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It's official: Former Googler heading to Dropbox as COO

Following reports from The Wall Street Journal yesterday, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has announced that he'll be leaving his post at the end of March. As reported by the WSJ last night, Woodside will join cloud storage firm Dropbox as COO. His exit comes after almost two years at the helm of the Google-led Motorola, prior to which he spent more than ten years at Google.

In a post on Motorola's official blog, Woodside says "This was not an easy decision to make, but I leave knowing that Motorola is in great hands - now and in the future." Reflecting on the launch of the Moto X and Moto G, he adds, "Motorolans have built two of the company’s best loved phones ever, introduced customization to the industry, brought unprecedented quality and performance to a value-priced smartphone, and created experiences that changed how people use and interact with their smartphones."

Woodside's departure follows the planned sale of Motorola Mobility to Chinese firm Lenovo for $2.91 billion. Today's blog post reveals that Google's Jonathan Rosenberg will step in as Motorola COO from Apr. 1, while Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora will remain in his post as Executive Chairman, overseeing the Lenovo acquisition.

Source: Motorola blog


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Dennis Woodside to step down as Motorola CEO


I personally think he was a great leader. Those are going to be some big shoes to fill. He started bringing great devices to the table and began to give the company direction. Good CEO. Hopefully this move won't sign motos death.

Nexus 5...enough said

After everything announced yesterday, I am kinda worried now about Motorola. I was taking a wait and see approach, but I am sinking fast.

I am now around 30/70 that Motorola will keep the events of the last year going.

I'm right there with ya. I wasn't too worried beige but losing Woodside is huge IMHO

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I'm no expert in corporate executive maneuverings, but doesn't this seem like a big step down? He goes from being the CEO of Motorola to being the COO of Dropbox. I like Dropbox and all but I don't see it as high profile as Motorola. And he's not even the top guy at Dropbox.

Different sectors and as far as I know, dropbox is the leader in theirs. Motorola isn't close to top dog.

Not is not just what you invest in, it is their position and long term outlook.

In some companies, the COO and the CEO share similar roles and are on almost equal footing.

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Well, I'll say it again: there's no one here that works for Motorola, Google, or Lenovo. Everyone drumming up doom and gloom is on the outside looking in.

We should wait and see what Lenovo has planned for Motorola, before passing any kind of judgment.

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Only time will tell.

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Well, just as long as they don't F up moto's original vision. Their pipeline for 2014 should still be intact though.

Yeah 2014 is too far gone to change. Especially since the deal has a ways to go before being done.

Precisely. 2014 will keep up the same routine Motorola currently has in place, and in all honesty I don't think they are going to lose much of what we currently love about them simply because of having a new owner. With most of the team still the same, they have no reason to backtrack to how they were before the Google acquistion.

You used to, and then you worked for HTC, lol.

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One does not simply know what they're talking about when it comes to high profile corporate maneuverings.

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I don't believe so. I think this was already kind of an option he was considering prior to the Lenovo acquisition. Motorola still has a lot of the high ranking corporate execs still in the same place. I think they are still in great hands.