Even with keyboard closed, the top of the phone is black, bottom white.

Its like they couldn't make up their mind.

Still, unless you travel routinely I just don't see anyone buying this for personal use. You need a CDMA contract PLUS a sim. It remains unclear if you can just buy an In Country Sim or if Verizon will lock you down to one of their plans.

Holy crap! I just saw this phone yesterday on the PATH in NJ! I was staring at it since I never saw a white Droid before. Must have been a tester with Motorola. Wow!

If its true this has a 1.2GHz processor, this will be my next Android Phone.

Why so many choices from VZW??!??!? But that's not a bad thing. :-)

Would a "world phone" like this work on an at&t sim or does it not have the correct bands for that?