Android Central Pebble watch face

If you've got a Pebble smartwatch, you're probably already known as a stylish, discerning person. We know how you feel. And to that end, our own Jerry Hildenbrand — both stylish, discerning and one hell of a dancer — has whipped up an Android Central-branded Pebble watch face, featuring our beloved mascot, Lloyd!

Installing is a simple endeavor.

  1. Using your phone, visit this link to download the .pbw file.
  2. Hit OK to the dialogs that pop up — better to be safe than sorry, we say — and that's it! It's installed! 

Now just select the watch face on your Pebble, and walk down the street with extra confidence, a spring in your step and the knowledge that you're among the elite Pebble owners.

And you can find more great Android Central downloads in our aptly named downloads section!

And if you want to create your own Pebble watchface, we recommend using the excellent!


Reader comments

Download the Android Central Pebble watch face!


Yes a head shot of Phil and Jerry for the background on my phone. #creepy#

Posted via Android Central App

Cool, but you guys should cover an Android based watch... Omate TrueSmart is awesome and funded on Kickstarter and still taking pledges at very reasonable price for what you get.

Posted via AC App on HTC One GPe

U mad Lloyd? U mad? Tell 'em why you mad, son! TELL 'EM WHY YOU MAD!

Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini

I pre ordered back in January and still haven't received confirmation of an order. I went to Best Buy when they started stocking it.

Posted via Android Central App