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The folks from DoubleTwist have announced a major milestone for their company. People all over the world are now making use of their app daily to listen to music, view videos and take in podcasts -- 2 million of them in fact. To celebrate the milestone they're having a sale, doubleTwist Player in-app upgrades, AirSync and doubleTwist Alarm Clock are all on sale right now for 50% off their original price. Congrats to doubleTwist on their achievements, now hit the link below to grab yourself some of their apps!

DoubleTwist Apps In The Google Play Store


Reader comments

DoubleTwist announces 2 million daily active users, celebrates with special app sale


So can I sync ONLY checked music yet? If not, it's not even worth the download as this has been asked NUMEROUS times by doubletwist users.

Doubletwist does suck. No FLAC support at all. I would have to convert most of my music to mp3 (using a different program, as Doubletwist has no way to convert) just so I can load it into a fake looking iTunes, so I can then sync it with my phone. The app needs to be versatile enough to do what I want, not be so constricting I need to bend to it's will.

Sadly there is no good option to wirelessly sync music to a phone. The only other option is Winamp. But Winamp does not support wireless sync of FLAC. Even when it's app will play it, PC and Android alike. Another problem with Winamp is that the wireless sync does not let you pick what folder to sync to. This is a problem on some Galaxy S devices as it syncs to the internal memory and not the SD card. Currently there is no way to fix that. You can pick where to sync on Winamp if you hook up to the pc with a USB. But this still will not sync FLAC files, it only transcodes them.

There is still no real options when it comes to wireless sync on Android unless you fit in the very confined guidelines of what these apps allow you to do.

I'm pretty happy with doubletwist myself. I don't use FLAC files though.

The wireless sync works wheel.enough for my needs. The podcast option works fine and I like the alarm clock too. To me they make pretty good quality apps. My only gripe is everything being ad-ons but I also have the choice to buy or not as well.

DoubleTwist player was the first ever app that I paid for and I enjoy it so very much!

I downloaded the Alarm Clock app and thought it was amazing and the ability to use songs for waking up is amazing. The other apps in the Play Store don't compare and I hope DoubleTwist keeps up their good work.

I love the clean sync capabilities of doubletwist. No FLAC support is a pain in the rear and I hope they address that in coming versions. Still, all in all, it's the best syncing app I've used.