Dolphin Browser Skitch and Evernote add-ons

The folks at Dolphin Browser, one of the most popular third party browsers for Android devices, have unveiled two new add-ons today -- Skitch and Evernote.  Both integrate seamlessly with the Dolphin Browser app, and look to be simple and elegant.  We love simple, especially when paired with elegant.  Using them is easy enough -- when you come across a page you'd like to share you just tap the icon in the Dolphin Browser sidebar (Skitch is a big pink heart, and Evernote is the elephant profile we all know and love) to send it to the correct app.  You can either grab the screen and annotate before you share it with Skitch, or clip a block of text to send to Evernote.  If you don't have the app itself installed, Dolphin will direct you to download it and get signed up.

The developers at Dolphin promise us a whole slew of great add-ons in 2012, and they're off to a great start with these two.  When something looks and runs well, and is useful, we're all for it.  Keep up the good work fellows!  We've got links to the Market for both add-ons below, check 'em out.

Source: Dolphin Browser

Download the Evernote add-on

Download the Skitch add-on


Reader comments

Dolphin Browser releases Skitch and Evernote add-ons


Those are no doubt nice addins. But before Dolphin relases any more they need an adblock plugin so that devices need not be rooted just to block ads while browsing. If they do not, when
firefox for android is finaly finished (say 2017), it will eat their lunch.

Right on. As of now it takes about 4 button presses before I get to the evernote app to add a note. Hopefully this can cut down on that, and if works at all like the full browser extensions I'll be pretty happy.

I installed this and now my home button in dolphin browser turned into an evernote icon, I can already access the evernote option from the left add ons pane. I want my home button back, I see no option to change it. This add on is gonna get uninstalled.