Moto X with digital NFC tattoo

If you're the type that foregoes passcodes on your phone in favor of the convenience of quickly turning on the device and getting to what you need to do, then the digital tattoo created for the Moto X will help to combine convenience and security. This way, you can still lock your phone, but thanks to the NFC coils within the digital tattoo, you can tap your Moto X against the tattoo and your phone will unlock faster than you can utter "open sesame."

These so called digital tattoos are just stickers and aren't permanent like regular tattoos. Essentially a wearable device, you're applying a sticker to your arm or any part of your body. According to the company that makes these digital NFC tattoos, each tattoo will last up to "five days of showers, swimming, workouts, and anything else you can think of," with the VivaLnk tattoos sold in packs of ten for $9.99.

At this time, the digital NFC tattoos are only available for Moto X, but if VivaLnk gets enough interest for other NFC-equipped phones, then it might expand the project.

And best of all, if you're geeking out by carrying multiple Moto X phones on your body, these VivaLnk tattoos will work with multiple devices as well so you don't have to "graffiti" your body with multiple digital tattoos. That said, each phone can be linked to a maximum of five digital tattoos.

Source: VivaLnk via Motorola


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Digital NFC tattoo turns your body into a passcode to quickly unlock Moto X


So having to keep putting on new stickers all the time seems really gross. I would rather just wear a small device on my wrist or get a real NFC implant than have to change my sticker periodically.

Also the "tattoo" looks like some kind of disease.

I keep a skip on the underside of my pebble watchband for unlocking and then keep it unlocked with trusted bluetooth. I have found this combo to be extremely convenient.

Yeah, trusted Bluetooth pretty much completely removes my desire to do anything like this. I don't have a Moto phone, so I just use SkipLock to recreate the feature, which is well worth the five bucks for the full version of the app.

NFC ring is the way to go for me. It sits on my finger looking cool and unlocks my phone for me. Better than a dumb looking tattoo or the pain of getting an implant.

Mine is sitting unused on my bathroom counter. I tried using it for a couple weeks...but it honestly is a pain in the ass. The "hotspot" is so small, it takes more time trying to get the damn thing to read than it does just to do what I need via the normal touchscreen route. Plus, the capacity is so small, I can't even use it to store contact info to share with anyone beyond my name and phone number.

I used one of the hotspot stickers on my phone. it does the job while my muscle memory adapts. Luckily for me the Nexus 5 has multiple spots it can read the ring from and most of them are fairly convinient for me to reach. I still haven't decided what I want to do with the second tag, but if I were to go the contact info route I'd probably set up something online with that info that I could share the link to through the ring. Maybe a file on Google Drive or something like that. That'd have the added benefit of being able to edit the info without having to rewrite the ring.

Are you kidding me ? So it takes us 2.3 sec to unlock a phone ... is that to much time ? I mean how busy can you get that if you are 2.3 faster you can complete a task or schedule ? People seriously don't be dragged into this lunacy.

Not having to look at my phone and type in your password or trace a pattern is very convenient. Just pull your phone out of your pocket & brush it against the sticker & go. What's not to like about that? I have a skip that I use all the time. Works great & saves me from having to stare at my phone to unlock it. I can see in some cases this sticker would work great too.

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Man do you even know what you are saying and how idiotic that sounds ? "Not having to look at your phone and type your password or trace a pattern" Why do you own a phone if it is to much of a hassle to look at it for 2.3 seconds ? This thing with the tattoo i would get it if it did something else more important than just unlocking your phone.

I'm constantly round different people and some of them try hard to get my pass... I can just put one of this in my wallet.. Tap and go And at certain time i can set an app to torn off nfc. Specialty after im out and at seep jeje. This will do till Nymi is out

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This is like how those futuristic movies start right before everything goes down hill. Lol

Seriously though, I don't find putting in a code to unlock that cumbersome. Moving my thumb around on the screen is much more natural than tapping it to my forearm.

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I use that as well but I find it annoying that my phone turns on and opens random apps when in my pocket now. I'd rather have to unlock it with something like this. I'd like to find a way to unlock it simply by tapping my smart watch.

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Revelation 13:16-17
Rick James Version (RJV)
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor (as long as they may afford a pack of ten for 9.99), free and bond, to receive a sticker (removeable and temporary though they be) in their right hand, or in their foreheads (or anywhere else one might placeth a sticker) for "at least 5 days of showers".
17 And that no man might unlocketh his phone with ease, save he that had the sticker, or the password of the beast, or the trusted Bluetooth device of his name.

The geek in me thinks it's rather cool, but I don't have the need (per say) to access my phone that fast ... And with trusted devices and skip dots I'm not exactly deep in need here.

Trusted BT/Wi-Fi devices seems like a more elegant solution... The actual tap and recognize process probably takes as long as just entering a pattern lock.

Just Skip dots on the body. I use the Skip dots but not as much since my earpiece is a trusted device.
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I don't have any Bluetooth devices nor do I have a skip. However I do have many tattoos.

Anyway I have a password (not PIN or pattern) on my phone which is very long. I definitely want to try this at least once.

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Are we really this lazy as a society, that we'd really pay $10 every few weeks, just so we don't have to swipe our lock screen?

I use a Tasker profile to "arm" my pin lock when I'm not connected to my WiFi.

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I'd rather a digital implant that's permanent with all my details in and can unlock my phone, we can't be far away from that, maybe even implanted at birth to discourage crime, burglar alarms that can ring the police with the I'd of the person breaking in!!!

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So they think people will want to put on these tattoos that look like an open sore to save a whole 90 seconds per day?
I agree with a previous poster. This video comes off as an April Fool's day joke.

Hmmm. I can foresee where a mugger, in a rush, might elect to just slice off the removable tattoo as part of the mugging. Hey it's only a quarter inch of skin, more or less.

Wouldn't a ring be a better prospect ?

Once seen can't unseen. It looks like the skin is carved in. Freaky. That shiny gold too is weird. Not against the idea of NFC tattoos but different design maybe?

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So I'm watching the video and see it takes the guy about 2 seconds to enter his passcode, then later he uses the amazing time saving sticker that only takes about 2.5-3 seconds to unlock the phone and get it back into his hand to use.

Why would anyone use these things? I have tasker and secure settings doing it for me. I'm at home (trusted network) or have my bluetooth connected (trusted device) and I never have a lock screen. I only have to unlock it a few times a day. I have it set to lock when I disconnect from a trusted environment, and only require the passcode once when I reconnect.

As for the mugger or illegal seizure they take my phone and in a few seconds, it locks it's self, they want to unlock it they can get a damn warrant, or I track it and send the cops in the case of a theft. Reconnect it and they sill need a passcode. Or in the case of the obvious sticker they just cut it off or physical force unlock, and have access to everything without and issue.

Are you THAT lazy? rest in peace, human race.

Also, because you are attaching passive technology to yourself, you are no longer one of us.

I LOVE technology, but this is where I draw the line and say no thanks. This is getting creepy now. I cant believe the times were in. (Hint hint)

It's a cool idea with pretty good execution. However, the marketing visuals could have done a much better job than have it look like a wart growing on your hand.