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Earlier we told you about Donn Koh and his former employer, the San Francisco-based One & Co, and how HTC purchased the firm after they fell in love with the design of the HTC Diamond.  Koh, as part of One & Co., helped design the HTC EVO 4G, which many feel changed the face of smartphones across the globe.  Koh and his colleagues didn't stop there, and today we're going to have the same look at the T-Mobile myTouch 4G.

Six months in the making, Koh describes how they were asked to turn T-Mobile's existing myTouch moniker into an upscale flagship name using the best components available at the time.  The goal was to evolve into a premium device, without losing the recognition consumers had with the myTouch series of phones.  It was important to keep the same feel and identity as the myTouch 3G Slide, then T-Mobile's current myTouch offering, while including changes that T-Mobile executives wanted -- like the large metal battery cover. 

Koh goes into detail about how he and his team tackled things like the signature three-element earpiece grill, as well as the physical buttons and optical trackpad.  He also talks about the goals designing the docking stations with a minimal elegance that allows the device, and it's screen, to remain the focal point.  If you're any type of design student, or just appreciate a beautiful piece of hardware and all the work that goes along with it, it's another must-read. 

Update: The blog post referenced here has been made private; image and links removed by request.

Update 2: We've re-edited this post to better reflect that Koh was a part of the team that designed the myTouch 4G, and that he was not solely responsible for it.


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Designer notes Take 2: T-Mobile MyTouch 4G


What a beautiful docking station Donn Koh's designed!! Why couldn't they have released it instead of the horrible swivel thing?

I always said that the myTouch line was beautiful but the myTouch 4G and the new myTouch 4G slide are gorgeous devices especially the white myTouch 4G and the caky myTouch 4G slide and I don't care what enyone say this are gorgeous and luxurious looking phones

Well said. I think my phone is the sexiest phone I've ever owned. The white being the most awesome of all the color options. I never want another body for a phone. Haven't seen anything coming close to this sleek sexiness.

I'm not sure what the point of this is--to make us MT4G owners feel bad about the docks (both desk and car) that didn't appear?