Dell Streak

Dell has decided to stop the Android 2.1 update for the Streak and instead focus on Android 2.2. There are some Streak owners who have been enjoying a Froyo port, but the official update has always been centered around Eclair. 

This is good news for those that are waiting for the official update as it would have likely taken Dell longer to update to 2.1, then refocus for 2.2. They're being smart about this update; now if they could just release a device with the current OS, we'd all be happy. [Streaksmart]


Reader comments

Dell halting Android 2.1 updates for Streak, focusing on Android 2.2


If this thing gets an update before this year is out I would be surprised. And it wouldn't shock me if when the next iteration of Android is announced that they say they will focus on putting that on the Streak and take even longer.

Dell is being like Samsung was a lil while ago and now Samsung are being Samsung....wonder when they will get their 2.2 update.

Great idea, who needs that update you've already made. I mean I am sure people will be patient with you and wait more, I mean they already have been waiting, right? This strikes me as a great business plan in the technology world of today. Everyone else wants the newest, as soon as possible, and your taking the opposite approach... Picking up the non-conformist I like it!....Fools