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Want to know a really cool way to ruin your octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4? Fiddling with the kernel so that all eight cores are active and overclocking (technically, underclocking as well) things to reach 2.8Ghz will do it. Android hacker DSWR managed to do just this, and he has the burnt board to show for it.

Yes, it's a bit crazy to purposefully do things you know will make your shiny new phone go belly-up, but in the name of science and hackery this is particularly awesome. DSWR was able to adjust the clock speeds on both sides of the big.LITTLE Samsung Exynos to the same frequency, and fool the phone into thinking it was in low power mode and performance mode at the same time.

While nobody will want to run this particular mod, things like this will give some great insight into hacking away at the new Exynos, which will lead to great things eventually. 

Jump into the forums, and thank and console DSWR for his work.

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Don't try this at home: Overclocking all 8 cores of the GT-I9500


The upcoming Snapdragon 800 SoC fabed on that .28nm silicon wafer is already running at 2,200 - 2,300 Mhz.. The 2nd batches ( Jan - Feb 2014 ) of silicon should be able to hit the 2,600 - 2,800 MHz barrier pretty easily..which will make the Superphones of 2013 (Note 3, One Max, Nexus 5, Sony Z Ultra Moto X?) really come to life early in 2014 once the ROMS / Kernels start to really take shape.. If I can get 1,836 Mhz out of my 1,512 Mhz Note with .45nm silicon, I know these much cooler running Snapdragon 800 chips are simply going overclock like monsters for those of us that know how to Root & Rom.. Can't wait..:-)

And that has to do what with the guy's Simpsons comment? Anything at all? Or are you just replying to the top guy so your comment gets seen since you were too late to get first.

Shut......up.. idiot.
Overclocking you fool.. They let any idiot come along and comment.. you dope.. there were already 13 comments posted you nerd.. Think before you type stupid.

Ok..since you want to be so precise.. replace the Moto with 2 other Superphones coming in a few months.. The S4"S" A.K.A. the REAL Galaxy S4.. with the Snapdragon 800 SoC and the HTC Butterfly... What the HTC One should have been all along.. Boy did buyers of the S4 & HTC One get burned.. but.. that's what happens when you buy in the spring.. knowing all the Superphones come out for the Holidays.

And the next spring the new Superphone will come out. The next gen Exynos, Tagra and Snapdragon will burned the Superphone from last year the holiday away.
Come on, just buy the phone that you like.

I am surprised there is no protection built into the processor to shut it down when it is clocked too high (which I assume made it really hot even if the phone didn't think it was running too fast). My PC has had this protection for as long as I can remember. I assumed the heat was the thing that would shut these down.

There's probably a couple layers of protection against it, which DSWR quickly negated when he built the custom kernel LOL.

I just hope it was spectacular until it fried :) I LOVE this sort of thing.

Neglect is my middle name:) There was protection against this, yes. I decided that I didn't like the idea, haha.

Had to be done, lol. Was to show off what I've done for people to see:) Just happens to work in multiple ways.

This is awesome!! I love when people are willing to sacrifice their stuff just to see how far it can be pushed.

Now I'm waiting for someone to try doing this along with a water-cooled hardmod! I'd love to see how long it could last

Next up: A SGS4 with a flux capacitor engine that can travel in time once all cores a running at 1.21 jigawatts.

Funny you should say that as my Nokia 3300 has just had the flux capacitor tuned. Perhaps after I go back in time for the old "new" old monster munch, I could fit it to an S4?

Hmm. I wonder if I can fit my phase change cooler on my phone? HeHe.

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Your post amused me. Made everything so worth it again. Yeah, the phone would normally shut down from heat but I overridden all that for these tests.

Yes I want video of the phone while it's running (flying), and pictures of the aftermath.

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Check the forum now. I got the phone as it is these days. I'm going to strip the phone down to try thermal paste on the chip, doubt it'll work though. I'm going to run the phone in again with vigorous testing as before with recording on my next attempt. Hopefully next weekend if all goes well:)

That is so damn awesome omg man jerry thanks for the kick ass posts all the time i have a quadcore so im never gonna get up there so far the highes safe clock i ran for a few days was at 2.1Ghz and that alone kind of scared me a little and still got over ten hours out of it with kernel settings.

Good stuff Jerry. He needs to do that in the freezer next time. Or in the liquid cooling goo.

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Forget your gold-plated HTC One, here's the Michael Bay edition SGS4. Available for a limited time only. VERY limited time....

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