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Motorola surprised a number of us when it chose to scale up the new Moto X, opting for 5.2 inches on the display instead of the more one-handable 4.7-inches we'd come to love over the past year. That's not to say it's huge — it's actually just a tad smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5 — but it's still a very noticeable change.

And so we ask you: Did Motorola go too big with the new Moto X? Or just right? Hit up the poll and let us know.


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Did Motorola go too big with the new Moto X?


This is an odd request you happen to have a Droid Maxx (or even an older Droid Razr Maxx HD) laying around that you can take a side-by-side picture of? I'm interested to see the difference there.

It's slightly taller and wider than the Maxx (as well as the G2) but slightly smaller than the S5. Given that it has front facing speakers and the others don't, that's not too bad.

Moto X: 140.8 x 72.4 x 9.9 mm
Maxx: 137.5 x 71.2 x 8.5 mm
G2: 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm
S5: 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm

Not speakers, speaker. The top "speaker" acts exclusively as the earpiece and does nothing more than that. Only the thing and the bottom front is the speaker.

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That seems pretty thick considering it has a much smaller battery then the 3 is compared to.

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Try the Versus app in Google Play Store, it shows a side by side comparison of devices you choose and I think the size differences are usually properly scaled.

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I think a lot of us aren't going to be able to say one way or another until we have the new X in our hand(s). I love the size of my Moto X, but it could be a little bigger and it wouldn't bother me, so long as it's still somewhat ergonomic.

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From what I hear about the Moto X from people that have the original, is that it's the perfect size. So with that knowledge I would say yes. But for myself, never having had the original, I would say definitely not.

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I could have gone either way. Just I expected a little but more. The price point on the 16gig version is just not gonna happen for me though sadly. I want the space.

I like the larger screen size, but a phone that big is just too clumsy to use with one hand, and can't fit in a shirt pocket easily (which I do on occasion). The size of the 1st gen Moto X seems just right to me.

Agreed.. This is why the iPhone is staying in the 4.7" range. Moto blew it. They would have been the only good Android maker in that size. Now they're just like the rest.. This is nail in the coffin for Moto. Lenovo will turn them into a low priced manufacturer and stay out of the high end market.

No normal people want these big phones. Only the geeks on here and other tech sites. I'm also a proud geek, but I'm also very normal. I don't want a giant phone, because it's a phone. I need to use it with one hand. Android was designed for single handed use.

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I'm geek, but still love compact smartphone. That why I love my original Moto X.
My next phone must be Z3 compact. Motorola ruin the Moto X -_-

Old comment, but the new moto x is marginally bigger than the iphone 6, with a 1/2" screen advantage. Apple didn't nail anything, the overall dimensions are huge due to the enormous bezels.
And the 6+ is outselling the regular size 6 by leaps and bounds. It's huge compared to the new moto x, and only has a .3" screen advantage. Your comment is unfounded.

Too big. One of the most appealing characteristics of the Moto X was the way it fit in your hand.

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I'd say both. 4.7" was right, but there's nothing wrong with 5.2" in my opinion.
What is wrong is battery size. The G2 has roughly the same dimensions (even smaller) and sports a 3000mAh unit.

I was thinking the same thing. I was excited about the Moto X, still think it will be an awesome device. I just don't get the battery size.

The G2 is smaller yet has about 25% larger battery.

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The battery life on the original was phenomenal. Best of all Android phones besides Razr Maxx. It doesn't need a large battery. Moto is good with power management

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I think this could be the perfect size, however, I'll need to see and hold it person before I decide.

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The Z3 compact seems like the ideal phone for me personally, in terms of size and hardware. Likely won't come to the US tho :-(

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Too big. I liked the compact size of the original version. I would have accepted up to 5 inches if they wanted to go bigger, but anything larger than that is a no-go. Unfortunate, but I may have a good option with the Sony Z3 compact.

Am very interested to hear Jerry's take on this, and on the new X in general...

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I wish they would have at least gone the Sony route and produce two flagships with two sizes, but maybe that's asking too much. Seeing the old and new generation next to each other seals the deal that this is not my next. All of the useful features Moto adds don't make up for it. But it looks like I'm in the minority and hoping they succeed. Maybe then they can make more sizes.

5.2" is perfect, IMO; I have a Nexus 5, 5", and LG G2, 5.2", and they both fit perfectly...anything above 5.2" is way too big (like LG G3 is 5.5")

Yes I have to Note 3 and still would a bigger screen. I like the size of the Galaxy Mega, but not the specs.

