Dell Streak 7

T-Mobile has just announced that the Tegra 2-powered Dell Streak 7 will be launching on their network Feb. 2 with Android 2.2 Froyo. Pricing with a new two year contract will be just $199.99 (after $50 mail in rebate). Plus, according to Engadget, users looking to avoid a new monthly bill can pick up an unsubsidized model for $449.99. Considering the price for an unlocked Galaxy Tab is around $600, the Streak 7 could be a better option for those looking to jump into the tablet world without throwing down a ton of cash. [TwitterT-Mobile, Engadget]


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Dell Streak 7 coming Feb. 2 for $200 on contract, $450 off


after rooting my NC there is NO WAY someone could talk me into one of these tablets. 249.99 and I have a fully functioning 7" tablet. I guess some people would want a front camera, rear camera, 3G and a gps in a tab but I don't see it.Plus I will (probably) have honeycomb before any of these other guys, excluding the XOOM of course.

As awesome as the NC is, the only thing holding me back is Dual core. After seeing, and using, my friends iPad, games is one of the places that it shines. Still, NC is a pretty sweet device that don't care about that either.

Agreed. Dell needs to get these things into Best Buys and Wal Marts for the $450 unsubsidised price. Considering they have TMo HSPA+ built in, they are much more affordable than the 3G iPad.

This is a great price for a great device. I know many people paid as much for the Dell Streak 5", which is an awesome phone/tablet by itself. If I was looking for a tablet, I would definitely consider one of these.

Then again, I already own a Dell STREAK 5, and I love it. One of the greatest devices on the market.

I understand the Nook Colour is only 250 has a slower processor and no cameras! This is just... wow I am getting this thing for sure! 450 off contract? Damn... I just hope it accepts SIMs because micro SIM will make me cry... I would much rather carry this around rather than my heavy laptop

Like the tablet and the price, a pity though about the battery half the size of competitors and only a wvga screen.

As a side note, ridiculous amount of trolling on engadget with this same story, can't they go hide in an icave or something...

Clever releasing this new tab the day Google will be showing off honeycomb and all its android goodness.....clever indeed. Which brings me to my next 2 questions, this late in the game,why not release it with gingerbread?and will honeycomb come in a 7" flavor?? What do you guys/gals think?

i agree, for a 7 inch tab, this is a much more reasonable price. i cant wait to see tablet pricing keep falling down this year as so many are released.

this time next year, dual core tablets shouldnt be more than 100-200 on contract like most phones.