Dell Streak  5 discontinued

Leave your condolences for the overhyped, oversized, overpriced, underappreciated, underpowered, took-too-long-to-get-to-market Android phablet (that's that weird size between phone and tablet) in the comments below. Or don't.

Source: Dell; thanks to everyone who sent this in


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Dell Streak 5 unceremoniously discontinued


The streak has a small but dedicated following on XDA...the device had lots of potential but Dell screwed it from the start.

I had this phone and LOVED this phone. It was big. It was unwieldy. But it was a bad ass phone.

Had to chuckle every time I took it out and someone asked me if it was an IPad phone.

Alas, broke the screen. Moved on, but LOVED the Streak.

Say what u want about this phone/tablet . I was a great conversation starter and was one of the first to have a front facing camera and a 1 gig processor. It would have been Awhole lot better it wasn't stuck with cupcake for 95% of its life.

I will admit that it is a nice phone to have for conversation. Many android followers don't even know what it is, and I have yet to meet a normal person who knows what it is...they all freak out and think it's awesome.

As a Streak owner I get so many comments on my phablet... I've often wanted to get a smaller phone just to use while I'm wearing shorts.

It was and is a phablet before it's time. Sadly Dell did a horrible job at promoting it.

Ohhhh, LAWWWWD Naw! Lawwwwd have Muicy,naw! Say it aint so, Lawd! SAAAAAAY it aint SO!

aug 12: Day TWO and i STILL caints breeve!(breathe)... LAWD tell me this is a bad dream! I want my STREAK!!!

I just bought one off ebay for my wife, she wanted it solely because of how big it was. When she saw the slider to unlock it she said "'s like your phone..." (every time I did something wrong on my aging D1 she'd tell me it was a stupid phone) but she loves it and I have to say, it's pretty cool. There IS a niche market for it.

I actually ran into a guy still using one for production business use last week. Granted he is a Dell employee (sales account rep for Dell/Compellent) but still... nice to see one in the wild I guess.

"overhyped" - by who? This site even refused to label it as a phone. The Streak got such backlash from geek-sites that you'd think it caused cancer.

"oversized" - Sure. Of course labeled the Samsung Infuse as being "perfectly" sized...I guess that .5" is a real hangup huh? We're already hearing about phones even larger than the Streak, why no public outcry over them?

"Overpriced" - ??? They were selling for $99 at Best Buy almost a year ago. The price was one of its main selling points. Why don't I hear that claim for Verizon's new $299 and up line?

"underappreciated" - Well, make up your mind Mr. journalist? Which is it?

"underpowered" - It launched with pretty impressive specs over a year ago but who's actually keeping track?

"took-too-long-to-get-to-market" - Ok? I'll remember that when the Bionic comes out in November.

The Streak is a trend-setting device, unfortunately for Dell they don't really understand how this whole smart-phone market works just yet.

The comments made in the article were poor, sitting-on-the-john, ill-thought-out journalism. Much like most of the rest of the internet. And I thought this site was supposed to be the best, but it's not; on the basis of this, it's run by the same sort of people who run all the others, tribalist, brand-obsessed geeks. Oh, and some of its pages don't work via Chrome. For a site called MAJOR Fail.

I must admit I wanted one.... Hell I still want one.

The only thing that killed it for me was it was tied to AT&T.


I just bought one from a local seller yesterday just to goof around with. So far I am loving it, running Froyo and increased the screen dpi to 200. What a great device too bad it wasn't a business success.

As a proud parent of a shiny white dell streak...I got this phone for $50 last month from best buy...and ever since I have loved the hell out of this phone. I brought it for its huge size because to me you can never have to big of a phone and for those who talk this phone down I must say i love this phone more than my droid x...and my incredible...and my droid 2. Over all I mainly love that it is a great conversation piece and it's really sad to see it be pulled. Ima go comfort my streak now because its crying

A $12 marketing budget, the media's misguided obsession that the Streak was somehow supposed to be an iPad competitor (it wasn't meant to be) and cranky Walt Mossberg all share equal blame for killing this phone. Those who derided the form factor never really held one. Yes, it's big, but it's also ridiculously thin -- so it really does slide into your pants pocket, and you hardly know it's there. And that screen -- it ain't AMOLED, but it's big and gorgeous and you can actually *read* things on it. It still draws a crowd, even well over a year after launch. How many phones can do that, really?

And it's still, hands down, one of the most truly useful Android devices ever made. I'm sad to see it go, but darn glad I have one.

