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doubleTwist Podcast

Another complete podcast manager choice

doubleTwist has updated their Android app, bringing some great new features for folks who use it to listen to their favorite podcasts.

Today's new features are all available in the free, ad-supported mode, but of course are also available for premium customers. Here's the list of what's new:

  • Added related podcasts for many popular podcasts. These appear when you scroll to the bottom of the list of episodes on a particular podcast, although not all feeds have related podcasts.
  • Added podcast episode sorting options, so users can browse by chronological or reverse-chronological order.
  • Added support for password protected podcasts.
  • Added support for adding podcasts manually via URL, so that users can subscribe to podcasts that are not in the doubleTwist directory.

There are also a couple of features that aren't podcast-related — better Apple TV detection for easier sharing, and the ability to delete a song from the overflow menu.

A whole lot of Android users love doubleTwist, and features like these are the reason why. Give it a look by clicking the Google Play link at the top of the post.


Reader comments

doubleTwist updated with great podcast features, even in the free version


I Love Double Twist...they are the only reason I could make the switch easily over from Apple (because I love ITunes and have all my stuff in there) ....
But now GOOGLE HAS SCREWED Double Twist by not letting them use the SD Card with the infamous 4.4 KitKat.
Double Twist...Please figure away around their Un-Ruley control

For podcast lovers like me there is non other than Pocket Casts. Beautifull with sync between devices.

One thing about Doubletwist and 98 percent of all other music apps for mobile which dissapoint me so much, is the lack of support for playing audio from home-cloud (smb/cifs) and cloud-providers. Especially a must when not having a sd-card option. In 2014 every music app just should have that period.

Playing all my flacs at home via smb of my WDTV Live or PC's. Outside home mp3's via cloud providers (free accounts Google Drive, OneDrive and Box= 35 Gb).

Fairly decent working apps as far as I could find now only:
.For smb ArmAmp (very user friendly, but ancient looks), Neutron (user unfriendly UI) XenoAmp (user unfriendly UI), BsPlayer (ugly UI)
.For cloud services ArmAmp, Beat (beautifull UI, but heavy on recources), BubbleUpNP

There were others hardly working or very lacking (no lockscreen control, etc.). But if I missed a great music-app with full cloud support (home and services), I would love to hear.

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