Vodaphone logo from Desire HD

Vodaphone has already said via Twitter that it will be carrying the HTC Desire HD, and there's a ton of speculation about other carriers and SIM unlocked versions. But the system dump leaked out today from dealer75 at XDA Developers is clearly Vodaphone-branded.  Digging through the system dump we see the last frame of the boot sequence is the Vodaphone logo. 

We're still digging through the files, seeing new goodies like an HTC Data Strip widget that appears to be a set of quick switches for 3G and WiFi radios, and well as a roaming indicator widget.  Look for your favorite Sense ROM developer to have a boatload of new toys for you soon. [XDA Developers]


Reader comments

Desire HD system dump confirms Vodafone release


Okay well if Vodaphone is getting it, its almost GUARANTEED Verizon is getting it !!! :-D

Notice i said ALMOST there... don't want to get hated on for saying this...

I hope I'm not being an ignorant fool, but is it possible carriers will extend the boot sequence to showoff these logos?

I've seen how fast it can boot up, I just hope they don't force it to be slower.