Adayo AN6B01

One of the best things about software being open-sourced is that it can be used in a variety of ways, and that is something we have definitely seen with Android. From appearing on devices, to smart style watches, kitchen appliances and now car radios, the possibilities are pretty endless. Double din car radios have become increasingly popular, and as of late we have seen them begin to run various applications like Pandora and others, but never really seen a whole operating system running on one.

Well, meet the Adayo AN6B01, a double din car radio that runs Android 2.2 as well. Featuring a 6.2-inch 800x480 resolution display, this unit packs a Cortex A8 1GHz processor as well to power the software, and also has access to Google Applications, so you will be able to access the market. Coming in at $650, justifying this purchase may take a little doing. This price is smack in the middle of most double dins, and while you may sacrifice a name brand you gain the Android portion. Pretty sweet unit for you Android and car fanatics, will you be picking one up?

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Double din car radio's can run Android too


I agree, if you already have an amp and speakers, and your tablet has GPS, or you have a tether to a separate GPS. This stereo is all-in-one, and I'm sure you can tether your phone for handsfree using it.

Having tried my hand with these Chinese systems (two of them), I'd be wary of buying one until they get some US warranty support. You have to buy it, pay customs, and if a warranty problem occurs and they actually accept your claim, you ship back to them overseas at your expense, then they may find nothing wrong and you are out a stereo for weeks at a time. If you return it for problems for a refund, you may get your $ back, minus your shipping from the original purchase and for the return.

If they don't have a domestic presence, just say NO, unless you have money to spend for toys. I'm with the other guy who said he'd rather have a 2DIN dock for his Android, or I'd rather build my own custom job.

That is what I use to have set up in my truck. I had my Xoom with a flush mount so it looked somewhat stock in the dash, give or take a 1/2". Had 4G and could stream via bluetooth, use my GPS on a huge screen, and everything else. It was great.

Sounds very interesting, I just wonder if you need a data plan. If it has WiFi then I can just tether. I also need to see it in person and see how well it actually works.


Nice to see some action in this regard, but what I really want is a 2DIN dock for my Android handset so I can use it as nav, media player, etc.

Im actually building this. A 7" touch screen that controls my phone that will be docked into the center console.

If I can root it and put CM9 on this then I will buy one. But to buy this at $650 and for it to have 2.2 Froyo - no thanks! Since this is a no name product it won't see any updates and will probably run 2.2 for it's entire life.

Perhaps, but if you're using the radio for apps that are available in the Google Play Store (which this has access too) most apps are optimized for Gingerbread to ICS. Froyo is a 2.5 to 3 year old OS which is lacking many features that would make this "Car Radio" a better "Car Radio".

I recently decommissioned my Froyo phones but truth be told, other than Chrome and a few ICS-specific launchers, there weren't that many apps from the Play Store that wouldn't run because the phone had Froyo. I guess Gingerbread would've been better and ICS the best, but for what it is (a car radio), Froyo is still an OK choice.

There are about a dozen "brands" of these Android head units and it really seems like they are all coming from the same Chinese manufacturer. Pretty much everywhere I've read about people actually using them have had some serious usability issues with long startup times and large amounts of lag. Ca-Fi ( ) is probably the most fleshed out of these places I've seen as they have a bunch of custom vehicle facades, but ultimately it's the same internals that just don't cut it. I'm personally waiting for the Sony XAV-701HD and a phone with Mirror Link so I don't even need to worry about the software in the head unit. I think Alpine is bringing a Mirror Link set late this year or next as well and I read something about the Clarion Mirage Android setup for later this year too. Bottom line is I would stay far far away from the types of head units in the article and wait for a mirror link setup.

The last thing I need is a laggy stereo unit. I will probably wait until there is development of better hardware/software to make these run smoother.

Um...why would it be laggy? All it is running is an MP3 player and maybe a clock. You don't need a lot of horsepower for that to run very smoothly.

Dynavin is another brand that makes Android head units. They have been pretty well received. I've contemplated buying it, i just wish there was a decent review on it. Android Central should review these.

I like the idea, but I might consider a head unit that utilizes my phone like the Pioneer AppRadio 2(SPH-DA100). Maybe Android Central could review and compair?
Keep in mind that the Pioneer solution only comes with an iPod 30 pin plug; this makes me wonder if the experience would be less than great when compaired to the iPhone capabilities. You will need to purchase a sperate MHL plug as it is not provided; not sure if there is a Samsung SIII MHL version yet.

