Droid X lock screen

A leaked version of 2.2 for the Droid X emerged recently, and a good many of us have given it a shot. (You can watch our own hands-on here.) But, understandably, a good many of you are waiting for the official update from Verizon and Motorola.

But if you want the improved look of the lock screen and don't want to run the risk of upgrading to a possibly unstable version of Froyo, Android Central Forums member chaluxedeluxe has us covered, packaging it into an easy-to-install .apk file. Get it all at the source link. [Android Central ForumsThanks Ryne!


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Droid X Android 2.2 lock screen now available for Droid X's with 2.1


"But if you want the improved look of the lock screen" What's so improved about it? I honestly don't know who would want that, it looks horrible compared to the Droid X's 2.1 lock screen.

I actually had my lock screen disabled when I installed the 2.2 and I no longer have the lock screen any longer. not sure this will help you or not... Funny enough I am not sure how to get my lock screen back now that they removed that from the settings.

I had the same lag on 2.1 so it don't matter. didn't like the green on 2.1 so the froyo is better for me.

Yea come my 2.2 official update im gonna be requesting a 2.1 lockscreen from him i don't like it at all.

Doesnt even install on the phone ??? waste of time and it is very ugly comoared to the stock unlock screen

you have to load it on to your phone via adb into the system's framework. PM me for requests or how to use adb to get this on your phone.

Instructions say install a simple apk file ? That's what I did as I have many other things ! Doesn't install and system prevents it from installing

I like it because I missed my droid 1 lock screen that let me set the phone to vibrate from the lock screen. The droid x 2.1 screen only did silent.

How do I get back to the default 2.1 lock screen if I want?
The lock screen for 2.2 is buggy as hell.