Been reading on this site since before I bought my Streak last August. I finally signed up just to comment now.
I am happy with my Streak, I have Been an AT+T customer for atleast 16 years.
I would not recommend the Streak to an active person who needs a pocketable phone. That is the one and only negative selling point.
Selling? Dell blew it!Almost No promotion at all. Most of the above comments said "What is it?"
Would I buy it again? YES. I wanted the largest screen, and capable hardware. No complaints, other than minor issues with Android itself.
Or more importantly will I buy the Streak 2 (Opus 1)?Or Android? Not sure yet. It all depends on the devices that come out for AT+T. I am open to WP, having come from WinMo.
Sony S2 is interesting right now. Too bad it is soo ugly!
Waiting for Q2 2012 anyway. Thanks for the info, And keep it coming.

You Know sometimes the best this are taken off the market. The Dell Streak is and will be one of the best phone/Mini tablet ever. This phone is for a Man not a little boy who likes to look at contents on a 3" screen. The phone is truly a work of art. I love my Dell, the bad Part is; if anything goes wrong with it there will be no support or refurbish units available to replace it. There goes your hard earn cash. So I hope for our loyal group of Dell Streak lovers this unit is hardy enough to hold up to at lease a few good long years of service.
My Dell Streak Still alive and KICKING!!!!
Love you Dell Corp....but you suck big on this one....I have always even as a kid bought Dell Computers. My first computer was a 256mght Dell, never bought another brand.
"Why you do this to me Demi..."(The Exorcist)

Does this mean they will be on ebay for under $100 soon? I could go for a nice wi-fi only tablet-ish thing that fit easily in my backpack... I might even go back to a dumbphone or just get the F* off of Verizon and head for a MVNO where i can pay for just the data i want, not the data they want to sell me.

I am a gadget addict with many toys ranging in size from the 2.6" Veer to 10.1" Xoom.
If I could only keep one gadget, it would be the 5" Streak. Great combo from movie viewing, web surfing, weight, bulk, and pocketability perspectives. Nice phone as well. Have been using microSIM with adapter from "way too limited for me" iPhone 4 for the last year in the Streak. Based on that year of use, the 5" Streak has become one of my favorite gadgets.

Best damn phone ever. I have mine and I still use it. I play around with your puny 4" phones and I just laugh. How do you hold those tiny things? This is the perfect sized device. It is everything and it is so easy to use.

Brilliant device, shoddy marketing.

For a site proclaiming to be the centre of the Android universe, it's still gloriously insular, as are many of its readers it seems. Let's see:

overpriced - only in The Only Country That Matters? Mine was free on contract in the UK, where it came out three months before the USA. Fail.

overhyped - not ever. No, wait. Compared to the cup of tea on my desk, yes, yes it was over-hyped. Fail.

underpowered - what, you mean like every other 1 GHz smartphone that came out then given that there was pretty much no more powerful option available at the time? Buhhhh - fail.

took-too-long-to-get-to-market - for you. Aw, diddums. I had it in June last year. Fail.

oversized - for whom? Are you all tiny? Fail.

underappreciated - well, one out of six isn't bad. Pass.

Sorry, is this website supposed to be good, or parochial, end-of-my-street, US-centric rubbish?

Overpriced? Maybe. I bought mine with no rebates and no contract. It was a bit pricey. Could have sold better if priced better.

Overhyped? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, it suffered from bad marketing. The only way I noticed it was by accidently walking by the out-of-sight display unit at Best Buy. No one I know has heard about it outside of seeing my phone in person. BAD MARKETING, DELL! Your engineers deserve to have their hardwork appreciated!

Underpowered? I'm absolutely not sure where this comment came from. I've NEVER had issues. I use my phone daily as a tablet for remote and quick I.T. support for 100's of servers.

Too-long-to-get-to-the-market? That takes too long to type. And it makes no sense. Are they saying every new phone is going to fail? This was put in here just for a gripe. This was actually one of the first FEW phones that had a forward facing camera in the US. BAD ANDROID CENTRAL!

Oversized? Are you an infant? I'm a fairly small guy at 155 and 5'7" and this is a very comfortable phone for me that easily fits in my pockets whether I'm wearing jeans or a suit. It's larger than most phones, but that just means the other phones are undersized. Pansies.

Underappreciated? DEFINITELY!!! This is my favorite phone EVER! It does absolutely everything I need and it looks stunning while doing it.

Not to sound shallow, but if you want to grab attention, the Dell Streak5 makes the iPadPodPhoneThingys blush. It's pretty much to hot topic of conversation for people that haven't seen it before. I just bought a Corvette and this "failure" of a phone grabs more smiles. Even from me.

So long Dell Streak5, you are still an underappreciated and no longer manufactured BADASS!!!!

I must tell you i had must of super phones including HTC Sensation and Galaxy S2 and i am dissapointed with dual core phones. Battery drain so much and you can not enjoy a whole day. I am selling both and downgrading to Dell Streak 5