Verizon Galaxy Nexus on eBay

Update: And as we awake this fine Sunday morning, the listing's been pulled.

We've seen a lot of crazy things when it comes to the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We've seen them pop up and mysteriously disappear from Cragislist, gone without a trace. And now one's made it to eBay for the high, high price of $1,200. It goes without saying, but that's just ridiculous. That's a good $500 or so over what you'd pay for an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. And as much as we love LTE, it's not worth paying that much more to have it a week or so -- assuming it's indeed launched next week.

Anyhoo, $1,200's just ridiculous. Save your money. Save your soul.

Source: eBay; thanks, KLY412
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majiklantrn says:

Oh it's worth so much much more!!!! :)

JasonPurp says:

GTFO of here, son.

Doan says:

I saw that. What him be right.

MrLockthorne says:

Whew, I almost bought it! Seriously, I want one that bad.

Gipan says:

Might as well, not like it's ever coming out. Thanks for the link.

Adamd1169 says:

I looked at one on eBay and it didn't actually exist yet. The seller said very clearly that when the phone launched he was going to buy two of them. One for himself and one for the winner of the bid. So I guess what I'm sayin is, if I did buy this phone could I even get it yet or is it still in a back room of a Verizon store?

deedemarco says:

Sadly, someone will buy it by tomorrow...

Jesse Potter says:

$30 shipping? No thanks.

famouswojo says:

are you a retard? what do you think overnight shipping cost?

Jesse Potter says:

Just a guess, but maybe somewhere in the range of...oh....$30?

n00basaurus says:

For $1200 I'd expect free overnight shipping.

jdm4u says:

and I thought $800 was too much. Didn't know 4G LTE had a $400 tax.

Naza1966 says:

He must be on crack and who ever bids on it with out him having it is a bigger fool then he is plus why pay that much go get on line the day before it comes out like all the other fools that always wants the new things that come out the 1st day and when it doesn't work right crys about it........

bswitzer1 says:

I hate to be "that guy", but lets fix that.


Adamd1169 says:

After reading it he does claim to have it in hand. That is still a very expensive toy.and I have no doubt it'll be sold by tomorrow. Hell if I didn't think my girl would kill me I'd buy it myself just for the bragging rights. Besides,what if Verizon doesn't ever release it? This could be the only g-nex out there on Verizon.

tronthedon says:


Phil, this is why you should just let natural selection run its course.

Magnious says:

uhhh....seriously??? Wow.... You know there is a reason this post was made.

BartmanJax says:

Hopefully, eBay! will pull the listing shortly. I reported him for trying to circumvent the eBay! fees. He's offering it for $1000 if you pay him directly. What a moron.

TechyMexican says:

I saw that too. It is against ebay policy.

msgnyc says:

Upset he has a GN and wants to make a profit off of it and you cant get one?
so you report him?...
I find that to be a bit petty.
and before you quote ebays policy.. like you really care? lol

Magnious says:

I think it's more about someone getting ripped off because they aren't educated enough. But I see your point, some people do not care about others getting ripped off or losing $$$.

RetroKing23 says:

Release Date 12/15/11

EvanJ18 says:

Verizon announced it? When?

Magnious says:

By the time this phone is actually shipped, and in the users hand...Verizon would have probably already released the phone. At best, they will have the G. Nexus 2 days before then...and spend an extra $900.

Cameronbic says:


Magnious says:

Yeah, it should be removed just for that lie.

smooth3006 says:

Well for all know know the phone may not even ship until after xmas. EVERYTHING is a rumor at this point. I bet someone will but it from ebay at that price, even higher. Hell $700 off contract is too much for me so is the $300 with contract. The prices of these phones needs to come down.

Magnious says:

Well, the Galaxy Nexus device is already in all the Verizon Retail stores..and at Best Buy. So I doubt they will hold them in the back until AFTER christmas. They have them, they just can't sell them to the public yet.

famouswojo says:

wow if you guys knew anything you would know thats there is a huge legal battle between google and verizon, verizon will not release the phone if google wallet, and google will not let it be released without it. being that this is google phone and they wanted it with none of the garage phone carriers put into the phones. be my guest in waiting for the release....if not $1200 is not a bad price to have one of the only galaxy nexus in the public. price to pay to be exclusive. it may come out soon but it may not. orginally rumored date was nov 10th, well thats long gone....

Price to pay if you are a moron.

famouswojo says:

if you dont like the price them move on and dont be a dumb broke jew

Broke? This coming from someone who sells vehicle scraps on ebay.

ScottColbert says:


karn101 says:

:grabs popcorn: This will be fun...

themuffinman says:

Whats the point of paying that kind of price for a phone to be exclusive? I mean think about it, if no one else is gonna have the phone then its safe to assume that 1. There won't be any carrier support as far as updates goes and 2. There won't be anyone involved in the dev community since no one else will have it. So again, whats the point?

Not to mention that verizon could easily prevent that phone from simply not working on their network at all since they already have all those galaxy nexus esn's in their data base so at this point you would be looking at a $1200 paperweight.