The size is great, however having a 5.2" screen and with only a 2300mAh battery seems like a bad idea.

Compact is nice but this new size, like the Nexus 5, is the perfect sweet spot for me. My Moto Atrix 4G was a nice size to hold like the original X but for certain applications the screen was a tad too small. My LGOG sometimes feels too big in the hand, OK I have dropped it a time or three, but is definitely the right display size.

Does Motorola not do wireless charging? That is the one thing that put the Nexus 5 on my wishlist above the Moto X.

I think a 5" would have been great. The original X is a little smaller than I'd like but I think the 5.2 may be a little too much.

It depends on your hand/finger sizes.

I prefer the 1st Moto X size (and resolution). And I have a bigger phone (Nexus 5).

Galaxy Nexus size was the best for my hand by now.

I love my Moto X, and knowing that they were going to go bigger screen wise this time around I just assumed there would be at least a 26/2800mah battery. If there's one thing I hate more than the mediocre camera my X has, the battery life was and is a bigger issue since 4.4.4. Also, I hate SAMOLED screens (I know crazy), but screen burn in is too real on the Moto X (maybe they've made immersive mode a gesture away). Wish they would've got a bigger battery, decreased the bezels, moved the headphone jack to the bottom and included everything else that was brought to the new Moto X. One could dream. Would've went with the G3 had LG had Motorola's update prowess.

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Love the size of my 4.7" Moto X. I'll have to actually put this phone in my hand to determine whether they've gone too far. I had a Samsung GS4 and it was too big and boxy for my taste and part of the reason I made the switch to the Moto X. Maybe the thinner edge and retaining the curved back will help it not feel like a 5.2" phone.

This will be the first moto in years that I will actually pick up and give a look. Seems to really be in the sweet spot. Good month for gear!

I have an N5 and while I don't mind the size, my big hands prefer smaller phones. I liked the OG Moto X and liked it, but didn't like the processor and screen. I'm deciding between this and a Z3 Compact. The Compact has the edge but I want to see how this feels in hand first.

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With so much mobile media and gaming out there, a bigger phone is smart. Well done Motorola!

Now to see the Nexus 6 and I can make my decision!

Too wide. Looks ridiculous next to the moto x, and size was the best thing about it. 4.7 was perfect, now the only choice for a reasonably sized phone is an iPhone.

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I was thinking the same thing. Say what you want about Apple, but they will get it right with the 4.7" iPhone 6. And if rumors are true they will have a larger model too.

I don't know why it's so hard to get a decent phone under 5".

At least go the route Sony went and go with to models. 5.2 and 4.7. Hell, I would take a 720p display if I could get a moto x "compact". Being forced into a 3.5" display was why I never stuck with an iPhone. Being stuck with something that is too big is I won't be spending hundreds of dollars on this when I can just pick up the z3 compact or, more likely, the iPhone 6.

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If it has roughly the same dimensions as the G2 then yeah it's perfect. For me the Moto X seemed too small, but it might have been I was just used to the size of the Note 3 and G2. I don't know. But size wise should be fine. Looks on the other hand....... I would totally take the old Moto X over this in the looks department.

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The thing I'm most confused on is with the larger size normally comes with a larger battery. The battery is only 2300mah!? Moto better have done some more trickery with battery life. I wanted 2 days minimum.

Maybe they are betting on project volta/android L to make up for the size. It still wouldn't make up for it being 2300.

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*Sigh* I love my moto x, and so I was looking forward to this, but alas... yes. They've gone far too big for me. I have really small hands, so operating anything over the size of the original Moto X is rather difficult for me to do one-handed. I guess this means I'll be praying that Sony brings the Z3 Compact to the US supporting AT&T LTE bands.

Too big for me. Again, we can't seems to get a top end spec phone under 5". The original X looks so small compared to the new.

I'm one who thinks the moto x was too small. The boost is nice, will have to hold one to decide. But with playing with an s5, not once did I feel it was "too big"

Will decide when I can hold it. A slight increase in size is okay, but personally would have probably preferred 5 inches vs 5.2. I know that is small difference, but I find 5 is about my limit for one handed use.

4.7 inch was nice. Just like my Nexus 4. I tried my gf's Nexus 5, it was perfect for me. So I guess 5.2 inch would be too big for me.

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Not for me (my personal preference) I sold my Moto X because I had become use to bigger screen sized phones. My only concern is what the real life battery performance is going to be.

A bit too big IMO. 5" is the sweet spot I think.

