Drop what you're doing and vote for the Motorola Droid (now with Android 2.1!) versus the BlackBerry Tour in the Final Four of Smartphone March Madness. That is all. [Laptopmag]


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Do not let the BlackBerry Tour beat the Motorola Droid


Are you f-ing kidding me with the pre plus? How does a smartphone with broken GPS, shit handset, worthless keyboard even make it this far. This is a sad state of affairs.

Could it be the ingenious operating system that is webOS?

webOS is currently the best, most polished user interface out of any smartphone now, certainly giving it a reason to be so high up.

just because you might have had a bad experience with the pre, doesn't mean all of the handsets are crappy.

so go cry about it on an iGarbage forum

1) WebOS is very elegant and if that factors into your measurement of phone then the Palm gets points.
1b) Some people like the keyboard (I still find the palm keyboards the best hard keyboards out there. This is personal preference and finger size.

2) if you track the phones the PalmPre Plus has been up against they are all T-mobile only handsets. I suspect if you put the PPP up against the Nexsus 1 once it is available for VZW the Nesus will win hands down.

It's very interesting how many of the comments on Crackberry ("The #1 Site for Blackberry Users") are pro Android and anti-BB.

how is it even a competition? The BB is great in it's own right but the ONLY thing it could beat the droid on is the keyboard.

What the what? Pre Plus? What? That's like comparing the sexiest woman ever to Sarah Jessica Parker. Only the freaks think she's hot...

LOL! Maxim voted Sarah Jessica Parker the most "unsexy" woman alive! The looks like skeletor....hilarious.

p.s. the palm pre sucks.....it is supposed to be the best SMARTPHONE, not smartphone operating system.

I own and use both devices every day so this is a tough choice for me but I have to give it to the Droid.... you can just do more with it hands down. I'm not Anti either in any respect. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but right now the Droid just has more.

I agree about the Pre making it this far, it never should have but the guys at Pre Central are even more voracious at rallying the troops than CB and AC are.

You know what the real kickers are? Guess what The Tour (the phone that so many CP'ers love to hate due to the lack of WiFi and existence on a CDMA carrier) beat out in the first round? The iPhone 3GS LOL

Do you know what Blackberry got it's but kicked to the curb by the Pre? Yep the Bold 9700 which most CP'ers think is all that. Who did the honors? That POS the Palm Pre!

Nothing about this entire thing makes any sense... all fanboyism I think...

Just 'cause it's a BB doesn't mean people aren't going to vote for it lol

BB Tour was my 2nd BB and i've never had a droid

I feel bad for the Palm Pre Plus, it had such and easy time getting to the finals, just blowing on those T-Mobile phones to knock them down. Now the Droid is coming to pound it 6 feet under.

webOS is nice and a good user experience, but the device's overall design is trash. If the Palm Pre Plus had a bigger screen, better keyboard and expandable memory, it would be a good competitor.

Haha, this is the most retarded poll ever, how did the tour Beat the iPhone? How did the pre beat.......anything. I've used all of these phones., and it should be iPhone vs droid. I'm voting for the blackberry, but only cause I can't vote for a motorolla razer.

Is this poll run by the WWE ? this is a fixed poll. iPhone got beat by a blackberry.lol what a joke. Let me guess an Android will win a poll on Android central....................