Android Central Podcast 189

A quick reminder, folks, that you'll want to check out the audio-only version of our latest episode of the Android Central Podcast, as we've got a couple interviews that should be relevant to your interests.

First up is SwiftKey CMO Joe Braidwood, who walks us through the changes to one of Android's most popular third-party keyboards, as well as the company working on an iOS keyboard.

And then we've got Mobile Nations Design Director David Lundblad (he's amazeballs) on the line to talk about last week's controversial redesign of the Android Central header. (Well, controversial in the sense that some folks love it, and some don't. We know which group outnumbers the other, though, and you'll note that the header remains.) He talks about the decisions that went into the changes, and what's still to come.

You can check out both interviews here.


Reader comments

Don't miss two special interviews in this week's podcast!


I would prefer to have the interviews as separate recordings rather than part of the podcast in the future. Like to hear your opinions and discussions of things on the podcast, not interviews. Just my two cents. Thanks.

A vote FOR the header; and I LOVE how it changes based on where you are. Searched for Moto X and the header was all X all the time. Nicely done.

I like the header. Everyone else who does not can go somewhere else.

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That's about where I'm at sadly. The new header/design still doesn't work quite right in the stock browser on my Note 2 and 10.1. While it works ok in Firefox on my laptop, the whole look and feel of the site just doesn't work for me anymore. :( They can talk all they want about design, but to me it feels like trying to polish a turd.

Ok so I was wrong, thought the pic was a tab S 8.4 but it's not. Anyone know? Maybe a note 4 leak?
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