DoubleTwist, the popular desktop syncing client and elegant phone music player app, has announced a plethora of fantastic stats, immediate updates and future plans for its software. First off, its mobile and desktop (Mac and PC) apps have been hugely successful as they are set to hit 500,000 and 1 million users, respectively, in September. You may be wondering why that second number is so much higher; this is because DoubleTwist also allows syncing with devices like the PSP and both Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phones.

A completely new and revamped website is intended to become "the of Android" and will be adding support for Amazon's MP3 Music Store "later in the fall" on top of its current podcast and Android app offerings. The site will also feature the ability to install apps to your phone directly from the website similar to AppBrain. In addition, users of the Mac and PC desktop clients get a new update that features faster syncing (finally!) and improved library management. To update, simply launch your DoubleTwist client and it should check automatically, or you can find the manual update button under File (Windows) or doubleTwist (Mac). 

Finally, the Android app will be receiving a major update in September to allow use of FM Radio (if your phone already has this feature, one would assume) and the ability to sync over WiFi (!!!). [DoubleTwist]


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DoubleTwist announces a bevy of new and upcoming features


"A completely new and revamped website is intended to become "the of Android" and will be adding support for Amazon's MP3 Music Store "later in the fall" on top of its current podcast and Android app offerings."

Oh great, another iTunes that also only runs on MS-Windows and MacOS. Happy happy joy joy!

I'm sad to see this.

People need to be disabused of this notion you need a desktop application to manage your phone. Its so Apple.

Well, the Nexus One has an FM radio chip in it. I'd like to see how the turn it on short of an actual firmware update.

i wonder if the update made this program less slow... i have used it before and i uninstalled it because it loaded everything extremely slow

LMAO... the reason I left DT before was because it took HOURS to sync music and videos. If Apple can do it, why can't anyone else?

Actually if you read the forums, a lot of people had this issue with the previous version and i contacted them and told me that, that issue would be resolved with this version and ALAS we are here and they were right. Point being try out the new version before you knock it !! :) happy green roboting

Awe cute pic of the family! The husband (Droid X) stands with the wife (Evo) and their little robot friend. :)

Doubletwist is a nice program but the problem is (at least on the droid inc), that to use the phone as a media player and as a phone it really needs to have the app on the lock screen like the stock htc music player especially if you want to change songs while driving you don't want to be unlocking and flipping through screens. It'd be nicer if you could set the volume keys to change songs rather than volume as well. The crappy thing about the stock htc player is that it's shuffle is lame and you can get the same sone 2 or three times in 20 mins of listening. So not a real iPod or other music device replacement sadly.

Yes. A music lock screen app is a must. Without this function, every other media player is not complete. That's the sole reason I stick with the stock player on my Inc.

I really like MixZing and the paid version has lock screen controls. Free version has a trial of the lock screen controls if you wanna try it out.

I have liked other 3rd party music players out there but the lack of lock screen control is a the deal breaker in switching.

I got the update this afternoon and......still cant delete a source... my way remove the app reinstall and go again. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I can't see any other way.

I tried using this and didn't like it. It was slow, clunky, and the playlist capabilities were weak. Currently I use MediaMonkey to sync but it's not without its problems either.

I don't get it. Why does anyone need anything to sync? Just plug your phone into the computer! No program needed!... eh...

Only reason I was interested, is cuz I thought it would simplify conversion of video to a compatible format. It would have been fine, except DT REQUIRES that your phone remain connected from start to finish, which is retarded. It took over 3 hours to convert a couple gigs of music and video and copy it to my f-ing SD card.

I can just see it now...

BREAKING NEWS: Google acquires DoubleTwist!!

Welcome to Google Music. The Gingerbread Eagle has landed.

(this is just hypothetical, don't get excited)


I just recently ditched iTunes after the annoyance of loosing all my settings when I moved all my music to an external hard drive. They change the way you relocate music with every update.

However, I hadn't really been too impressed with doubleTwist, seeing that it's missing out on some key features. No mini-player view, instead you get this hulky separate box that acts as the player. Poor options for setting up playlists. Pretty much the things I actually did like about iTunes didn't even come close with this app.

So for now, it's Winamp for me, unless I find a better alternative.

If your on an iPhone why are you even wasting your time commenting on an ANDROID product ?. You must be lost !!

ehh, I use Linux anyways and my default media player (Rhythmbox) works just fine for me and my girls iPhone aswell. There's iTunes in my house, so why would I want an iTunes clone?

I fell for their last update and Android app...not gonna happen again. Sorry, but this app is pure junk, I don't know how it gets to so much praise from Engadget and Android Central. It's horribly slow, clunky and their Android app is sub-par to default player.

It does sync much faster now. I was getting an error syncing at first but after a fresh install it is much quicker.

they've been saying it'll sync on Wi-Fi ("it has the wi-fi's" haha) for a good long while now.
i'll believe it when it updates.
til then i'll stick with iSyncr

I tried Doubletwist in an effort to escape the clutches of iTunes when I got my Nexus One earlier this year. I wasn't a big fan of it; it seemed clunky, had no way to edit mp3 tags, no smart playlists, album art was consistently wrong or missing, and I still couldn't sync wirelessly. I found the best solution for me was to keep on using iTunes even though it was bloated. I bought the Tunesync App on the Android store which allowed me to wirelessly sync my phone. It worked wonderfully. I see no reason to switch at this time unless Doubletwist adds what seems to be a plethora of features. MP3 tag support, native smart playlists, less buggy album art, & wifi syncing. Also, I wish they would cut it out with the "itunes for android" marketing. It's condescending considering most people switched to android partially to get away from itunes.

Nice update, but it's still mostly useless to me until they enable podcast subscriptions for their Mac version, which even with this update is lacking. :-(

I'll stick with Samsung Kies and Songbird.

As far as music managers go Songbird is the best I have come across and will sync with almost any device. I refuse to ever install iTunes on any of my computers.

I listen mostly to podcasts and DT's "Subscription" management is terrible, so unless that gets updated, I'll pass.