Dick Vitale Droid X

Spotted at tonight's Louisville-Butler college basketball game: Dick Vitale and his Motorola Droid X. (The unranked Cardinals upset the No. 18 Bulldogs 88-73.) Thanks, Lane!


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Dickie V loves his Droid X, baby!


i live in Florida near him, and i saw him at Mainstreet and went up to talk to him, and i saw he was using a Droid X!!!! IT WAS SOOOOOO COOL!

Pretty cool, if anyone even cares, the Nostalgia Critic has an Evo. Used it in one of his reviews. It really is amazing how Android is becoming quite popular xD.

CORRECTION: The unranked Cardinals upset the No. 18 Bulldogs 88-73.

I watched the game and saw the screen (and recognized android), but I didn't bother to rewind to see what the model was.

(granted i was way up there, but i can say that i was one of the few who were at the last game at freedom hall AND the first game at the kfc center)

Isn't it time to start ACTING like Android is mainstream instead of posting every shot of some well known person using one or every appearance in a TV show?

Like bush league end-zone dances if you ask me...