My theory is that they were forced to go big because they wanted to go bigger with the Moto G (their best selling smartphone let's not forget). With the Moto G at 5" they HAD to go 5.2" for the X

I think what they should have done though is bumped the G to 4.7" and gone 5" with the X.

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I like the size and features.. I don't like the unlocked price of $500 nor the lack of microSD and wireless charging.. it's a next generation phone that lacks some next generation technology in my view.

I'd call it a last generation phone at current generation proces. The hardware specs are pretty much the same or worse than the Galaxy S5.

Motorola went full retard. You never go full retard. Maybe they should have named it Simple Moto X?

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I certainly don't mind: I prefer the 5-5.5 range. The only disappointing thing is that there's no flagship Android device under 5 inches anymore, so those that want or need them are more likely to have to settle for budget or "mini" smartphones.

Why is there no "it should have been smaller than 5.2, but bigger than 4.7" option? I think something like 5 or 5.1 would have been perfect really.

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That's probably what I would have voted for, although a "I need to have it in my hand first" is really the best answer. I didn't vote because I didn't like any of the choices.

I think they made somewhat of a mistake. While the X is bigger, so is the G. Previously, The X was the bigger phone, the G was mid-range small size and the E was low end. They had small, medium and large. Now with the X being 5.2 inches and the G being 5.0, there is less of a size difference. Even though the internals of the G have not changed. If they had the X at 5.x - $~300, the G at 4.7 - $179 and the E at 4.2 - $129. That would be perfect.

Think Motorola have went the wrong way with the X - now trying to compete with the big boys on price but not spec. The 1st gen X was the perfect size at a reasonable price point. Would have been better if the new G got a bump to 4.7inches and the new X on 5.2inches - A lot of folk still prefer the smaller size. I'll be sticking with my 1st gen X for a good while longer....especially if it gets the 'L' treatment.

I think it is probably the perfect size for one-handed use for me, I've generally felt my Nexus 5 is about the perfect size but I always like bigger. The only things holding me back is I've bought completely into the Qi charging scene, I had the Nexus 4 orb for my N4 and now the new Nexus Qi charger plus an Anker Qi charger. I won't buy a new phone that doesn't have Qi wireless charging even if the battery life is amazing.

This year I went from an HTC ONE (M7) to a Moto G to a G2 and now back to the M7. I LOVED my Moto G. Had it not been for lack of Verizon 4G, camera, and storage I would have loved to keep it. The G2 was way too big and clunky. Now that I'm back to the M7 I love it!

Point of the story is anything over 5" is just too big. Factor in a nice case and it's way, way too much. 75% of people wanting a bigger smartphone are probably saying that because the manufactures FORCE us into buying a bigger phone if we want high end specs.

Until I can hold one, who knows? It's not just about size, it's also the bezel size, and the overall shape, that determines how comfortable it is to hold and use.

But I think I'd really like a phone with a 4.7 - 4.8" 1080:P display and state-of-the-art hardware, but that simply doesn't exist. The new Sony Z3 mini comes closest, but it has 5 year old screen specs.

5.2" is acceptable, however I feel 5" is closer to the sweet spot! But Motorola failed when they made the phone taller by putting two speakers on the front, but didn't make them work in stereo together. Simply a waste of space here and missed selling point opportunity.

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Eh, I think it's the right size.. She said could've been bigger.. I said it takes two hands to use it properly still.. Just sayin..

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Making it bigger than the G2 (my current phone) means there is no reason to upgrade (if you call it that). While the camera MAY be improved its unlikely it is better than my G2 (or G3 if I upgrade next year). I picked up a locked (Verizon PrePaid) Moto G from Best Buy for $50 just to play around with it. While I've always thought I wanted a smaller phone than the G2 and the Moto G is a great device (4.5 screen looks great @ 720P) I really noticed how much smaller the screen is: 1 row and 1 column less icons/widgets on the home screen. I am afraid I'm in the "Once you go big you can't go back" gang.

I have the G2 also and said i wouldn't go bigger. Damnit moto! Guess i have to see how it feels in the hand. Doesn't seem like an upgrade from the year old G2 which has epic battery life, great camera and is easily rooted and modded, then easily flashed back to stock.

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I just went with the 'too big' choice. Just saw a pic of it next to the N5, which is what I have so it's the best comparison short of actually holding it. Giving the magic Moto pulled off with the original X i figured it to be about the same size, but it's bigger all around, and I don't really want a bigger phone than the N5. If there was a 'somewhere in the middle' choice I would've gone with that, bumping the G to 4.7 and the X to 5 even would've been perfect.

