We’re getting some reports that the T-Mobile myTouch 3G has shipped and tracking info has been already sent out to customers who have pre-ordered it. Did any of you guys receive your tracking information and if so, how much longer do you have to wait?

Let us know in the comments!

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Anonymous says:

Yes I did receive my tracking number, it should be delivered within three days

Anonymous says:

Got the Tmo text saying "shipped" along with a tracking number. Tracking number gave no results for about 8 hours. Currently reports back:
Status: Billing Information Received
So . . . It'll be here between 29th and Agust 3 right?

Anonymous says:

When you type your cell number with dashes between the numbers under the UPS tracking by reference # tab, it pulls it up. I ordered mine on July 23 and it says I will have it on or before July 30. Ups page has delivery date.

Anonymous says:

I did get a tracking number but the current UPS info only says that Billing Information was received and it was shipped on 07/27. No other information on when it should be delivered.

Anonymous says:

Same here.

David says:

Yes I have received my UPS confirmation from T-mobile and I'll be receiving my phone on Thursday.

Russ Brown says:

I placed my preorder on Sunday evening (7/26), but no tracking number so far. It would be useful if those who *have* got a tracking number could comment when they placed their pre-order, so we can see what sort of trends there are relating to order placement and shipping dates.

Anonymous says:

Got my tracking number yesterday (7/27) shipping for kentucky to Colorado, will be delivered Thursday (7/30).

Anonymous says:

I ordered mine over 2 weeks ago and live in atlanta. I tried my phone number in the reference tab but it states UPS has no information. I guess mine hasn't been shipped yet. Since some of you seem to have just ordered in the last few days and alreay have tracking numbers, it appears its not first in, first out.

Anonymous says:

I just got the text right now saying mine has shipped. I track it on UPS.com and it says they received the billing info yesterday the 27th... but it doesn't say where the package is at the time or when I'll get it. It just says 3 day select. So I'm assuming I'll get it Friday the 31st...

Kai says:

Ordered my phone on the 26th of July, got my tracking number and wonderful text from T-Mobile saying "My order has been shipped" it should be here in two days(the 30th)! I'm so anxious! It's been so long! I've been stalking that phone since mid-June!!!

Russ Brown says:

I ordered mine on 7/26 and just got my text message now. UPS says I'll get it tomorrow (the 29th). I did however search on the UPS site a while back using my phone number and it popped up, which suggests that they may be a bit behind with the text messages.

Getting quite excited now: hope I'll be able to focus on work tomorrow. :)

James says:

I shipping to Orlando. I'll get it on Thurday.

James R says:

I just looked at mine and it will be delivered on the 30th.

Aaron says:

Got text message with tracking number on 7/27, but didn't show up in the UPS system until the next day. I just checked and mine is out for delivery, so will have it later today! I hope they leave it if no one is home. Shipped from KY to AL.

Anonymous says:

i am to receive the phone today if my local ups does its job right which hardly ever happen ill probably end up picking it up

Anonymous says:

I just got a text from my girlfriend informing me that my phone had arrived... I am leaving work a little early today.

Deanna says:

Dang, I just missed mine being delivered. :(

Anonymous says:

phone arrived today. shipped from KY to TX. very happy person right now!

Joe Brinkman says:

Mine left Louisville early this morning with stop in Sharonville, OH and is now on its way. Supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

Anonymous says:


David says:

I received mine today and its awesome

eioous says:

got it. oh yeah

i got my tracking # yesterday and on ups it says it will be delivered by july 30 which is today im so happy

Russ Brown says:

Mine arrived yesterday, albeit without accessories.

Lots to explore now!

rory says:

Mine is supposed to come today. To those who have gotten theirs, did you have to sign for it or was it just dropped off?

Aaron says:

Mine was left at the door, so it is probably at the driver's discretion.

Anonymous says:

I ordered it three days ago & it just arrived today July 31st at 10 am!!!!

Mike says:

Yep! And I just received mine last night! Its truly amazing :)

crpowens says:

Got it on Thursday, and haven't put it down yet.

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