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All-cash offer beats Sprint's current offer by 29-percent; minority shareholders urged to accept

Dish announced today that it has put in a cash tender offer to purchase all outstanding shares of Clearwire for the price of $4.40 per share, adding yet another twist into the relations between Dish, Clearwire, Sprint and Softbank. The deal stands proudly as a 29-percent premium over what Sprint is currently offering for the other 49.2-percent of Clearwire it doesn't currently own at $3.40 per share, and sweetens the deal further by offering to buy out the entire company all at once. In its offer, Dish explains that it will agree to purchase a smaller amount of Clearwire if only a portion of the minority shareholders agree to the deal, as long as it is greater than a 25-percent stake in the company. As another condition, Dish is also requiring that it receives at least 3 board member positions for that 25-percent stake, and more if a larger portion of the company is acquired.

Naturally, Dish is urging any and all shareholders to agree to accept its offering, as it will be a great competitive play in the complex mess of offers and mergers currently happening between the companies. If Clearwire agrees to let Dish acquire it, Softbank's offer to buy a 70-percent stake in Sprint -- a deal which had Sprint acquiring Clearwire as a condition -- could be compromised. In light of this new offer from Dish, Clearwire is postponing its scheduled May 31st shareholder meeting until June 13th in order to give enough time to review it. The offer will be available to Clearwire until June 28th, and Dish has expressed that it is ready and willing to finalize the deal as quickly as possible.

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Reader comments

Dish makes unsolicited all-cash offer to buy Clearwire for $4.40 per share


Still waiting for Google to launch their phone carrier service...wasn't that supposed to be in partnership with Dish?

With all the money dish is flashing around, the fcc spectrum they bought that sprint was trying to get, and the +5 billion offer above sprint's offer for clearwire, I'm thinking Google might be behind their cash infusion of recent.

Dish needs to go away. This underhanded business makes me ill. They're obviously desperate, maybe with some grudge that Sprint didn't accept their pathetic last chance offer. Softbank should move in and block this action, or maybe do a hostile take over of Dish only to dissolve it. I want Sprint to succeed and now that they are attempting some sound decisions, their objective is clear: to finally be the contender they deserve to be.

Dish is a horrible company. The CEO's ego is the most important thing running the company. Someone I know worked 12 hours one day. She wanted to go home. They told her they needed her for a other 2 hours. She told them she had to leave to get hey kids. They told her if she left, not to come back.

That is basically how they treat their employees.

Yep...they did that to my ex...She used to do bookkeeping for them. Dumped her like a dead dog when she had shoulder surgery after a car wreck....heading to work.

Sprint owns more then 50% of Clearwire. Unless Sprint poorly decides to sell to Dish, the offer would never be accepted.

Even if Sprint doesn't sell their portion, Dish will still create major headaches if they control ONLY 49.8 percent.

Sprint not going to sell their share in Clearwire anytime soon as long Softbank behind them. And if Dish get 25% of Clearwire, they need to deal with Sprint and Softbank in the end anyway.

The problem is, Softbank buying Sprint is dependent on Sprint acquiring 100% of Clear, not 75%.

As mentioned above, Dish just needs to go away.

This play from Dish is like when 2 kids want a toy and one kid breaks it so the other kid has a broken toy that neither of them wants.

Wow dish must really want to buy Sprint. Though I'm not entirely sure which party would help Sprint more in the long run. All I know is sprint needs cash and bandwidth because their network performance on the whole is poor.

The egomaniacal Charlie Ergen needs to go crawl under a rock. He and Dish are the worst thing that could possible happen to Clear and Sprint, as his plans will completely destroy both, sinking the newly formed company so far in debt that it, as well as all customers will suffer for years to come . Bring on Softbank...the company with the will and economic power that will bring Sprint equal playing field if not superior to the big ugly "V" and the "death star". Please,Clear shareholders, vote againt Dish and Ergen.

Plain and simple sprint need coverage their network is too small they cannot compare to VZW or ATT. If something does not change soon for sprint they will go under.

Sprint is a dead cause. They are no longer relevant in the post 2012 mobile market as a going concern that is able to deliver on the future demands for mobile data centric capability. Even ATT and Verizon are having a hard time getting in position for the demands of the 2015 consumer and business customer.

Either they sell to a real player or they die the same death they inflicted on Nextel years ago. This deal is just another expressing on Sprint's lack of ability to remain in the game.