I had a first gen Moto X for about 10 days. From the first minute to the last the two most irksome things to me were the screen size (basically no bigger than my Droid Razr Maxx) and the battery.
So at least the screen on 2nd gen is better for my aging eyes...believe me, my hands are smaller than the typical guy here, and the curve with thin bezel made it really easy to handle that 1st gen, easier than my DRM, and reach anywhere on the screen. I think this 2nd gen will be similar, again, because of the side shaping.
But I have a big pause at this teeny battery...I had to shut off almost every fun feature on the first gen to get close to a day.
Maybe a new Maxx model coming??

If the reviews for this are good ( particularly the camera ), this is my next phone. I love my Nexus 5 but REALLY like the case design if the Moto X.

Well, based on the poll... I think they should make a compact version the same size as last years Moto X! Something like Sony did with their Z3 and Z3c. The new Moto X is such a beautiful design too. Oh well looks like its the Sony Z3c for me this year.

When will manufacturer's catch on that there is a market for both a large and mid size high end smartphone? Sony seems to get it.

my answer would have actually been, "yes, it should have been 5 inches"
I stick to the opinion that anything over 5 inches (even slight) starts to get too hard to use with one hand

Agreed. They almost nailed it. 5" screen with zero bezel will be the future.. And a smaller version, equally powerful, for those with smaller hands.

I've been happy with the 4.7 screen on my GNex, but I'm ready for a slightly larger screen. Now if only they had put a Maxx battery in the X.

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No what they screwed up on is not making the battery bigger. HUGE mistake for which I can't purchase now. Being the same size battery as the Nexus 5 which isn't good was a bad choice by Motorola.
As for the size, 5.2" is borderline. I don't know why these phone makers keep going so big. If the new Nexus is indeed going to be 5.9", then that is out for me. Just too big. They need to start making two sizes if they want to make them bigger every year.

Agreed on both counts. Squeeze more battery in there, it's one of the most critical components of the device. Moto X g1 was too small, now they go too big. I think the Nexus 5 is almost just right, could even be a pinch smaller, and with better ergonomics like the Moto X g1 so it's easier to manage one-handed.

Definitely not! Size is why I didn't go for the first X. I'm definitely all in for this one! It sounds great and looks gorgeous......excited!

5.2" = perfect. Good Job Moto. I am coming back to android because of this phone. Original Moto X almost kept me off iPhone but the camera was just too terrible. I couldn't keep it. I just looked at some pics from the new moto X and those are sooooo much better.

I have the Nexus 5 which I love and had high hopes for the new Moto X replacing this, but now I'm not so sure. I wouldn't want to go any wider than the N5, and the new Moto X looks a tad too wide to use one-handed without fumbling. I'll have to try it in the store, but otherwise I'll wait to see if the Nexus 6 comes out with a better form factor.

I was so looking forward to this phone but 5.2 is just too big for my taste. Not everyone is into pamphlets. It's a shame.

If the new Nexus doesn't come with a 4.7/8" version and Z3 Compact doesn’t come to the US soon I’ll have to go with the new iPhone. As much as I like customization and widgets, I just can’t stand holding a brick in my hand.

iPhone? That's going a bit far. There's no comparison to Android for me. iOS is very limited and downright expensive. As long as Nexus doesn't get any bigger, I'm okay. Otherwise I may need to ride out my Nexus 5 for a while longer. It's honestly still an awesome device and I'll still get Android L lickety-split. And keep my wireless chargers at home and work. ;)

I have the 5.5" G3 which doesn't look or feel like a "phablet" to me. However, LG took pains to make the bezels ultra thin and gave it a curved backing so it feels very easy to hold in one hand. If Moto can do the same with 5.2" I think the phone will be a nice size for gaming and watching video.

Holding in one hand and operating one-handed are two entirely different things. With the 5.5" can you really use it entirely one-handed?

I think we need to wait until this thing is in people's hands. There is more to the equation than just screen size.

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True. Moto X at 4.7 felt like it was a 4 inch screen. With a smaller bezel and contoured back it may still be one-handed at 5.2 screen. I'll have to visit the store and find out for myself.

I thought I had lost my Moto X yesterday and was totally depressed at the thought of being without it, and not being able to order a replacement. I have loved this device for over a year now and have not found anything on the market that can replace it. I ordered it customized just the way I want it and would not choose to change a thing.

I do like the features of the 2014 Moto X but it is just too dang big! The original Moto X has been a perfect companion for me, and thankfully I was able to find my missing friend.

If anyone at Motorola is listening, please bring back the original Moto X, call it the Moto X Mini or whatever you want. It has been the perfect phone companion!