What do you think?
A Head unit with Android built-in an possibly limited support or Pioneer AppRadio 2 (SPH-DA100) that may have limited app integration?

Ha! we put this up at the same time lol. Well I've had it in for about a week now and I like it so far. Although more compatible apps are for Iphone then Android but word is is that Pioneer is going to be bringing them along. I've had limited use of the unit so far but overall I'm very happy.

I just bought the Pioneer Appradio 2 I think it has lots of potential that's if Pioneer keeps up on development.

Hey Bigsike can you give us some of your impressions so far with the Appradio2? I have been thinking about buying it but wonder if its worth it. Does BT work for music? When BT for phone does it show contact info like pictures?

I honestly haven't tried just streaming via BT. I've only had the phone connected via the cable/mhl adapter that you have to buy separately it's call the "Android kit" I believe. When a call comes in you get a basic pop up saying answer or deny nothing special but again I truly haven't played with it as much as I should have by now. If there is anything else you would like to know just ask.

of the 6 i have installed, 5 have had major glitches that, and they just recalled a sh!t load of them for software issues where they freeze up. great idea, poorly implemented. when you look at its price point, even with all of its bugs it is probably still worth it considering these thing going in, your really getting a lot for the money, however i would rather have seen pioneer make it a couple of hundred dollars more and ironed out off of the bull shit that they are starting to be known about. people who buy top tier phones dont usually tend to be the type looking for an entry level stereo, expecially when you consider a car is a much bigger investment than a phone is and most people will have the radio over a few phones life times.

Hey Bigsike can you give us some of your impressions so far with the Appradio2? I have been thinking about buying it but wonder if its worth it. Does BT work for music? When BT for phone does it show contact info like pictures?

I think for the type of crowd this would appeal to, they'd be better off releasing it based on CM9, froyo 2.2 kills it.
That would also solve the update issues.
If they released another version with better hardware I'd be interested.

Pretty happy with sync and MyFordTouch. Sure it doesn't have Android on it but when paired with my phone, it's pretty seamless. Don't see the point of a head unit actually running Android.

This wouldn't get a buy from me at that price point and with it running Froyo. I rather just stick to using my phone with a aux cable running to the unit.

Wouldn't this be super annoying seeing as how it takes approximately 1.5 minutes to boot up android (maybe longer if it is underpowered)? I don't forsee being patient enough to wait 1.5 minutes everytime I start up my car so that I can load the correct podcast.

your absolutely crazy, not only have i owned many different brands of in dash nav and entertainment systems but i sell and install them all day long, when the pioneer AVIC's where the first systems using flash drives instead of DVD disc and running windows in the back ground, their 45 second to 1 minute start up time was a real shocker and huge problem for them, as most systems seemed like they took forever for a 20 to 30 second boot up time, and is why most brands still dont like to take over 30 seconds.

Android cold boots & wi-fi tethers to my phone in 25 seconds w/ this head unit.

I added a pic of me streaming the Android Central Google I/O podcast using BeyondPod. Works great and can save audio/video podcasts to the external SD so you don't even need to tether once sync'd from Wi-fi.

Hey, I just bought this unit and I'm getting ready to install it. Do you have yours connected to the steering wheel controls? If so, what adapter did you use?

No, I don't have steering wheel controls wired up because I already have Vol + and Vol - run through my car's primary head unit.

The Android 2 din is a secondary source in my car that feeds the AUX IN of my car's OEM stereo.

Crutchfield would be a great place to check for car stereo parts and adapters if you're going to be running this head unit by itself. I wouldn't completely switch over myself until I can get SiriusXM (service blocked to unknown Android devices) and HD radio completely integrated.

Whats up guys!! I just purchase this unit from otto navi. Saw their youtube It was this unit or Appradio2 from pioneer which is $100 cheaper but I rather get a full radio and pay $100 more. I swear this K1 Adayo AN6B01 unit is a pioneer. It look just like their other models. Its a very nice unit and the user interface is smooth just like the top brand, the only that that bug me is that I cant use navi without being connected to the wifi. I tether the wifi to my EVO but it get annoying after awhile. I down load the free Sygic map but for some reason I cant open the apps. I dont know if im doing something wrong or its just a wrong app for my unit. All the other GPS apps I need to pay for it. Once I figure how to root it than I can get a better handle on it. As of right now its a nice unit. It can do so much but can get dangerous while driving. Got the head rest monitor hook ill be streaming youtube and pandora all day. Im in my car a lot so I got to be comfortable. If anyone else have this unit let me know what else I can download or do to make it better and if there is a crack, holla at your boy!

