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As the resident Android Central code-monkey (a badge I proudly wear) I've been running on fumes and caffeine to test out the AOSP 4.1.1 code since it dropped last night. You knew I had to do it, I knew I had to do it, so there was no use fighting it. For the nerdly inclined out there, building it is easy -- just change the branch to 4.1.1_r1 and go. We'll update the tutorial in the forums as soon as we're sure there are no new nuances we need to address. In the meantime, we were curious about the local search "issue" and if Google had made any changes in the code itself to be Apple-certified™.

Building the unedited, bone-stock Android 4.1.1 and using the Google apps from the Google I/O units and their Jelly Bean update, it looks as if on-device search still exists. Our theory (it's always a guess until Big G says otherwise) is that changes to search will be done with a change to the Google Now and Search applications themselves, which are part of the closed-source Google apps. That's why we see no changes here -- we're still using the old ones. This theory was further bolstered when we learned that Sprint removed local search from the Galaxy S III, but it could be restored by using the old search box app. 

There are two things to take away here -- when we see an OTA update for the Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, and Nexus S, we expect a newer set of G apps that remove the local search options, and that it will be easy enough to restore the functionality if you're willing to root your phone. 

I'll keep building and tinkering with 4.1.1, and if I come across any real changes (it seems a bit faster loading apps, but the placebo affect is strong) you'll be the first to know.

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Android 4.1.1 - an early look at a compiled build


Does this mean we should be able to build our own update for the VZW Nexus straight from the Google files, or is this only for the GSM version?

i'm running JB (4.1) too, but with the CDMA radio pack... The one released the day after Google IO day-one. It doesn't appear to be missing Google Wallet or local search. What would those released today and yesterday have that Jelly_toro_v2.1 wouldn't have? I'm just ignorant, not nit-picking. thanks

Of course those aren't missing Google Wallet or "local search". The I/O version (which you're running a hacked, ported version of) has Google Wallet pre-loaded because its a takju variant, and was released before the injunction was even filed for local search.

Until 4.1.1 OTA's, we won't know officially what has changed.

Sorry but wasn't Google the king of search? There search bar is on every thing. Why doesn't apple go for the kill shot and go after Google

Can Apple seriously block other companies from searching their own devices and software??? Maybe Apple should start sueing every library in America that has a card catalog system.

Someone let me know if I misunderstood something, but this seems outrageous.

Apple has a patent on using a single search field to go through multiple sources (on the device) and report back results in that single field.

So in a nutshell Apple stuck "on a device" on the end of the idea of a search engine and received a patent on it.

EXACTLY!!! You are RIGHT ON THE MONEY. This is the problem, and the bigger problem is that it seems that now due to some laws that changed a while back, it really doesnt matter if you already did it, if you didnt file a patent on it. Apple got the patent filed and i am PRETTY sure android already HAD unified search on their devices BEFORE it was even filed. #fuckapple

There were phones that did something similar long before Apple or Google, but the simple fact of the matter is not a question of "prior art" but of the fact that this (and *many* of the other patents Apple is using to attack Android right now) are not *legal* patents. That is to say, they *never* should have been granted.

Patent law explicitly states that you must patent a *product*. You cannot legally patent an idea or concept. This is the big problem with patents on software right now: it's difficult to patent "software" because the people approving these patents don't understand it, so companies (not just Apple) are getting patents for things that never should have been allowed with the language in which they are written.

The more I read about these damn lawsuits the more I hate apple! I mean I don't use local search often but I am sure there are users out there that use it allot!

Jerry... I've been using Jelly Belly V2.5; been running great since Sat... don't know if you use any of the pre-AOSP versions, but how are they different,, any noticeable features?

I just got done setting up my phone, not about to go and re-do everything again, if it's not much difference...


Don't hate the players....hate the game and the mediocre rule book.

(But yeah, I'm getting tired of this patent lawsuit bs. I wonder what they will need to change next to be "Apple-certified")

Apple won't go directly to Google at least not yet. What I believe they are doing (aside from making Android more expensive) is trying to get enough to stick on the Android hardware manufacturers then they can use those cases as a legal precidence to go after Google. Going through all the legal battles directly with Google is too dangerous until they have their cards stacked.

Unfortunately, I think you're dead on.

Fortunately, though, Apple is losing more and more of these cases. Even these two current big ones haven't *actually* had a ruling yet. The courts are just saying that the (possibly) offending practice has to be stopped *pending* a ruling. It's kinda sad, since it's really "guilty until proven innocent" here.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Google has been actively working, over the past year, to not only build up their own patent portfolio, but also to try and file motions to have many of these (invalid) Apple patents re-evaluated and nullified because they are patents that should have never been granted in the first place.

I don't understand why Google isn't suing for the iOS pull-down notifications. Perhaps they could at least use it for leverage.

I cant wait to see what happens with this. However, I still wonder why NOTHING else has been thrown back at apple. i mean, seriously? that isnt the ONLY thing they have copied fro android. Is it cause they are not open sourced and therefore, no one knows for sure if a patent was violated?? just dont get it.

I expect that Google is trying to take the "high ground" here and not play Apple's form of political warfare. They don't need to. Google has been taking over the mobile space by leaps and bounds over the past year. The best thing they can do right now is to "protect" themselves and their manufacturers from Apple's ridiculousness and show themselves to be a more "fair" company.

I love all the Apple fans that always say stuff like "I buy Apple products to stick it to the man!" Don't you people get it?

Apple *is* "the man" at this point.

I just got the OTA of 4.1.1 on my Nexus 7. I cam home turned on the screen and there was the OTA - my screen now shows 4.1.1, Build Number JRO03C.

The OTA was only 12.1 Megabytes.


and it will sideload flash or not?

too much flash only stuff out there i still want to access on my phone