SoreAintya says:

..and if you knew anything you would know Google already explained why GW was excluded from the device and was fine/understanding with it..
I would love to see where you're getting your "information" however. Really interested how some smuck like you has the inside scoop and yet not one tech blog has even the slightest bit of details that you claim.

You either lucked into the phone by finding a unknowingly clueless employee, or you work at BB/Radio Shack/Verizon etc. and basically "stole" the phone.

I just hope that the poor soul that bought it doesn't get it locked down by Big Red.

Premium1 says:

original rumored date was late oct. Please everyone knows you just want some idiot to buy your item. Don't act like you are some insider and have all this info, you are just spouting off what is said on the front pages of sites like these... It isn't exclusive though when there are at least 4 others that people already have in hand..

Capt-Howdy says:

I'm guessing this is stolen. Based on the username and his MySpace page (damn, done in by MySpace, gotta delete that sh!t), Mr. John Wojnarwsky of Brook Park, Ohio has previously been arrested for assault and burglary.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

famouswojo says:

its crazy how someone starts a rumor of a release date and all you fools believe it. let me know when google, verizon, or samsung officially announces it

For $1200 thus person needs to get better printed materials. The blue Sharpie is ridiculous. I do better ads selling a six months old DX or four week old D3. Poorly advertised. Not even bundled with anything? Lol.

Famouswojo how did you actually get one yourself!

msgnyc says:

If you got to the store and got ahold of someone who didnt see the letter saying not to sell the devices and had no clue about the device you could get one. Stuff like this happens all of the time.



Famouswojo show me where it said the phone ain't coming out till Jan-Feb

ScottColbert says:

Also love how he lists it as new, unused/unopened, yet in all caps says he took it out of the box and turned it on.

msgnyc says:

Well it's not like he has much choice in listing it. you either list it as new like new or used. No way would he list it as used or like new. He opened it and powered it on to show that it is a real working device else everyone would cry fake.

msgnyc says:

If someone wants it bad enough to pay 1200 for an early Galaxy Nexus for Verizon then they should do it and I really don't think Android Central should be "cock blocking" this guys sales in all honesty. Noone knows when the device will actually be officially sold. You say a week or so, but you don't know that. Could be tomorrow, but It could be January/Feb for all we know... Verizon went full retard on this launch and we all know you don't go FULL retard... ;)

He got a device early and wants to make a quick buck off of his good luck. More power to him. It's no different then all the people who preorder and profit every single time a new iPhone releases. Buy it for 2-300 and turn around and make 1100-1500 on ebay. Same exact thing. If someones willing to pay so be it. It's their money.

For the record. No. I would'nt buy it. To rich for my blood. lmao

Yadao says:

I made an offer of 5 dollars. He declined. :(

pearljam5000 says:

Lol ,it's soon gonna be old news. Soon anyways with all the quad core phones coming soon
I'm waiting for the Galaxy s III...

pearljam5000 says:

Lol ,it's soon gonna be old news anyways with all the quad core phones coming soon
I'm waiting for the Galaxy s III...

famouswojo says:

damn so many sold so you guys can get a life and move on to anything topic

MagyariBulan says:

There is nothing wrong with this auction. This is what auction means.
He can ask as much as the market can bear. If we can describe wireless carriers behavior as such, why could'n a person act in a similar manner?

Robbzilla says:

The Nexus Galaxy is the new Droid Bionic... Just sayin!

Playboy E says:

all because phill doesn't have 1200 dollars doesn't mean that somebody else doesn't want to buy the phone. Smh

Magnious says:

Phil already has the phone.

guitarevan07 says:

This is dumb that it was posted "do not buy this"

He's not "ripping anyone off".
He's not tricking anyone. Why would someone just buy that without thinking? If they are actually unaware of what they will be selling for, then either A, they don't care because they have plenty money, or b, they are dumb, and there planty other auctions on ebay that they can be ripped off.

To me, this is a very immature posting. He is offering a product that you can't afford, therefor, you call it a ripoff.

Just because you're not flooded with money doesn't mean someone else isn't. I mean, someone paid 1 million for a mask of a criminal....

Magnious says:

You obviously didn't read the description of the item, if you think he wasn't trying to trick anyone.

kashguy says:

I just bought a nexus prime yesterday for half that price. I was blackberry person before and i gotta say that i love android specially ixe cream sandwich!

dwhall says:

$1,199.00 more than any Samsung phone is worth :)

erwaso says:

Nothing wrong with the seller. But whoever pays $1200 to be cool for a week either has more money than they need or loves debt. And is a ginormous nerd haha.

303kush says:

Why did you guys make this post? It's like cock blocking..yourpretty much trying to keep him from making money. Don't be a hater if some idiot is willing to pay 1200 than let them..there is million dollar phones that look like crap and people buy those without hesitation.

Playboy E says:

Real talk

dc49289 says:

We have them in stock. Just waiting on the launch date! Ps its this week

Keynote says:

I went to Radio Shack on Friday to buy the phone because they told me it was available, but they could not sell it to me when I got there. They let me hold it for a few minutes though. They called me this morning because they thought that they could sell it to me and when I got there they again could not sell it. They let me look at the Nexus again though. So frustrating Verizon .