- The Real Mike Jones >=/
-Pimping in 2010 Chevy Tahoe

Hey, great to hear from someone else using a AN6B01. I use the built-in iGo app for offline navigation... it's OK and at least it boots quickly. Looks better than Honda's built-in GPS becauses it does have a 3D view mode, but the maps aren't super detailed, and entering addresses is a pain in the a$$.

The iGo navi app .apk and the iGo maps were an option to be pre-loaded on the 4gb microSD card for these units before they are sold to customers. But the unit I got from eBay definitely had a bootleg iGo app that kept crashing. Once I installed the full licensed app, it started working fine. It integrates itself into the vehicle's special app bar (radio, AUX in, rear camera, etc.)

I purchased a Chinese version the Otto android and it boots up and then crashes when loading the android screen could anyone help me out on how to fix this or reboot it I hit the reset button on the front it doesn't help and tried disconnecting the battery cables to see if it would reset. Is there any way to hard reset like an android phone I haven't rooted this radio it's stock . Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks

Hey guys, I just stumbled on this site by doing a search for double din android car stereos. I've been building car audio systems for 16 years, 6 of which were for a professional audio shop. If anyone hasn't noticed, this "no name" brand is actually a rebuilt Kenwood double din (possibly a DDX512 or something similar)

If this is the case then you have Kenwood internals with an Android OS. I plan on doing some more research on this but I like what I see so far. What I'd really like to know is if this or any future units will have the ability to interface with my phone for nav updates, OS updates, hands free calls(blutooth) and music transfer from my droid to HU.

bought myself a 2DIN Radio with Android OS 2.3 on it and it is working quite good. It is from and it has a 7′ capacitive screen, ODB2 and many other cool apps. Anyway the Ca-Fi people are cleaning out their stock and the old units they sell are pretty much the same as this one from Adayo and they sell them for 599.00 $ + a world wide shipping rate of 29.00 $.

How to know what is the Double Din Radio Operating System?
How To Install Android in a None-Branded Double Din Radio?

Thank you....

We have android 4.2.2 Car stereo: you may visit us at and contact us at for technical support.

• CPU: Mstar786 ARM dual Cortex A9, 1GBHz
• 2DIN 7/8/10-inch WVGA digital TFT LCD (800 x 480 pixels or 1024*600 pixels)
• High-quality Capacitive screen
• ROM: 8GB iNAND (16GB is ready for option)
• O S: Android 4.2.2
• Double support GPS and GLONASS,Navigation function which can use free Google online Map or free offline Map
• 9 bands EQ settings
• Built-in DVD player, inhaled car special chipset
DVD loader: DL-30
Car grade DVD pick-up: Hitachi 1200XH
DVD solution: Sun-plus 8202TQ
• Built-in radio PLL tuner with 36 FM/12 AM presets
FM frequency: 65 to 74, 76 to 90, 87.5 to 108.0MHz
AM frequency: 522 to 1,620, 530 to 1,710kHz
• Maximum output: 4 x 50W, RMS output: 4 x 40W
• Access Internet by 3G or Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth: phonebook, A2DP (play music in cell-phone via Bluetooth), AVRCP (audio video remote control profile), wireless handsfree
• DVB-T, ISDB ready, compatible with PAL/NTSC/SECAM format
• Support iPod /iPhone (audio/video playback, charge)
• Support Parking break control
• Support rotary volume control
• Support Tele mute
• Rear camera input
• Steering wheel control function
• Illumination auto-dimmer
• Microphone internal and external switch
• Support 360° bird viewing parking, TPMS tire pressure monitor system
• Supports 2D/3D graphics accelerator
• Rich periphery port (Mico SD, Bluetooth, USB2.0 OTG, UART)
• Support formats on disc: DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, MP3, WMA,APE ,AVI, MPG, MP4
• Support formats on SD/USB: MP3, WMA, AVI, MPG, MP4, WAV, OGG, MID, WMV, ASF, FLV, 3GP, RM, RMVB, APE
• Working temperature: -20 to 70°C
Power supply: 12V DC
• Languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Polish, Hebrew
Other optional functions: SRS surround, iPhone/ iPad/iPod input, Geomagnetic, car driving recorder, OBD/OBDII,CAN BUS
Optional accessories: TV Tuner, 3G dangle, OBD II module, External microphone or as per customer required