The HTC Desire HD, an Evo-sized device headed to Europe, is now available for preorder on Vodafone. The Desire HD packs a 4.3-inch touchscreen powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Android 2.2 with the new version of HTC Sense.  Be sure to check out our hands on with this device and then go ahead and preorder your own today. Thanks, Dave!


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Desire HD available for preorder at Vodafone


Time to ditch my IPhone 3G. I placed my order online with vodafone yesterday. Eagerly waiting 8 more days until release!

Does that person have a thumb and three fingers??? Photoshop disaster???

edit: The index finger must be hidden behind the phone, but it still looks funny. :p

HTC needs to get their act together and bring this stateside with AT&T 3G support, this is the ONLY phone that has tempted me to trade in my Nexus One for...even though I'd still like to get something with front-facing camera.

that not going to happen. i read an article on engadget that said it not coming to any u.s carrier. u still can buy it unlock for tmo and at&t. that article left me very disappointed, i wanted that phone so badly since i couldnt get the evo. cant wait for my tmo contract to be over.

Yep. It's not coming state side from a carrier, but you can buy it/import it, and use it here. I pre-ordered mine last month, and should get it next week. Can't wait!

Nope. Don't mind 2G only at all. My total data use by cell is only 2.5 GB for the past six months because I'm always on Wi-Fi. I actually only get 2G in my area anyway, so I won't notice any difference.

Gaaaaahhhh...*sad*. I just can't bring myself to spend almost a thousand dollars on a phone...I love traveling, and $750 could almost buy me an entire planet ticket to Japan again.

The Aria is $340 off contract and I can barely justify that, with it being just a mid-range phone and all...

I have an upgrade sitting on me with AT&T. I guess I may buy the Aria off contract, and use it for fun until AT&T finally releases a high-end HTC phone for once...then I can use my upgrade for whatever phone that may be, whenever the heck it comes out (if ever), right? Would that work? I've never done this stuff before so hopefully I'm thinking it all through correctly. What do you think?

Anyway, thanks for the info. I know you're going to enjoy the hell out of that Desire HD! :D

Yeah, I can't wait for it. I'm not sure how upgrades work really. I'm on T-Mobile with Flexpay's Even More Plus plan. No contract, so I never get any upgrade deals. I just keep paying monthly, and all my phones I buy off contract when I see a new one I want. I'm currently using a Nexus One now. Again bought off contract at the beginning of this year. I guess you can say I collect phones. :)

That's a pretty nice setup you've got there :) So, you must save a lot money up for each phone, especially if you're willing to shell out the amount of dough for some of these off-contract phones like you just did for $770.

So every time you shop for a new phone off contract, you make sure it has T-Mobile's USA GSM bands and when you get it, you just pop your T-Mobile sim into it and wah-lah? Sounds great!

Yep. That's pretty much it. I do exactly that. Once I buy a new one I start putting some money away each week because I know there will be a new one I want in about six months or so. Yeah with T-Mobile's no contact plan its pretty easy to manage. Find a phone I like that works on my network, and just pop the sim card in like you said, and I'm good to go. I can switch back and fourth if I want, and sometimes do, just for the fun of it. Plus with Android I can tinker around, and if I screw up a phone, at least I have a back up if I need it.

Hey, fine with me, I only get my phones unlocked anyway (constantly travel overseas). We just need HTC to produce a version of the Desire HD with 850Mhz 3G support. I mean at first none of us thought the Nexus One was coming with 850Mhz 3G support...but it eventually did (YEAH!), so it's not that far fetched that we get a Desire HD...but when is the question. Love my Nexus One, love that we get updates months and months before everyone else, however, the crappy touchscreen is annoying.

If vodafone is getting this phone and Verizon uses vodafone for their global phones is it possible to put the vodafone chip in the Verizon GSM phones into the hd and make the desire hd work under Verizon's network?