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If you're rocking a Moto G but are sorely missing the Drive Mode enjoyed by its big brother, Moto X, an update is in the works. Motorola's Punit Soni, in a live hangout this afternoon, said it's in the works.

"We want to make sure that all the power of that platform shows up on Moto G. Making sure to enable Drive Mode is part of that. It's not there yet, but it's in our plan to be."

Drive Mode is part of Motorola Assist. It senses when you're driving and will read certain incoming notifications to you and allow for easy auto-replies. (It also kicks in when you're in the passenger seat or are taxiing on an airplane.)


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Drive Mode planned for Moto G


The phone senses when you are driving and can be set to read text messages to you. You can also reply with your voice. You can have an entire conversation without laying a finger on your phone. It works extremely well and is one of the coolest features on the Moto X

Eclipsed Moto X

Omg. Yes moto. I was sad when this wasn't in moto assist app. They really care. Now if only they can get the Google camera to support photosphere. Now I can get a blue tooth speaker for my car.

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From what I have read in other forums the moto G lacks a gyroscope which the Google 360 photosphere needs to take 360 photos.

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